5 Awkward RV Park Reviews

Not every YouTube video turns out the way the creator hopes. Awkward and cringe content abounds online. Today, we’re going to dive into five of the most awkward RV park reviews you’ve ever seen.

5 RV Park Reviews that are Almost too Awkward to Watch

Let’s take a look at five RV park reviews that are so awkward we had to share them. Can you make it through all of them?

#1. Bay Bayou Review — Big Road Adventure

Big Road Adventure launched into full-time traveling in 2020 and stayed at Bay Bayou RV Resort for several months. It’s clear that the couple enjoyed their stay and have a connection with the park. Here they provide a review of the park, but there are a few things we find awkward.

Why It’s Awkward: The best reviews are concise and to the point. This 14-minute review of Bay Bayou RV Resort provides a tremendous amount of helpful information but can be a lot to sit through. The video is full of quality shots of wild animals and park views, but they’re lingering and add to the overall length. Garrett and Christy film the entirety of the video during an evening walk, making things a bit bumpy and busy.

How to Reduce the Cringe: One of the best ways to reduce the cringe is to skip through some of the drawn-out filler footage. Cutting through the various montage segments reduces the overall length, and you’ll still get the quality information the couple provides. At the 11:30 mark, the couple stops focusing on the review and begins addressing several other random topics and their plans for the future.

#2. Noccalula Park Review — Drivin’ and Vibin’

Drivin’ and Vibin’, who went full-time in 2015, did a quick review of Noccalula Falls Park and Campground in 2016. If you’re familiar with their channel, you’ll notice that this video isn’t up to their usual level of polish.

Why It’s Awkward: Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’ share a very quick review of Noccalula Falls Park and Campground. The hotel lobby jazz music gives the video an awkward feel. You might have trouble figuring out if you’re watching a review or a sponsored commercial. 

It’s even more awkward if you’re familiar with this channel. Drivin’ and Vibin’ is a popular channel that usually produces videos with much higher production value. 

How to Reduce the Cringe: Sometimes, cutting the content creator a little slack is the best way to reduce the awkwardness of a video. Kyle and Olivia were new to producing content for YouTube at this point. Everyone has to learn the ropes in the beginning. 

#3. Big Meadow Review — Let’s Head Wherever

Joe and Leah of Let’s Head Wherever launched into traveling with their family in December 2019. They’re relatively new to the YouTube scene compared to others on our list. This video provides an excellent overview of Big Meadow Family Campground, but there’s an awkward aspect to the review.

Why It’s Awkward: In this video, Let’s Head Wherever does a great job documenting the park, but you never see their faces. That can leave you feeling awkward and adrift, especially if you’re new to the channel. The best reviews feel more personal than this.

How to Reduce the Cringe: One of the best ways to avoid the cringe and awkwardness of this video is by familiarizing yourself with Let’s Head Wherever’s channel. Getting to know their family is a great way to know who’s behind the camera. When you know your hosts, it helps eliminate the awkwardness of listening to a faceless voice.

#4. Medina Lake Thousand Trails Review — Getaway Couple

Jason and Rae left California in 2017 and started documenting their journeys from the road. The couple has become more comfortable on camera, and their channel has grown as a result. Despite a large following now, the couple wasn’t immune from making an awkward review video in the early days. 

Why It’s Awkward: This video is another RV park review from a well-established YouTube channel in its early days. At this point, Jason and Rae were still getting their bearings with their YouTube channel. They do a great job describing the park, but then there’s an awkward transition to footage of the campground that leaves the viewer wondering what they’re seeing.

How to Reduce the Cringe: The best way to avoid the cringe is to skip from 1:07 to 2:40. That’ll let you bypass the awkward montage. 

#5. Jersey Shore RV Review — Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki have been documenting their travels for about a decade. They’re not just RVers, but sailors as well. The couple has grown their channel and can fund their lifestyle as a result. However, sometimes paid partnerships result in awkward content. 

Why It’s Awkward: Gone with the Wynns’ video reminds you less of a review and more of a commercial for the Jersey shore. The video includes a paid promotion. The voice-overs and blatantly staged interaction at the concessions add to the awkward, commercialized feel.

How to Reduce the Cringe: The video’s awkwardness softens when viewers recognize that content creators must support themselves financially. Their content generates income to allow them to fund future content creation. If YouTubers have an opportunity to partner with a brand or organization, it’s hard to say no. 

If you’ve ever uploaded content to YouTube, you likely discovered how challenging it is. Growing your skills on camera and learning how to edit videos takes time. Here, we can see that even experienced RVers and YouTubers can sometimes be a little awkward. Who are some of your favorite channels to follow?

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