Where Are They Now? The Original RV Influencers

We’ve all needed help at some point in our RVing adventures. Luckily, the RVing community has tons of great creators making quality content that can help.

But some of these creators have been here from the beginning. Let’s take a look at some of the OG RV influences in the community and where they’re at today.

Are The Original RV Influencers Still Relevant?

RVing in North America is a growing phenomenon. RV influencers produce research and content needed by more and more people all the time. The ability to turn on a YouTube video, read a blog post, or take an online course to learn how to repair something on your RV is a major benefit to any RVer.

The OG RV Online Community and Where They Are Now

Let’s take a look at the original RV online community. Learn where they started, what they’re known for, and what they’re doing now.

The RV Geeks

When Did They Start? The RV Geeks are Peter Knize and John Sullivan. They started their YouTube channel for RVers in 2011.

What Are They Known For? They teach DIY RV maintenance and repair. Their website and videos offer valuable tips and tricks from basic modifications to electrical repair and more.

Where Are They Now? The RV Geeks became the cost-hosts and co-executive producers of the broadcast television series “The RVers” in 2019. 

Wheeling It with Nina and Paul

When Did They Start? Nina and Paul started Wheeling It in 2010 when they quit their day jobs and moved into a 40-foot RV to explore the U.S. Wheeling It was a platform to share their story and inspire others to give the RV lifestyle a try.

What Are They Known For? Wheelin It offers travel tips. They currently blog about their travels through Europe and include tips and maps for RVing the continent. 

Where Are They Now? In 2018, Nina and Paul moved to Europe. They now blog about their adventures RVing through Europe.


When Did They Start? Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy founded Technomadia in 2006. 

What Are They Known For? They’re tech gurus for those in a mobile lifestyle. Their Mobile Internet Resource Center gives tips and information on the ever-changing world of tech as it relates to staying connected while RVing or boating.

Where Are They Now? Technomadia now travels in three different types of transportation: a vintage bus conversion, a class B van, and a Bayliner motor yacht. They remain the go-to tech gurus for nomads.

Gone with the Wynns

When Did They Start? Jason and Nikki Wynn set out in 2011. They started blogging and vlogging about their full-time RV lifestyle. 

What Are They Known For? Come to the Wynns for high-quality travel videos and blogs. From tips to storytelling, Gone with the Wynns offers you a glimpse into their full-time travels and the world around us.

Where Are They Now? In 2016, Gone with the Wynns purchased a 43-foot Leopard Catamaran to sail full-time. They continue to provide the content they always have, just on a different type of transportation.

Bob Wells (Cheap RV Living)

When Did They Start? Bob Wells is a van dweller who started blogging in 2012 on Cheap RV Living. 

What Are They Known For? Cheap RV Living hosts events for nomads living in a car, van, or RV. The blog offers tips for starting and maintaining the nomad lifestyle. Bob recently appeared in the award-winning film “Nomadland.”

Where Are They Now? Bob is still inspiring people to live within their means and conquer their fears.

Traveling Robert

When Did They Start? Robert Morales of Traveling Robert started RVing in 2014. He started his YouTube channel a little before that in 2011.

What Are They Known For? Traveling Robert makes entertaining and informative travel videos. His YouTube channel has more than 180,000 subscribers.

Where Are They Now? Robert is still traveling in his Winnebago. His YouTube channel continues, and he now has a podcast as well.

Drivin’ & Vibin’

When Did They Start? Kyle and Olivia Brady founded Drivin’ and Vibin’ in 2015 when they began traveling full-time in their 16-foot travel trailer.

What Are They Known For? They create weekly videos and blogs on RV tips, hacks, and advice. Drivin’ & Vibin’ have become leading experts in the RV industry. 

Where Are They Now? Drivin’ & Vibin’ continue to create content for RVers.

Mortons on the Move

When Did They Start? Tom and Caitlin Morton founded Mortons on the Move. They started full-time RVing in 2015 and captured their experiences in vlogs.

What Are They Known For? Mortons on the Move produces videos on travel and the RV lifestyle. They also provide RV gear reviews and a blog.

Where Are They Now? The Mortons have now published a full-length documentary series called “Go North” on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. They also co-host the broadcast television show “The RVers.”

Freedom Theory

When Did They Start? Freedom Theory started vlogging their RV adventures in 2015. 

What Are They Known For? This family of four creates inspiring videos about their family and RV lifestyle. Freedom Theory is honest about the ups and downs of RV life.

Where Are They Now? Freedom Theory currently lives in a remodeled and renovated RV but haven’t posted a video on YouTube in over a year.

Spot the Scotts

When Did They Start? Spot the Scotts started making travel videos in 2014.

What Are They Known For? They made fun yet honest travel videos all about RV and family life.

Where Are They Now? Spot the Scotts stopped traveling full-time in 2017.


When Did They Start? Marc and Julie Bennett founded RVLove and started full-time RVing in 2014.

What Are They Known For? RVLove creates blogs and videos. They have published a book called “Living the RV Life — Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road”, which seems to be a collection of stories from other RVers.

Where Are They Now? RVLove doesn’t create much video content anymore; however, it appears new videos come out when they have something to sell to their audience.

We’re the Russos

When Did They Start? Joe and Kait Russo are behind We’re the Russos. They began a nomadic lifestyle in 2015 and started blogging about it.

What Are They Known For? We’re the Russos publishes blogs on everything RV-related. They’ve also written numerous books that could help beginners and experienced RVers alike.

Where Are They Now? The Russos are currently traveling in their overland truck camper. You can catch up on the latest via their blog and Youtube channel.

Less Junk More Journey

When Did They Start? Less Junk More Journey started in 2015 when the Moss family began RVing full time. 

What Are They Known For? Known for their YouTube channel and blog, Less Junk More Journey breaks down everyday life in an RV. They show family time, travel adventures, RV gear and upgrades, and campground reviews.

Where Are They Now? Less Junk More Journey are still traveling the U.S. full-time in their fifth wheel and publish videos every week.

Long Long Honeymoon

When Did They Start? Sean and Kristy, who started vlogging in 2007, created Long Long Honeymoon

What Are They Known For?  They’ve documented their travels in their Airstream RV. Long Long Honeymoon puts out a new video on their YouTube channel every week.

Where Are They Now? Sean and Kristy are still traveling and creating informative videos on RV gear, travel, and more.

Nomadic Fanatic

When Did They Start? Eric started this popular YoutTube channel in 2013.

What Are They Known For? The Nomadic Fanatic makes entertaining videos all about RV life. He breaks down all the aspects of RVing, from boondocking to maintenance tips.

Where Are They Now? This YouTube channel is still at it. They upload new videos one to three times a week.

There you have it, updates on the OG RV influencers. Check them out to discover a wealth of knowledge and resources about RVing. Who’s your favorite OG RV influencer?

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