Who Is Keep Your Daydream?

Marc and Tricia, founders of Keep Your Daydream, are seasoned RV and travel experts. They’ve traveled to all 50 states, visited 4 countries, and put over 100,000 miles as a family in their RV.

Throughout their journey, they’ve encouraged others to embrace the unique ways that people and families travel. 

The Backstory of Keep Your Daydream

Like many full-time RVers Marc and Tricia of Keep Your Daydream, were attracted to the RV lifestyle by the freedom of having  less “stuff.” Their lives revolved around regularly organizing the stuff they kept acquiring. They dreamed of the day it could happen, but then asked themselves, “What could we do right now?”

This simple question led to their mantra of “Start small – start now!” This mantra is lived out in their family travels. They started with what they had and upgraded as their travel needs changed.

Kids, Family, Pets

Marc and Tricia have three kids, Victoria, Carson and Caleb. Victoria traveled with the family when the family first started on the road, but later settled to focus on school.

Carson and Caleb have been present for the majority of the travels, but take time to explore their personal areas of interest. In July 2019, the family welcomed an English Cream Golden Retriever, Charlie, to their journey.

How Long Have They Been RVing?

Keep Your Daydream has been traveling since May 27, 2016. They’ve traveled  extensively, spending time in  Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and all 50 states.

What Type of RV Does Keep Your Daydream Travel With?

Keep Your Daydream started with a Northland travel trailer and they towed it with a 2013 Ford F150. Marc and Tricia  then upgraded to a Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS towed by a 2017 Ford F250 diesel.

Their next step up was to a massive Grand Design Momentum 351 toy hauler towed by a 2019 Ford F450.

They’re currently in an Airstream Flying Cloud 30’ bunkhouse towed by a 2019 Ford F250.


Throughout their journeys they’ve added solar to their rigs and made numerous modifications to their tow vehicles. One recurring upgrade to their tow vehicles has been to maximize their fuel tank size.

Other upgrades during their adventures have been disk brakes, onboard air compressors, and a recent fan favorite has been the air horn that could compete with most 18-wheelers. Their upgrades are not made on a whim and it is evident that thorough research is always done for each modification.

Not only do they document the upgrades for their YouTube channel, but for a majority of the upgrades, they do a corresponding blog post on their website.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Keep Your Daydream

With over 350,000 subscribers, Keep Your Daydream is one of the largest RV YouTube channels.

Over the past 5 years, they’ve created a mixture of travel and RV informational videos. With multiple videos surpassing or nearing a million views, there’s a good chance if you’ve watched any RV related content on YouTube that you’ve discovered their channel. 

Ten Things Every RVer Should Know

Keep Your Daydream’s “Ten Things Every RVer Should Know” has amassed almost 2 million views and is their channel’s most viewed video.

They share practical tips about what to bring on the road, effective communication and how to avoid mistakes. Whether you’re new to RVs or a seasoned veteran, you’ll benefit from this video.

Six Month RV Trip Across America

This is where it all begins for Keep Your Daydream. They spent six months planning a trip of a lifetime and it doesn’t start out as planned.

They are blessed by a good samaritan that helps them when they’re stuck on the side of the road and shares the importance of some essential mechanical items. 

Winter RV Camping

You don’t want to find yourself unprepared when  temperatures drop and you’re in an RV. In this video, Marc and Tricia walk you through everything you need to know to camp in your RV in the winter.

They cover the steps you can take to make yourselves as comfortable and safe as possible inside your RV.

Where Else Can You Follow Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream has grown their following on Facebook and Instagram.

They also have an “Insiders” community for their patrons that wish to be part of their RV community. Be sure to connect with them and follow their journey!

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