Who Is Technomadia?

If you’ve been around the online RVing community, chances are you’ve heard of Technomadia.

Technomadia consists of Chris, Cherie, and their cat Kiki. Chris and Cherie have been RVing for 14 years and producing RV life and mobile-internet content along the way. 

Today we’re learning more about the life and travels of Technomadia. Let’s get into it!

The Backstory of Technomadia

Chris Dunphy, Cherie Ve Ard, and their cat Kiki are Technomadia. Chris and Cherie are self-described as “two Gen-X geeks who are utilizing technology to engage in a full-time mobile life”.

They use the term ‘technomad’ to describe their lifestyle as technology-enabled nomads. 

Chris and Cherie met in 2006 and began their RV life together in 2007 in a small teardrop trailer. Their first 7 month RV trip was considered their ‘fourth date’. Clearly, it went well!  Since then, they have lived and traveled in 11 RVs together, and now spend part of their time in their boat, Y-Not. 

Technomadia’s Impact on the RVing Community

Chris and Cherie are long-time nomads, prominent figures in the RVing community, and have built an incredibly valuable resource for the nomadic community called the Mobile Internet Resource Center. 

These two are smart… Like, really smart. Combining their love of technology and respective backgrounds in mobile tech and software development, they have built a business around the ever-changing mobile connectivity industry.  

Along with the Mobile Internet Resource Center, the two have a collection of apps available for RVers. Their app: Coverage?

Shows cell phone signal overlays on a map for all different carriers. Their other app, US Public Lands, is another map overlay app that shows public lands for camping and overnight parking. 

Why They Travel

The reasons Technomadia travel are similar to the reasons many nomads live a mobile lifestyle.

From their website:  “Our life is consciously created to be a long-term, sustainable, mobile-optimized lifestyle that combines our hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life of love, travel, serendipity, community, adventure, and amazing experiences.”

Why Type of RV Does Technomadia Travel With?

Chris, Cherie, and Kiki have traveled in many rigs throughout the years. 11 rigs plus a boat, to be exact! 

They currently split their time between their boat, their 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion named Zephyr, and their newest rig: a 2020.5 Travato GL. 

Zephyr was Technomadia’s full-time home for 6 years, and this bus has its own story. It started out as a regional charter tour bus in 1961 in Arizona and was designed to seat 41 passengers and carry their luggage. 

The GM Bus was converted into a Class A motorhome in 1989 and was later purchased by the couple in 2011. It is 35’ long, 96” wide, and weighs about 24,000 lbs. 

In their time with Zephyr and being the technomads that they are, Chris and Cherie have upfitted this bus into a high-tech home on wheels to fit their technology-enabled mobile lifestyle. 

Complete with a mobile workstation for both of them and the latest in mobile connectivity technology, this bus is a working RVers dream!

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Technomadia

Technomadia are OG’s in the RV Life YouTuber community. They started their channel in 2009 as a travelogue. Since the Technomadia YouTube channel started over a decade ago, their personal brand has taken off and they’ve developed their mobile apps and the Mobile Internet Resource Center. 

Their channel is a combination of education, resources, interviews, and tips for the nomadic and technology-enabled lifestyle. 

1963 Flxible Starliner Vintage High-Tech Bus Conversion

This video is a tour of a 1963 Flxible Starliner vintage high-tech bus conversion. 

This bus known as The Creative Cruiser, is now owned by friends of Technomadia, Ben and Karen Willmore. This bus tour highlight’s Ben’s beautiful restoration and tech in this amazing vintage bus. 

10 Things we HATE About Full Time RVing

Every RVer knows that full-time RVing isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. 

This video is a live-stream of a chat where Chris and Cherie shared their not-so-favorite sides of the full-time RV life. 

Working Age Full Time RVers

This video is from 2012 at a meet-up of working-age full-time RVers talking about what inspired them to start RVing before retirement and how they make a living on the road. 

Where Else Can You Follow Technomadia

Along with their Technomadia website and YouTube channel, you can also follow along with their business, the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Or, you can follow them on Instagram! Cherie is @cherie_technomadia, Chris is @chris_technomadia, and Kiki is @kiki_technomadia. 

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