Less Junk More Journeys family photo with RV in background

Popular YouTubers Downsize to a 24FT RV

The popular YouTube channel Less Junk More Journey recently significantly changed their traveling adventures. This four-person traveling family downsized from their massive fifth wheel to a more agile 24-foot RV Class B+ motorhome. The change wasn’t a surprise to their loyal subscribers, but viewers didn’t hold back in the comment section.

Are they making a mistake, and will it derail their future travels?

Let’s dive in and see! 

Who Are Less Junk More Journey?

Nathan and Marissa Moss are the creators behind Less Junk More Journey. If Marissa’s southern accent doesn’t give it away, they hail from middle Tennessee. The couple documents their travels and experiences as a family with their followers on YouTube and various social media platforms.

The couple hit the road shortly after becoming parents to spend more time together. Since starting their travels, they’ve created more than memories as a couple. They now travel and experience the country as a family of four.

Less Junk More Journeys family photo with RV in background

What Are Less Junk More Journey Known for?

People know Less Junk More Journey for their down-to-earth personality and the honest insights they provide for RV life. The couple sold their home and most of their possessions to embrace a lifestyle of living with less.

Their minimalistic lifestyle has allowed them to experience an adventurous life. They’ve traveled to all 50 states, including an incredible extended adventure in Hawaii, where they rented an RV.

They have more than 220,000 subscribers on YouTube and 101,000 followers on Instagram. If you enjoy the RVing lifestyle, there’s a chance you’ve seen their content somewhere along the way.

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Why Did Less Junk More Journey Downsize to a 24FT RV?

The Moss Family has traveled in various RVs during their adventures. They’ve lived on the road in travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. So downsizing to a 24-foot RV isn’t much of a surprise.

The couple took an extended trip from Nashville to California in a Class C motorhome. This helped them see that their family could survive in a smaller space than they thought.

Nathan and Marissa shared that the biggest reason for their downsizing was to have an agile and more fuel-efficient vehicle. This allows them to avoid towing another car behind them during their travels. Their future travel plans will require a more agile vehicle, and they’ll have the camper for any upcoming adventures too.

Luxury camper van parked at campsite at night

About the Winnebago Viva

Less Junk More Journey selected a 2016 Itasca Viva as their next home on wheels. It has everything the couple needs to live on the road and make memories together. Let’s dive into some of the features and why it’s excellent for their adventurous life.


The Viva is 23’ 11” long and 7’ 6” wide. It sits on top of a Ram ProMaster chassis. It has a sleek and modern exterior and a matching interior. The RV has a six-speed automatic transmission and gets its power from a 3.6L V6 gas engine. 


The floorplan for the Viva is perfect for the Moss family. There may not be a tremendous amount of room or any slides, but the setup couldn’t be better. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space for six. 

You may wonder how the Viva has space for six. It’s primarily due to the retractable bed they can raise and lower from the ceiling as needed. This helps maximize the area and provide everyone with the most comfort. 


The 2016 Winnebago Itasca Viva features a rearview camera, a power awning, a built-in generator, and a roof-mounted air conditioner. Additionally, the kitchen has a two-burner stove, a microwave, and enough space to prepare some delicious meals on the road. 

The compact size of the Viva makes it easy to drive and park. The family will access areas that wouldn’t have been convenient in their larger rigs during their time on the road. As Less Junk More Journey proves, this is an excellent RV for couples and families that want to move fast and take their travels to the next level.

Camper van couple setting up campsite

Is Less Junk More Journey Keeping Their Fifth Wheel?

Nathan and Marissa indicated they weren’t selling their beautiful one-of-a-kind Grand Design Solitude anytime soon. Their new smaller, lighter home on wheels provides them more flexibility regarding the adventures they plan for their family. 

They’ll be able to cover a tremendous distance quickly and see sights they couldn’t see when towing or driving their other larger rigs.

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Where Are Less Junk More Journey Going in Their Winnebago Viva?

Less Junk More Journey and their RV started their journey by escaping the colder temperatures of middle Tennessee. They packed their bags and prepared their RV for a three-month trip south of the border into Baja, Mexico. Their new rig will be much easier to maneuver and will likely handle the rougher roads in this beautiful peninsula. 

Where Can You Find Less Junk More Journey? 

Less Junk More Journey is always up to something and sharing their adventures with those who follow their travels. If you haven’t already, subscribe to their YouTube channel, follow them on Instagram, and visit their website. We think you’ll enjoy their down-to-earth personalities and how they take the bumps in the road in stride while making memories as a family.

Would you downsize to a 24-foot RV with a family of four? 

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