Who Is RV Geeks?

If you’ve spent time online searching for RV repair or maintenance topics, chances are that you’ve run across  RV Geeks.

The RV Geeks run one of the most popular and longest-running YouTube channels about RV life, travel, maintenance, repair, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. 

Let’s learn more about the people behind the channel!

The Backstory of RV Geeks

The RV Geeks are Peter Knize and John Sullivan, full-time RVers that have been creating helpful RV content on YouTube since 2011. This duo has been RVing full-time since 2003. 

Peter and John are DIY people (do-it-yourself) and have a wealth of knowledge about all things RVing. This couple creates content on RV repair, maintenance, and travel tips. 

In 2019, RV Geeks went mainstream on The Discovery Channel’s show, The RVers. 

Peter and John have one of the most popular YouTube channels on RVing. Although they are not certified RV mechanics, they have learned a lot over their 18+ years of full-time RVing and hope to help all RVers become DIYers to save time and money!

On the RV Geeks YouTube channel, you can learn just about anything that has to do with RVs and RVing. 

What Type of RV Do the RV Geeks Travel With? 

The RV Geeks travel in a 43’ 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire diesel pusher motorhome.

Because of their impeccable care and maintenance, their motorhome looks brand new inside and out. The RV Geeks have made many modifications and upgrades to their RV, just one look at their YouTube channel will tell you that.

From an Acuva Evo water filtration system to their 1,300-watt solar system and more – if they’ve added or upgraded something, they’ve also filmed a video about it. And chances are good that it’ll teach you how you can do it too!

Top 3 YouTube Videos from RV Geeks

RV Geeks have one of the most popular and longest-running RV Life YouTube channels around. Here are their 3 most popular videos.

How To Super Clean Your Windshield With Steel Wool

Did you know you could clean your windshield with steel wool? This works for your RV… or any vehicle. 

This is a tutorial for a fairly simple process to super clean your windshield. Contrary to popular belief, steel wool will not scratch your glass.  This video features a trick learned from an auto-detailer, and it has been viewed over 9 million times! 

RV Water Heater Fail! Don’t Make This Newbie Mistake | DIY RV & RV Newbies

In this video, Peter and John share an RV water heater newbie mistake they made with their first RV just one month after they hit the road. 

The RV Geeks tried to turn on their hot water in their kitchen sink, but it was only lukewarm. Many RVers can relate to this problem! They were fully hooked up in an RV park and had the water heater on electric mode. Figuring that the problem must be with the electric heating element, they switched the water heater to propane. But it wouldn’t ignite!

It seemed that their new water heater was failing totally. They took their RV to a repair shop and found out the fix was as simple as turning a knob. Wondering what it was? View the video below. 

How to RV In The Winter – Prepare Your RV So You Don’t Freeze!

The RV Geeks 3rd most popular YouTube video with over 2 million views, is how to RV in the winter. RVing in the winter is a popular topic, because nobody wants to freeze whether they’re camping or living full-time in their RV. 

This video shows you how to prepare your RV to live in it full-time in the winter in a cold location. 

Where Else You Can Follow RV Geeks?

Along with following RV Geeks on YouTube, you can follow along with them on Instagram. The RV Geeks also have a website where they regularly post blog content, their YouTube videos, host giveaways, and more. 

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