Flight Attendant Opens Up About the Most Difficult Thing About Her Job

When you think about the job of a flight attendant, is it something you’d find exciting or lonely? How about both?

While we love traveling and are used to being away from friends and family for long periods, staying connected can be challenging. Combating isolation and loneliness is an ongoing struggle.

Today, we share a TikTok video by a flight attendant about the hardest part of her job and suggest tips for feeling less lonely while traveling. Let’s dive in!

What Do Flight Attendants Do?

The primary responsibilities of flight attendants are keeping passengers safe and comfortable, providing basic services, and responding to emergencies.

They discuss flight details and weather, perform pre-flight safety checks, greet passengers as they board, and stock the beverages and food supplies.

Their work schedules vary daily, weekly, and monthly. Airlines operate at all times of the day, including nights and holidays, so it’s likely that flight attendants are gone from their homes multiple nights at a time.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, flight attendants make around $64,000 annually on average.

A flight attendant with her arms crossed smiling at the camera while standing in the isle of a plane with passengers on it.

Advantages Of Being A Flight Attendant

Flight attendants have relatively well-paying jobs. The average salary in the U.S. is about $60,000, so flight attendants make more than the average American. They also enjoy flexible schedules with airlines, ensuring their crew members are well-rested. Some flight attendants may only work three or four days a week.

They also get to travel all over the country. Some even travel the world if they work for international airlines. Flight attendants can explore a new city or country when they have a day off between flights.

We once met a flight attendant in San Antonio who had about 36 hours to enjoy the city. She joined us on a riverboat tour and was going to visit some of the popular restaurants.

Because flight attendants need to be outgoing people who can make passengers feel safe and welcome, they can strengthen their social skills as they meet new people. All types of people fly, and flight attendants meet people of different socio-economic backgrounds, races, religious affiliations, and more.

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Disadvantages Of Being A Flight Attendant

The biggest disadvantage of being a flight attendant is the extended hours and days away from home. This is why many flight attendants are single.

Being a parent or spouse is hard when you’re gone three or four days a week or longer. Maintaining friendships is challenging when you’re not around to go to dinner, see a play, or hang out.

Flight attendants are also on-call. They may get a 2-hour notice to report for work. This is a demanding schedule for flight attendants with families. The weekend and holiday work can also lead to employee dissatisfaction. It’s hard to miss important celebrations or family gatherings frequently because you’re working.

Finally, dealing with unruly passengers is one of the worst aspects of a flight attendant’s job. While most passengers obey the rules, a few will create conflicts. Flight attendants are responsible for dissolving those conflicts.

A flight attendant with a mask on doing a demonstration of the emergency flotation device on a plane.

Flight Attendant Shares the Hardest Part Of Her Job On TikTok

Recently, a flight attendant shared about her struggle with loneliness on TikTok. She explained that on a four-day trip, she longed for the familiar.

But she returned to an empty hotel room instead since she was nowhere near home. While she enjoys the job, her co-workers, and the passengers, nothing can replace the comfort of her friends and home.

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How People Responded To Her Video

People poured in comments on her video. To date, over 300 viewers have responded. While some weren’t supportive and suggested finding another job or complaining about things that really matter, most people shared similar struggles.

One viewer wrote, “I feel you. I’ve been a pilot for 12 years, and the empty hotel room can be depressing. One of my first acts is usually turning on the TV for the noise.”

Another said, “I don’t know how you do it…genuine connection is a must.” A third commented, “I’m on the road about 250 days out of the year. I know exactly what you mean. It’s also the main reason I can’t have a relationship.”

A flight attendant with a drink cart in the isle of a plane.

Tips To Combat Loneliness When Traveling

Whether you’re a flight attendant, truck driver, or solo traveler on a long road trip, we have some tips to help you combat loneliness. Social media is an excellent way to stay connected to friends and family.

You can post videos and pictures of your travels and go live to share the moment with others. While you may be alone physically, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube can help you feel more connected to those you love.

Exercising regularly is another tip to combat loneliness. Endorphins boost your mood and will help you focus on something other than your current problems. People who are more physically fit are also more mentally fit. Plus, you feel better walking or jogging for 15-20 minutes.

Finally, find a new hobby when traveling alone. Like exercising, this will keep your mind off your loneliness. But you’ll also be engaged in something you enjoy. Try painting, photography, journaling, knitting, or other activities you can do on the road.

Creating Community While Traveling: Essential For Your Mental Health

The flight attendant on TikTok created a community just by posting her video. She connected with others who shared her loneliness. This encouraged travelers who struggle with anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Making connections is also important for your mental health. Pick up the phone and have a FaceTime call with a friend. Post a photo of where you are and ask people to comment with a fun caption. Stay engaged when you’re traveling alone.

And don’t forget that others share your loneliness. Just like hundreds of people voiced how they share similar feelings of loneliness with the flight attendant, you can find comfort in knowing you’re not truly alone. Others get you and understand the feelings of isolation and depression.

How do you combat loneliness when traveling?

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