Who Is Less Junk, More Journey?

Nathan and Marissa made the decision to sell their 4-bedroom house in middle Tennessee and downsize, to pursue living a life of Less Junk, More Journey.

What they were losing in square footage was nothing compared to the massive amount of memories they’ve been able to collect as a family.

Over the years, they’ve developed into a trusted name and familiar face in the RV community for their knowledge, experience, and Marissa’s southern accent.

The Backstory of Less Junk, More Journey

Nathan and Marissa made their decision shortly after becoming parents and watching a YouTube video of a full-time RV family’s adventures.

Like many who make the choice to hit the road, they wanted to spend more time together as a family and less time acquiring stuff.

Less Junk, More Journey is made up of Nathan and Marissa Moss and their two children, Hensley and JJ. The family started their travels as a family of three, but eventually found themselves raising an infant in an Airstream.

Family is a priority for them and when they are not out on the road traveling they can be found in their hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee with family.

How Long Have They Been RVing?

After 18 months of planning their next big step, Less Junk, More Journey hit the road. They’ve traveled across the country chasing warm weather, amazing drone footage and making memories with their family.

What Type of RV Does Less Junk, More Journey Travel With?

Less Junk, More Journey first started their full-time RVing adventures in a massive 2013 Forest River Sandpiper 376BHOK fifth wheel.

They talked about how it was difficult for traveling because of its size and upgraded to a 2011 Newmar Canyon Star 3810 motorhome. The family then made the transition to a 2008 Airstream 31 Classic for the next three years.

As their family grew so did their need for more space and they upgraded to a 2019 Open Range 374BHS. Their latest upgrade is to a Grand Design Solitude 378MBS.

Modifications to their RV

In their rigs Nate and Marissa have not been shy with making their rigs work for their family. They’ve painted, replaced flooring, rebuilt bunk beds, upgraded to endless hot water, and even added a solar setup to their rigs.

It’s important to be comfortable during your travels and even the smallest upgrades can help in a big way. When you’re on the road a lot, even the smallest upgrades make life more comfortable. 

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Less Junk, More Journey

Less Junk, More Journey has just over 150,000 subscribers and providers useful tips for anyone who owns an RV. Because they are a young family living life on the road they often share advice and insights to help other families.

Their southern personalities give them an advantage in being able to connect with viewers in an authentic and meaningful way.

Touring Full-Time Family RVs at Parade of Homes

While at the Full-time Family Rally Less Junk, More Journey toured the RVs of some fellow travelers. They love touring RVs, but these RVs are set up for families that travel full-time. It’s a much different experience than seeing empty RVs on your local RV dealership lot.

They share with viewers how families live on the road and make their RV space their own. 

Why We’re Selling Our RV

Less Junk, More Journey doesn’t treat their RV as their forever home. They recognize that your needs while traveling might change, or your family may even grow numerically.

In this video Nathan and Marissa walk through the decision-making process for upgrading their rigs. They have made the decision to transition from their Open Range 374BHS and into whatever their next rig might be.

RV Gadget: What Do You Really Need?

In this video Nathan and Marissa share with viewers the most important items every RVer should have. There’s a tremendous amount of videos covering the essential supplies, but they  also share tools and accessories that are out of the ordinary.

These are items that every RVer needs, but only realizes after years of traveling experience. Be sure to check out this video before hitting the road next time!

Where Else Can You Follow Less Junk, More Journey?

Be sure to connect and follow Less Junk, More Journey on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

They’ve also invented an app called Nomad Near Me to help connect fellow nomads as they travel the country.

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