Who Are Happily Ever Hanks?

YouTube influencers are becoming more and more popular in the RV world. From Keep Your Daydream to Less Junk More Journey, there’s so much good content to help new RVers and seasoned travelers.

Today, we’re introducing you to Happily Ever Hanks. This spunky couple travels full-time with their cat and has a unique on-camera personality.

Let’s dive in and learn more about Kyle and Renee Hanks!

Who Are Happily Ever Hanks?

Happily Ever Hanks is a popular YouTube channel created by Kyle and Renee Hanks. They embarked on their RVing journey in 2017 as travel nurses.

However, as their social media accounts boomed, they now share their full-time adventures as digital storytellers. They also travel with their feline companion, Dexter.

Kyle and Renee are passionate about authenticity. So you’ll see videos about the challenges of RV life and not just the sunsets and epic hikes.

Additionally, they seek to empower and inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and embrace a new way of life through RVing.

Kyle and Renee Hanks in their RV with their silver YouTube plaque hanging on the wall in the background.
Renee and Kyle Hanks

What Is Happily Ever Hanks Known For?

It didn’t take long for Happily Ever Hanks to capture the attention and hearts of subscribers. They bring energy and spunk to their channel, even amid crisis.

Kyle and Renee have outgoing, bubbly personalities, and subscribers have gravitated towards their unique style.

Today, Happily Ever Hanks has over 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

Kyle and Renee Hanks holding their cat, Dexter while smiling at the camera.

What Kind of RV Does Happily Ever Hanks Travel In?

In 2019, Kyle and Renee sold their home in Pennsylvania and upgraded their rig to a 35-foot fifth wheel.

Instead of going out a few months a year as travel nurses, they decided to sell it all and dive deep into the full-time RV lifestyle. 

For the last four years, Happily Ever Hanks has traveled full-time in a 2019 Grand Design Solitude 2930RL.

Their favorite part of their rig is the residential-size bathroom. They love having ample room for both of them to get ready in the mornings.

The Solitude 2930RL features a rear living floorplan, kitchen island, large hutch, pantry, and queen bed. However, this floorplan is only available at dealer lots and isn’t manufactured in new models anymore.

With over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, Happily Ever Hanks is one of the most popular influencers in the RV world.

The couple started sharing videos in 2020 and currently releases a new one every week. Here are their three most popular videos!

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1. 11 RV Overnighters That Surpass Walmart

In this video from April 2022, Happily Ever Hanks shares 11 places that are better to overnight than Walmart.

Casinos, county or city parks, fairgrounds, and rest areas made the list. They mentioned Cabela’s and Cracker Barrel, two other name-brand locations that welcome RVers.

Kyle and Renee also share about membership programs such as Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome and how safe they feel when they stay overnight in these locations. They also love the community found within these two subscriptions.

The couple mentions how noisy Walmart parking lots can be and how they never really know what they’re getting into until they arrive.

While they don’t discourage subscribers from staying at Walmart, they want to share other resources and options so new RVers know they don’t have to park in Walmart lots for a quick overnight stay.

2. Mistakes Every RV Owner Should Avoid

In this video from May 2021, Kyle and Renee share mistakes they’ve made and seen other RVers make that can be disastrous.

The couple humorously shows takes from their previous experiences setting up at a campsite. They also give tips to help with the setup process since it can be the most stressful time of RVing.

Some tips they share include packing lots of snacks for the arrival and stopping before arriving at the campsite so everyone can go to the bathroom.

The setup process can take a while, and no one wants to be hungry or have a full bladder when backing in or leveling an RV.

Happily Ever Hanks spends most of the video talking about things like not rushing during the set-up process, ensuring all your hoses and hookups reach before unhooking, and always chocking your wheels before unhooking your tow vehicle.

They also mention helpful gear, such as a water pressure regulator, leveling blocks, and a 90-degree elbow connection piece for their power cord.

3. Don’t Tow An RV With This – Half Ton RV Towing

In this last video, Happily Ever Hanks dives into a controversial topic about towing with a half-ton truck.

Because they have personal experience with half-ton towing, Kyle and Renee shared first-hand knowledge about the woes of this decision. They wanted to share their mistakes so subscribers looking to make a truck purchase didn’t make the financial mistake they made.

They bought a half-ton truck in 2017 to start their RV journey. They didn’t know anything about GVWR or towing capacity at the time.

They pigeon-holed themselves by purchasing a half-ton truck because it limited the RVs it could safely tow. They bought a Grand Design Imagine travel trailer that put them at the maximum capability of their truck.

Their first travel assignment was across the country in California, and they were worried about the capabilities of their truck to navigate over the Rockies and make it safely thousands of miles.

Over time, they realized they needed a heavier-duty truck for full-time living.

Where To Follow Happily Ever Hanks

If you love the spunky personalities of Kyle and Renee, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

You can also follow them on their website, where you can read their blog and shop their merch store. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Kyle and Renee have fun-loving personalities that shine through their content. If you want a light-hearted, down-to-earth influencer to follow, Happily Ever Hanks might be the perfect fit.

But what they offer is also quality work. You can learn a lot by subscribing to their YouTube channel or following them on social media.

So check out Happily Ever Hanks and follow their journey around the country!

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