A couple in an argument sitting on a stone wall in front of an RV with sad and angry emojis over their faces.

RV Life Ripping Famous YouTubers Apart

Liz and Paul of Liz Amazing look like the perfect couple on camera. They laugh together and seem happy in their relationship. They share their biking adventures and give tips to new RVers.

But off-camera, they’ve been struggling. It has come to the point where the RV life has caused them to say goodbye to each other — at least for the immediate future. Let’s learn why.

A couple in an argument sitting on a stone wall in front of an RV with sad and angry emojis over their faces.

Who Is Liz Amazing?

In 2018, Liz left Lexington, Ky., and started traveling in her camper van to Florida. Later she upsized to a fifth wheel and headed west. In the same year, Paul left Orange County in Southern California in his travel trailer and headed north. They met in Washington state in 2019.

Their YouTube channel, Liz Amazing, details their RV travels and the ups and downs of RV life. They have provided ideas for tools you need when camping, ways to save money, RV internet solutions, and many more useful tips and tricks for RVing.

They also have another YouTube channel called Amazing Bike Rides, where they take viewers on virtual bike rides across the country.

How Did Liz and Paul Meet?

Liz and Paul started a relationship three years ago but began as solo RVers. They met in June 2019. Liz had broken her hand, and Paul helped her at the campsite.

They instantly connected, and Paul moved into Liz’s camper in November of the same year. They didn’t have much of a dating history since they both traveled in an RV.

Two RVs parked near the ocean with friends mingling outside.

What Challenges Have They Encountered?

Paul said they’ve encountered conflicts over the years because they learned about each other in “real-time.” He also shared that he is treating his PTSD, which has spilled over to Liz occasionally, affecting their relationship.

Liz and Paul talk about why they need space after living together in a small RV.

He says, “Sometimes it takes over. It just takes over my being.” Paul explains that he’s not trying to “tough it out” but has sought help in getting his PTSD under control. Liz even shares that she feels like she has PTSD from Paul’s, and the struggle is real.

Liz and Paul need space after living together in a small RV. RVers face unique challenges in their relationships that other couples don’t. You constantly bump into each other and have little private space and alone time. And when conflict arises, you have to deal with it head-on.

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Why Are They Taking a Break From RVing Together?

Living in an RV magnifies problems. Liz and Paul took a relationship time-out where they didn’t produce videos for a month to focus solely on their relationship. Unfortunately, the reset didn’t hold.

So they’ve decided to go their separate ways to give themselves space. Liz shares that this is needed for her to breathe even though she knows they’ll miss each other. She says, “I’m looking forward to having some time to just think.”

Silhouettes of a couple arguing with each other against a sunset.

How Does Living in an RV Put Strain on a Relationship?

If you’re living in a house, you run errands, go to work, attend events, and have several rooms to which you can go to get alone time. Even though you can go for a walk or sit outside when living in an RV, there just isn’t as much space to breathe. This can strain relationships.

In addition, Liz and Paul had to be cooped up inside their RV for months during COVID-19, which magnified their challenges.

Also, during the summer heat, they stayed inside because it was so hot. They weren’t going on hikes or sitting outside. As Liz put it, they were “on top of each other” like they were “living in a fishbowl,” and that was difficult.

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What Are Their Future Travel Plans?

Paul decided to head north to Mackinaw City and Pictured Rocks, Mich., and Door County, Wis. He hopes beautiful scenery and ample bike riding opportunities will clear his head.

Liz will head south to Kentucky, her home state. She has rented a cabin in the woods where she hopes to have the space to breathe.

Will Liz and Paul Travel Together Again?

Liz and Paul need a relationship reset to decide the future of their relationship. They don’t know what that will look like.

Perhaps they’ll end up back together in a few months, or perhaps this is the end of their travels together. But it simply shows how challenging RV life can get for couples and families living in confined spaces.

They encourage their subscribers to keep them in their thoughts as they go their separate ways. They also ask YouTube channel viewers to subscribe so they can follow to see what happens in the future.

You can follow Liz Amazing on YouTube or sign up for their newsletter. What do you think will happen to this famous YouTube couple?

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