10 Best RV YouTubers To Learn From

10 Best RV YouTubers to Learn From

YouTube has become one of the most sought-after ways to access valuable, instructive information on RVs. And some RVers are making incredible content on the platform. Let’s look at 10 of the best RV YouTubers.

The 10 Best RV YouTubers

Our list of RV YouTubers is bound to include someone you can relate to and learn from. Let’s see what you can gain by checking out these channels.

#1. Keep Your Daydream

Marc and Tricia of Keep Your Daydream have created a community of support, information, and inspiration. They began their journey in 2016. It started as an epic six-month excursion across the country with their three children and ultimately turned into an indefinite adventure. They’ve just celebrated their fifth year on the road.

Their YouTube channel has evolved into one of the most popular and highly respected channels among the RV community. Their personality captures the viewer, and the experiences they share are relatable and realistic. They’ve mastered creating the perfect balance between value and entertainment.

#2. Newstate Nomads

The Newstate Nomads, Howard and Katelyn, both got opportunities to work remotely while living in Miami Beach. They jumped at the chance and have been traveling for about three years now with their two dogs.

Before filming videos for YouTube, both Katelyn and Howard had jobs that included videography in some way. Howard was a cinematographer, and Katelyn was a TV news anchor. Their backgrounds have enabled them to create a successful YouTube channel.

The Newstate Nomads emphasize their desire to give back to their fellow RVers. They feel fortunate to have started their journey among a growing group of people who welcomed new and eager-to-learn RVers. They’ve explored an impressive portion of the United States and six different countries.

#3. Drivin’ & Vibin’

Alabama natives Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ & Vibin’ are down-to-Earth RVers. They’ve been living the RV life since late 2015 and strive for simplicity and a minimal lifestyle. They’ve played a vital role in contributing to a community of people seeking an intentional way of life. Their YouTube channel Drivin’ & Vibin’ has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers. 

They began as a duo with their dog, River. However, the family grew in the summer of 2019 when their daughter, Nora, was born. They’ve been a traveling family ever since, except for a hiatus in their hometown during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Their enthusiasm for this way of living will capture your heart and leave you wanting to learn more. Consider checking them out. There’s a good chance you’ll be ready to join the Vibe Tribe and become part of their encouraging community.

#4. Enjoy The Journey.Life

Tom and Cheri of Enjoy The Journey.Life want to help you get on the road. While living full-time in their RV, they share the challenges and victories that come with RVing.

Whether you’re just dreaming of an RV life or already on the road, Tom and Cheri can help. They’re passionate about achieving a financial status that includes little to no debt and choosing how and where to travel. 

Their videos specialize in transparency, offering tips, tricks, and ingenious ideas for RV living. If you’re looking for information on travel destinations, boondocking, or tow vehicles, you can find all that and more by watching Tom and Cheri. 

#5. RV Geeks

Peter and John, the RV Geeks, have been living in their RV for nearly two decades. They went full-time in 2003 and established their YouTube channel in 2011, making them one of the Original RV Influencers! They provide their viewers with wisdom on how you can maintain a well-functioning, efficiently operating RV. 

Maintenance, repair, and upgrades are part of RV life. Peter and John are committed to giving you the most reliable and accurate information on doing some of it yourself. You can also find Peter and John on “The RVers,” which runs on the Discovery Channel and PBS. 

#6. Mortons on the Move

Tom and Cait of Mortons on the Move ditched stationary living for a life of mobility and flexibility full-time in the fall of 2015. Along with sharing breathtaking destinations, they also offer informative videos about living off-grid and the multitude of ways you can upgrade parts of your RV. Their RV YouTube channel has about 100,000 subscribers.

In 2019, the Mortons on the Move traveled in a truck camper to Alaska and the Arctic Ocean. Their 15,000 miles adventure is documented in a 20-episode series called “Go North” on YouTube and on Amazon Prime.

They traveled with their two dogs, Mocha and Bella, but sadly lost Mocha in early 2021. They also star as cast members of the hit Discovery Channel TV series “The RVers.” 

The Mortons recently added a second RV to their fleet, a large overlanding truck and truck camper. We’re excited to see what new adventures they share!

#7. Changing Lanes

Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes, along with their dog Daisy and motorcycle Lucille, tour the United States in their Grand Design Momentum 397TH toy hauler. Their adventure began in late 2017 and has taken them to some unforgettable destinations across North America.

Chad is originally from Florida, while Tara grew up in Ohio. They’re family-oriented and enjoy making trips back home when they’re in the area. Tara lives with Chronic Lyme Disease but doesn’t let it stop her from traveling.

What started as a way to document their journey for family and friends has turned into a tremendously successful RV YouTube channel with almost 200,000 subscribers.

Charismatic and personable, Chad and Tara have created a community that connects with people who enjoy the gift of travel via RV or motorcycle. 

#8. Less Junk, More Journey

Less Junk, More Journey has become a familiar name in many RVing households. Nathan and Marissa and their two children, Hensley and JJ, have pioneered what it means to travel full-time with children.

This southern family from the heart of Tennessee began their traveling journey in 2015. Marissa was a nurse, and Nathan was venturing in several directions, including rental properties and computer work. After reluctantly returning to work from maternity leave, the family started thinking outside the box.

They’ve shared the ups and downs of being a family on the road. Their honesty and humbleness are contagious. They’re honest, hilarious, and amazingly entertaining, which is why they are easily one of our top RV YouTubers.

#9. Getaway Couple

Rae, Jason, and their dog Carmen started traveling full-time in their fifth wheel in the summer of 2017 as the Getaway Couple. After owning a three-bedroom home in Los Angeles, they wanted to downsize to live in an RV and travel the country.

They’ve been documenting the ins and outs of living in an RV ever since. They’ve created a tight-knit group for their followers called the Getaway Gang. Rae and Jason made this group as a way to connect more closely with followers. You can go there to share advice, get tips for saving money, and much, much more.

#10. Embracing Detours

Bri and TJ of Embracing Detours planned to explore for two years. A road trip with a rooftop tent sparked their interest in the RV lifestyle. They instantly started planning things like selling their home and most belongings. 

After launching their adventure toward the end of 2017, Bri and TJ started in a 30-foot Airstream and custom 4×4 van. They thrive on living a minimalist, adventurous lifestyle and take pleasure in sharing the places they visit and people they meet with their YouTube viewers.

Defining their distinct version of the American dream is primarily what motivates and inspires Bri and TJ to keep sharing their journey.

Not everyone can both embrace the RV lifestyle and document it for the world. However, these RV YouTubers have found a balance and a way to enrich the RV community. Which of these RV YouTubers is your favorite?

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