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We’re the Russos Quit Full Time RV Life. Here’s Why.

It’s becoming common to see popular RVers throwing in the towel regarding full-time RV life. The latest announcement comes from Joe and Kait Russo of We’re The Russos. They made the big announcement on their YouTube channel in mid-March 2022 and shared what’s next for them as far as adventuring.

Today, we’re looking at the incredible couple of We’re The Russos and why they’re quitting full-time RV life. Let’s get started!

Joe and Kait talk about why their full-time RV life has come to an end.

Who Are We’re the Russos?

We’re The Russos is the social media presence and brand of Joe and Kait Russo. What started as a way for them to share their travel adventures with friends and family became a full-fledged media business.

The couple has written multiple books, produced hundreds of blog articles, and acquired over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. To say they’re well-established in the RV community is an understatement.

Why Did We’re the Russos Leave Full Time RV Life?

Joe and Kait Russo sold their truck camper and bought some land to settle down. However, their adventures aren’t over. They’ve already purchased a Storyteller MODE LT for their following experiences; however, they won’t be full-time travelers.

The couple has seen 49 states while RVing but international travel restrictions began to make it difficult to go further. They kept an eye on areas that could serve as a home base during their travels. When the couple found the property they wanted, it checked all the boxes.

The bottom line for Joe and Kait was that the timing for throwing in the towel felt right. They were ready to settle down and experience a change. They found everything they need to be able to live the best of both worlds between traveling and being stationary.

A sign that says goodbye friends with a heart shape.
Joe and Kait are starting a new chapter of their lives with their newly purchased property.

Is the vanlife craze dying out? We’re seeing signs that say yes.

What Are We’re the Russos Known for?

Followers know the couple most for their YouTube channel, which shares their travel adventures and provides educational resources and entertainment for RVers. Some of the videos on their YouTube channel with the most views are tours of unique RVs. 

Due to their influence in the RV community, they’ve had the opportunity to walk through and share rigs that viewers might not get to see otherwise. They provide an honest insight into the average life of full-time RVers. Their videos are entertaining and educational, which makes them easy to watch.

Joe and Kait’s walk-through of this Class B reached over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

How Long Have We’re the Russos Been Full Time RVing? 

The Russos have traveled full-time in various RVs since 2015. They intended to travel for a single year but embraced the lifestyle and found a way to turn their passion for RVing into a full-time job.

They traveled full-time for over six years, and all their RV adventures took place in North America. However, the couple took a couple of trips that didn’t involve their RV during that time.

They traveled to Tibet and spent two weeks exploring Barcelona. The couple has also made trips to Canada, Central America, and France. 

What’s Next for We’re the Russos?

While the Russos may no longer be full-time RVers, they will continue to travel. The couple has already ordered a van that they’ll use for short and extended adventures. They’re also planning to modify their truck to include a tent or other structure for short-term trips.

The couple hopes to travel internationally now that things are opening up worldwide. While traveling may not be something they do every day, it’s something they still have a passion for doing as a couple.

Two travelers hike a path through the mountains.
The Russo’s are looking forward to expanding their travels to more international destinations.

Where Can You Find We’re the Russos? 

If you want to follow We’re The Russos in this new stage of their adventures, subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook or support them via their Patreon page.

Is Full Time RV Life Worth It?

With rising gas prices and demand for campsites, full-time RV life isn’t a walk in the park. The lifestyle can be challenging and frustrating at times.

However, it also provides a tremendous amount of freedom and new experiences. The positives far outweigh the negatives for many who embrace the lifestyle.

Full-time RV life isn’t for everyone at all stages of life. It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Some jump into the lifestyle quickly and discover they made a mistake shortly after. Many sell their homes and belongings before testing the waters with the lifestyle. Jumping in can be much easier than going back to everyday life.

Do you have a desire to become a full-time RV traveler? 

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