RV YouTubers Might Make More Than You Think

One of the most frequently asked questions from people considering a move to full-time nomadic life is, “How do I make money on the road?” Many people watch YouTube channels that inspire them.

Some even wonder if they, too, could make money through YouTube. It’s a lot of work, but those channels generate substantial incomes. Just how much do they make? Let’s find out.

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

There are various ways for YouTubers to make money. Some YouTubers get sponsored by companies, sell merchandise, or promote affiliate partnerships. But the vast majority of YouTubers generate income from advertisements that YouTube runs on their videos.

It’s not uncommon for a successful YouTuber to employ several of these money-generating options. But we’re going to focus on advertising revenue, which is one of the easiest and most common ways to monetize your videos.

A popular RV-related YouTube channel can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to upwards of $100,000 or more. Generally, the more subscribers a channel has, the more views it gets. The more views the videos get, the more money that channel can generate from ads.

Please keep in mind that the figures here are estimates provided by Social Blade, which calculates a low-end and high-end based on viewership. This still gives us some realistic figures.


CheapRVLiving belongs to famous van dweller Bob Wells. You might recognize Bob from his appearance as himself in the 2021 Academy Award-winning Best Picture, “Nomadland.” Bob has lived in various smaller vehicles, such as trucks and vans, to escape the bombardment of societal pressures. He traded the American norm for a life of less stuff and more happiness.

Bob’s channel, CheapRVLiving, offers videos on embracing minimalism, as well as how-tos and interviews with other nomads. As of May 2021, the CheapRVLiving YouTube channel had about 518,000 subscribers.

Cheap RV Living YouTube Income

According to Social Blade, Cheap RV Living generates between $5,700 and $92,000 per year in YouTube advertising. This equates to $479 to $7,700 per month.

Keep Your Daydream

Marc and Tricia Leach’s income comes from far more than their YouTube channel. While some RVers focus only on YouTube, Marc and Tricia also have a podcast, website, educational courses, and more.

Like many folks who embrace a travel lifestyle, Marc and Tricia were tired of the rat race. They had big travel dreams that always got put on the back burner. That’s why they decided to take the leap into full-time RV living with their kids Caleb, Carson, and Tori.

They’ve since created 10 seasons of content on YouTube about their travels. They also have several special “in-between” seasons that highlight aspects of their lives. This ranges from moving into full-time travel life to their adventures on the road and even a few how-to videos. As of May 2021, the Keep Your Daydream YouTube channel had about 411,000 subscribers.

Keep Your Daydream YouTube Income

According to Social Blade, Keep Your Daydream earns between $5,500 and $88,000 per year in YouTube advertising. This equates to about $460 to $7,300 per month.

Nomadic Fanatic

Eric Jacobs and his 26-pound cat Jax comprise Nomadic Fanatic. Several years ago, Eric balked at the life that people expected of him. He left behind the idea of getting married and settling down in a house with a white picket fence, choosing freedom on the road instead. With Jax at his side, he set off on a life of adventure ranging from national parks to historic drives to theme parks.

Nomadic Fanatic shows Eric and Jax’s adventures, as well as some of their struggles, in a life built on full-time travel in their Class A RV “Miranda.” As of May 2021, the Nomadic Fanatic YouTube channel had about 223,000 subscribers.

Nomadic Fanatic YouTube Income

According to Social Blade, Nomadic Fanatic generates between $2,500 and $39,600 per year in YouTube advertising. This equates to about $206 to $3,300 per month.

Less Junk, More Journey

Less Junk, More Journey launched in 2015 when Nathan, Marissa, and Hensely sold their house and hit the road in their RV. Their YouTube channel offers a deep dive into their everyday lives, from downsizing to fit into an RV to destinations that they visit. They even talk about how they plan their routes and how to find the right RV. As of May 2021, the Less Junk, More Journey YouTube channel had about 170,000 subscribers.

Less Junk, More Journey YouTube Income

According to Social Blade, Less Junk More Journey generates between $1,200 and $19,400 per year in YouTube advertising. This equates to $101 to $1,600 per month.

You Won’t Make Money Overnight

As YouTube has grown over the years, so has the opportunity for RVers to create entertaining and educational videos. The numbers included from Social Blade are estimates but show the potential for significant income. Of course, none of the channels featured here made money overnight. It’s taken years for them to build an audience.

Have you ever considered YouTube as a revenue source?

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