Who Is Grateful Glamper?

Many YouTube influencers in the RV world are couples like us. Irene Iron Travels, Keep Your Daydream, Today Is Someday, and Happily Ever Hanks are just a few of the popular full-time traveling couples who record their journeys and share their expertise.

But today, we’re talking about a family of four. Like Less Junk More Journey, Grateful Glamper is a family with two adults and two kids traveling North America, making memories, and spending quality time together.

Let’s learn more about Grateful Glamper and check out a few of their most popular YouTube videos!

Who Is Grateful Glamper?

In 2015, Ben and Charity of Grateful Glamper began dreaming of RV travel. They visited a dealership in Colorado, took a picture of their family standing outside a Class A motorhome, and put it on their fridge as a reminder of what they wanted in the future.

By 2017, this dream became a reality as they purchased their first RV in hopes of spending more time with their two kids and each other. They didn’t plan on going full-time yet but didn’t want to put off RV travel any longer.

Today, the couple and their kids produce a YouTube channel and release new videos every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. EST. They document their travels, provide campground reviews, and share DIY projects and tips for the RV lifestyle.

When Did Grateful Glamper Start Full-Time RVing?

After the purchase of their first motorhome in 2017, the family started taking short camping trips together. They fell in love with the lifestyle.

A year later, Ben quit his 9-5 job, and Grateful Glamper hit the road full-time. Today, the family travels in a 2004 Discovery diesel pusher.

They don’t work long hours away from their kids anymore. Instead, they produce a YouTube channel, maintain a blog, and share products in their Amazon store.

What Is Grateful Glamper Known For?

Spending quality time with their kids is high on the priority list for Ben and Charity.

They share a lot about RVing with children as well as other topics like mistakes to avoid, tips for purchasing, and other helpful information for RVers.

But their name says it all: they’re living the RV lifestyle with gratitude. They know their kids won’t be young forever, and they’re embracing all the time they have with them.

Currently, Grateful Glamper has traveled all 48 of the continuous U.S. states and hopes to tackle Alaska and Hawaii soon!

Ben and Charity have been producing YouTube videos for more than five years. Since then, their channel has grown to include over 182,000 subscribers. Here are the top three videos, each with over 850,000 views!

1. Don’t Be A Campground Idiot! Must Know Unwritten Rules Of RV Camping

With over 1.5 million views, this video from April 2022 is Grateful Glamper’s most popular.

We’re glad, too, because RV newbies need to learn and seasoned travelers need to be reminded of the unwritten code of conduct at campgrounds.

Grateful Glamper mentions things like don’t walk through other people’s campsites, turn off your exterior lights at night, keep trash out of your fire pit, and respect quiet hours.

2. Kicked Out Of Our Campground! And You Won’t Believe Why

With over 915,000 views, this video from September 2020 details the personal experience of getting kicked out of a campground.

Ben and Charity share about traveling from Colorado and Florida, the long drive days, and the physical exhaustion of that trip. Then they go into explaining about a stay in Apopka, Florida at a KOA.

They wanted to extend their time in that campground and asked the office about a monthly rate. The staff explained the rate and asked Ben and Charity to come in and do a background check, since that was protocol for anyone who stays a month or longer.

However, when the staff found out they have children, they didn’t allow them to book the monthly site.

The owners of this particular KOA don’t believe that raising a family in an RV is appropriate and therefore discourage families from doing so by preventing them from booking a long-term site.

Therefore, Ben and Charity packed up and left when their original stay was over.

3. Full-Time RV Life: The Quitting Has Just Begun – Why Many Have & Will Come Off The Road

Grateful Glamper discusses the fact that a lot of RVers have come off the road in this popular video from August 2023.

Charity shares that most full-time RVers aren’t in this lifestyle for more than two or three years. It’s generally not a long-term solution for most travelers.

As kids get older and grow bigger, priorities and needs change.

She also shares that many people have discovered that traveling full-time isn’t cheaper than living in a sticks-and-bricks.

Other reasons Grateful Glamper gives for this mass exodus from the full-time RVing lifestyle are the burn-out of travel, having to constantly make reservations, unkind neighbors, and crowded campgrounds.

With the burst of RVing during the pandemic, many of these travelers are just closing the door on full-time travel while still RVing when they want to.

Where To Follow Grateful Glamper

Grateful Glamper releases a new video on YouTube every few days. At the very least, you’ll see a new video each week. We suggest following Ben, Charity, and their family through their YouTube channel. But if you’d like also to follow them on other social media apps, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and X (formally Twitter).

For traveling families, Grateful Glamper is an excellent resource for tips, tricks, and honest reviews of the RV lifestyle!

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