Who Is You, Me, and the RV?

You, Me, and the RV blasted onto the YouTube scene just a few years ago, but they have become a popular channel to watch, with great videos that are relatable and fun.

Full-Time RV Navy Veterans

Phil and Stacy have Navy blood through and through. They are honest, fun, and willing to share all of their ups and downs on the road. 

They have also raised substantial money for non-profits that help veterans like Homes for Vets, by donating money from their t-shirt sales to the organization.

Every year for the Army vs. Navy game, they have a competition pitting Army versus Navy to see who can raise the most money. Of course, the Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard won’t be left out, so more money is always donated to the cause.   

The Backstory of You, Me, and the RV

Phil and Stacy started RVing because Stacy saw a picture/video of Devil’s Rock and she wanted to see it.

That one picture made her long to travel the United States. They wanted to see the US and make a difference. They have even volunteered with other RVers in places that natural disasters or other tragedies have hit. 

Stacy used to be a planner, always having every single night booked.

However, when they wanted to change plans, they accrued cancellation fees, which didn’t work. Now they are spontaneous and “wing it” most of the time. 

Kids, Family, Pets

They have 2 adult children that they visit while traveling. Phil and Stacy have a 13-year-old dog named Gizmo. He’s an American Eskimo and Shih Tzu mix.

When asked if they missed their family while traveling, they reminded their viewers that they spent decades moving with the Navy, so they didn’t see their family much at all and they were always making new friends. They see more of their family now than they did when they were in the Navy.

How Long Have They Been RVing

On May 12, 2018, Phil and Stacy took off on their adventure after Phil retired from the US Navy after 27 years.

Stacy spent years as a family nurse practitioner, and she keeps up her certification while traveling. It can’t hurt to travel with a medical professional! 

What Type of RV Does You, Me, and the RV have?

Phil and Stacy named their RV “Ruby.” Ruby is a 2016 35-foot Tiffin Allegro RED 33AA. It took them a while to see Ruby as home, not just a means of transportation.


The first year Phil and Stacy added Battle Born Lithium Batteries to the rig. In year two, they added solar.

After a few more cosmetic upgrades like a bathroom faucet and backsplash, wheel covers, penny tile, and new paint on the cabinets in their kitchen, they are considering what’s next for projects.

Sharing RV Tasks

Phil and Stacy also make sure that they are cross-trained on RV tasks.

In year 3 of full-time RV life, they made sure that Stacy was comfortable driving the RV and that Phil can get the interior of the RV ready for travel. They work together like a well-oiled machine. 

Top 3 YouTube Videos from You, Me, and the RV

You, Me, and the RV came out of the gate at full speed. Phil and Stacy are closing in on 100,000 subscribers in three years, which is great traction. They spend a lot of time at military campgrounds and volunteering with other RVers.

They’ve been camp hosts twice, and promote many of the RV programs they are members of. They raise money for military causes they believe in and continue to work with RV organizations to encourage and help the RV community.

Honesty, full disclosure and fun are the trademarks of You, Me and the RV. If you don’t believe it, check out the hilarious bloopers at the end of their videos!

One Year Full-Time RV Living Cost

One of the most popular questions is what does it cost to live full time in an RV for a year? In this video, Phil and Stacy break down the costs of living on the road, including activities, fuel, propane, tolls, transportation and parking, rallies, internet, RV insurance and maintenance, RV memberships (they love these), mail forwarding and camping.

Having a budget is important to make sure you can continue on the road. 

Top RV Must-Have Gadgets

In this video You, Me & the RV get recommendations from 12 full-time RVers looking for their top gadgets and items that make traveling easier, as well as their top picks.

Some of the gadgets were a tire monitoring system, a grill for outside, a weather station, a WeBoost for connectivity, lithium batteries, a water filter and Snap Pads for jacks. Which items do you have or need for your adventures?


 Phil and Stacy’s first year was full of newbie mistakes. They learned along the way to work out the kinks while working as a team. Phil and Stacy talk about what they miss while on the road (long showers), and what they are so happy with about traveling (the view out of the RV is one perk).

Phil says “It’s not all campfire and s’mores.” Neither of them are prepared to leave the road, years later. Knowing that mistakes are inevitable can help you get more comfortable with your journey.

Where Else Can You Follow You, Me, and the RV

Website – TodayisSomeday.net

Instagram – YouMeTheRV

Facebook – @youmeandtherv

Email – [email protected]

YouTube – YouMetheRV

Pinterest – YoumeandtheRV

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Who Is You, Me, and the RV?

Who Is You, Me, and the RV?
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