Does ‘The RVers’ TV Show Represent Reality (Or Is It Fiction)?

Does ‘The RVers’ TV Show Represent Reality (Or Is It Fiction)?

“The RVers” is a hit TV show that’s a must-see if RVs interest you. People with years of experience living in an RV share their knowledge in an informative, personal, and entertaining way. There’s a lot to know about RVs and RV life. Perhaps that’s why so many have gravitated to this show.

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What Is the TV Show ‘The RVers’ About?

“The RVers” offers a glimpse at the lives of several people living on the road. These folks offer their knowledge, insights, and adventures as they bring you along on their travel journeys. From the award-winning producers of “The Aviators,” “The RVers” is both entertaining and informative.

What RV Experience Does the Cast Actually Have?

The main cast alone has nearly 60 years of combined experience in full-time RV living. And that’s not including the featured guests.

Anthony Nalli, the executive producer and director, started living full-time in his RV in 2015 with his wife and two dogs. Anthony is also the host, narrator, and producer of “The Aviators.”

Peter Knize and John Sullivan, also known as The RV Geeks, co-host their own show on YouTube and are the executive producers of “The RVers.” They’ve been full-time RVing since 2003 and focus on DIY and how-to videos.

Co-hosts Tom and Caitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move have lived full-time in an RV since 2015. They love to inspire others to travel by sharing their adventures. They also review RV products and interesting travel destinations and share tips for living off-grid.

Aside from the full-time cast, the show features several “On The Road” guests, including Brian and Melissa Pursel of RV with Tito, Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove, Heath and Alyssa Padgett with RV Entrepreneur, and Chris and Cherie of Technomadia.

Is ‘The RVers’ a Scripted Show?

It’s not a scripted show but a true reality show that focuses on the good and not-so-good of RV life. The show’s “focus is not on false drama but rather good and useful information and a true depiction of the RV lifestyle.”

The show portrays RV life as realistically as possible without glamorizing the lifestyle and obstacles that come along the way.

Do the Episodes Feature Real RV Adventures?

Yes, each episode features various segments about real-life RVing from a variety of perspectives. The show gives you a glimpse into RVers’ daily lives, from their troubleshooting to their exciting adventures.

Each episode features an “On The Road” segment that showcases an RVer and what they’re up to. There are also lots of educational segments, from “Learning to Drive an RV” to “Boondocking Newbies” and “Towing 101” to “Mobile Internet 101.”

The RVers Season three features “Now What?” segments offering tidbits like “Trailer Brakes” and “Tank Dumping,” and “Cell Boosting.” And you’ll get DIY tips, such as “Replacing an AC,” “Making an RV Your Own – Mattresses,” and “When to DIY and When to Get Help.”

You can expect episodes like “Touring Alaska,” where the Mortons travel to Alaska with a large caravan. And “Working Age RVers,” which talks about a group of RVers who chose this lifestyle for a better work/life balance.

“Conquering New Zealand” shows The RV Geeks and Mortons on the Move camping on the other side of the world.

Who Should Watch ‘The RVers?’

If you have any interest in RVing, The RVers TV show may be for you. If you dream of when you can hit the road or wonder what RV life entails, this show’s worth a look. Or maybe you’ve already started RVing and realize you need more education to be confident on the road.

You can watch The RVers on multiple platforms. Catch it on the Discovery Channel or Discovery GO, or watch it in real-time on your local PBS station. You can stream it on Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, or through your Microsoft Xbox, PC, or HoloLens. Watch it live or stream it on Fun Roads TV, and you can even order a DVD of season 1.

In Canada, watch it on the Wild Pursuit Network and Bell Satellite’s CHEK. Or watch it internationally through Canamedia. If you’re unable to watch it for free and want to sample a couple of episodes, you can watch season 1, episode 1, and episode 2 for free on YouTube.

If you haven’t watched The RVers yet, check it out for information, tips, or just entertainment. By exposing the nitty-gritty of RV life, this show offers an honest look at the RV lifestyle. Have you seen “The RVers” yet? If so, what’s been your favorite episode or moment

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