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Who Is Irene Iron Travels?

There are numerous YouTube influencers in the RV world today. While Keep Your Daydream may lead the way with over half a million subscribers, there are other full-time travelers who release how-to videos, tips and tricks for RVing, hot destinations, and other important information regularly. 

Irene Iron Travels is a couple with over 60,000 subscribers. Four years ago, this channel launched detailing Chris and Aaron’s full-time RV journey. Let’s learn more about Irene Iron Travels!

Who Is Irene Iron Travels?

Chris and Aaron are Irene Iron Travels. This couple hit the road full-time in January 2019 in an Airstream Interstate Class B.

After a couple of years, they moved into a rooftop tent for a short period of time.

Their next full-time rig was an Outdoors travel trailer, which they lived in for about two years.

Currently, Chris and Aaron are Alliance ambassadors and now travel in an Alliance Paradigm fifth wheel.

What Is Irene Iron Travels Known For

If you’ve followed Irene Iron Travels during their full-time RV living adventures, you know they were Airstream ambassadors while they lived in the Interstate.

However, during season one of RV Unplugged, Irene Iron Travels participated as contestants, and their lives changed.

They won the $10,000 grand prize, beating out fellow YouTube influencers like Venturesome Couple, Our Everyday Getaway, and Grateful Glamper.

After the reality show, they started working with Alliance.

Chris and Aaron are also known for their fitness lifestyle. They share online fitness classes and advertise their nutritional coaching on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

While they also record their experiences while traveling, Chris’ fitness background certainly comes through on their channel and social media accounts.

What Is Irene Iron Fitness?

So why the name Irene Iron Travels? Chris is a NASM-certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 2 nutrition coach. Irene Iron Fitness is where you can find healthy recipes, one-on-one coaching, and tips to live a healthy RV travel lifestyle.

Through her online company, Chris guides, encourages, and strengthens others to move toward progress and not perfection.

Aaron spends most of his time recording and editing their YouTube videos. Irene Iron Travels posts a new video every week.

The duo shares gear reviews, excursions, tips for RV travel, and real-life experiences. Over the years, the channel has gained over 56,000 subscribers. Let’s take a look at Chris and Aaron’s top YouTube videos!

RV Tour Of An Airstream Basecamp X

In this video from 2020, Chris and Aaron tour an Airstream Basecamp X with owner Cass. They were surprised at how spacious this 16-foot trailer was. The interior height is over six feet, and with all the windows, the Basecamp doesn’t feel as small as they thought it would.

The front of the trailer is the kitchen, and Chris points out some cool storage cargo nets that come with the Basecamp to provide storage overhead in the kitchen. A wet bath is in the center of the unit, and the rear is the bedroom.

Cass explained that she changed the sleeping area so that she has a custom bed instead of the benches. It’s a real mattress, which is critical for a good night’s sleep for full-time RVers. There are two more cargo nets in the back to store clothes, work equipment, and more.

Trouble Finding Boondocking And Nosy Neighbors At RV Parks 

The second most popular video by Irene Iron Travels is about boondocking and nosy neighbors. In this 2023 video, Chris and Aaron are in Arizona looking for a place to boondock.

They drove around for over an hour before finally finding spot for their Outdoors travel trailer. Chris and Aaron shared about how this is a common experience when searching for a boondocking location, but they always feel like it’s worth it.

Later in the video, Chris shared about a neighbor in the last RV park who mentioned to a ranger that they weren’t picking up after their dogs.

She felt offended by these false accusations as they take always clean up their dog poop. Aaron added that they were potty-training one of their dogs and going out often, but they never ever leave poop on the ground.

Walkthrough of Entire 2020 Airstream Trailers Lineup by Full Time RV’ers

Irene Iron Travels walks through eight models of the 2020 Airstream trailer lineup in this video taken at Airstream of Scottsdale. They tour the Basecamp, Nest, Bambi, Caravel, Flying Cloud, International, Globetrotter, and Classic. Chris and Aaron chatted about which trailer would best suit them if they were in the market for a new Airstream.

Once instead the Caravel, Chris liked the 22 feet and how much larger it felt than their Interstate campervan even though it’s similar in length. One of the coolest features was the front hatch in the Flying Cloud model that opens up to allow the outdoors to come in. However, Aaron shared that the size of the Flying Cloud is too much for their needs.

As Irene Iron Travels walked through each model, they could see the transition to the higher finishes from the International to the Globetrotter to the Classic. The most luxurious and the biggest is the Classic, which measures 33 feet long.

At the end of the video, Chris and Aaron shared that the 25-foot International Serenity would be the model they would walk off the lot with if they were shopping for an Airstream travel trailer. They like the layout, color scheme, and size.

Where To Follow Irene Iron Travels

If you’re interested in following Irene Iron Travels, you can check out their YouTube channel and watch all kinds of videos about tips and tricks for RV travel, fitness ideas, gear reviews, and more. Besides YouTube, you can check out Irene Iron Fitness on Facebook and Instagram.

And if you’re interested in starting a more healthy lifestyle, seek out Chris’ help through Irene Iron Fitness!

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