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Long before social media platforms inspired adventurers to embrace the RV lifestyle, a handful of pioneers paved the way. We like to think of these adventurers as the “OG RV influencers.” Sean and Kristy of Long Long Honeymoon are one example of OG RVers. They’ve been documenting their travels and sharing their lessons from the road since 2007. Let’s dive in and learn a bit about Long Long Honeymoon.

The Backstory of Long Long Honeymoon

It’s easy to see content creators on social media and forget that there’s a story behind how they got to where they are. Let’s take a look into the backstory of Long Long Honeymoon.

Why They RV

Sean and Kristy got married in May 2007 in the Florida Keys. Instead of opting for an exotic location for their honeymoon, the couple purchased an Airstream for an extended road trip. Kristy was between jobs, and Sean had the luxury of working from the road, so they just kept going. 

The couple began documenting their travels to share with others. They never anticipated their extended honeymoon road trip lasting more than 13 years. They embrace the “honeymoon phase” and fill their life with excitement, romance, and magic. 

Kids, Family, Pets

While Sean and Kristy don’t have kids, that doesn’t mean they travel alone. The couple travels with an 11-year-old chihuahua named Baby Girl, who has her own Instagram account.

How Long Have They Been RVing

Long Long Honeymoon hit the road in their Airstream in May 2007 and have since traveled more than 100,000 miles. They’ve visited 49 states ranging from the Florida Keys to Fairbanks, Alaska. And they’re still going.

What Type of RV Does Long Long Honeymoon Travel With?

The couple travels in the original RV they purchased in 2007. Let’s take a look inside Sean and Kristy’s home on wheels.

About the RV

Sean and Kristy travel in a 2003 Airstream Classic. Their 25-foot RV came equipped with oak cabinetry, a queen-size bed, and tons of hidden storage space. Sean gives a tour of their Airstream in one of their earliest videos and a tour of the upgrades in 2015. They’ve traveled in the RV from coast to coast multiple times. When the Airstream isn’t exploring the open roads, the couple parks it in Alabama or Florida.


The couple does some extensive traveling in their Airstream Classic and has made several modifications. In 2015 the couple did a significant overhaul to the interior space. They replaced wallpaper, paint, and even cabinetry hardware to provide a more modern look. 

One of the most extensive modifications the couple made was a $17,000 solar upgrade. This allows them to camp off-grid.

The couple also upgraded the skylight. The factory-installed skylight was thin, cheap, and allowed excessive heat to enter the RV in warmer climates. The skylight the couple installed not only keeps heat from entering or escaping but is also hurricane-proof and resistant to hail. 

Another fun upgrade they’ve made to their Airstream is the lighting system. Sean and Kristy had LED lights installed under the frame and behind the rock guards of their Airstream. The lights protect their RV from rodents and provide extra light but are also eye-catching.

They also made a couple of minor upgrades, such as adding storage in their bathroom. They installed a shelf to hold items in the shower and a convenient soap dispenser. 

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Long Long Honeymoon

Long Long Honeymoon has been making videos since 2007 and has amassed more than 46 million views. Their channel has grown to more than 235,000 subscribers. Their videos cover RVing, camping, travel, gear, tips, and how-tos. 

#1. Raw Footage of Queen Mary 2 in Stormy Weather

Sean and Kristy share their experience while taking a vacation from RVing. The couple went on an exciting seven-night trans-Atlantic cruise from Southampton, England, to New York on the Queen Mary 2. 

The trip was made even more exciting by not one but two intense storms. These storms were so severe the ship rerouted. The swells hit 25 to 30 feet. The intense waves even caused damage to balconies and railings around the ship. Navigating around the vessel was incredibly difficult, and passengers needed to use handrails to avoid falling over.

#2. Why NOT to Visit Yellowstone National Park

Long Long Honeymoon took a trip west to Yellowstone National Park. The couple uses their sense of humor and cinematic skills to provide viewers with a tour of the park. Much of the humor is tongue-in-cheek but still serves a purpose. Yellowstone National Park might not be quite what you’re expecting.

#3. Top 13 Tips for Free Overnight RV Parking at Walmart

In this video, Sean and Kristy share their best tips for camping overnight in a Walmart parking lot. They share how they’d love to stay in epic camping locations every night, but it’s not always possible. The couple provides insightful information for making the most of camping in a Walmart parking lot. However, note that the video is from 2015, and regulations may have changed since then.

Where Else Can You Follow Long Long Honeymoon?

We encourage you to connect with Sean and Kristy on their Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or website. You can also follow their journey and learn from them by subscribing to their YouTube channel. Be sure not to forget to follow Baby Girl, the chihuahua, and her adventures with Long Long Honeymoon as well.

When you follow Sean and Kristy, you’re not just following an ordinary RVing couple. They’re incredibly experienced RVers with a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with the RVing community. Do you subscribe to Long Long Honeymoon yet?

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