Who Is Enjoy The Journey.Life?

Tom and Cheri of Enjoy The Journey.Life share their RV adventures with their audience on YouTube. Recently, Cheri’s son Logan joined their travels, adding a different perspective on what they do. 

The trio spends most of their time in campgrounds, but occasionally find an awesome location on the beach to boondock without the use of solar power.

Tom and Cheri have a friendly rivalry between their “Beach Tribe” (Cheri) and “Mountain Tribe” (Tom) followers, often offering swag with the tribe of their choice printed on a shirt.

The Backstory of Enjoy The Journey.Life

The couple chose to RV together after they met. Tom was already on the road and Cheri joined him. Together, they promote RVing, as their next passion.  Fun, freedom, and adventure are their mottos.

They work from their RV, and enjoy interacting with their fans on the road and through their YouTube channel, social media, and website.   

Both Tom and Cheri have grown children. Logan just joined them on the road after some health issues crept up on him. They do not have any pets with them.

Tom has been RVing for the past 6 years and Cheri joined him 3 years ago. Although they are not officially married, they are a fun couple to watch as they try new things and navigate through RVing full time.  

What Type of RV Does Enjoy The Journey.Life Travel With?

In 2019, Enjoy The Journey.Life purchased a used Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler. They had to downsize to get into this RV. It was a challenge for them to move. However, they love the new deck, and have fit in nicely to the smaller space.

Many of the updates they have done on the new toy hauler have been with the truck they use to pull it, including a new hitch, and hard sided cover for the back of the truck.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Enjoy The Journey.Life

The Enjoy The Journey.Life channel includes videos of a month-long budget-friendly boondocking challenge, and tours of Key West with a few “oops” that they didn’t want to show, but felt it was a learning experience for their subscribers.

Harassed in an RV Park

During the pandemic of 2020, Tom, Cheri and Logan were harassed at a HOA RV Park in Miramar Beach/Destin, Florida. The series was four episodes long with a few bonus videos to update those watching, including one pleading for their fans to not spam the RV park with bad reviews. “Be kind” became the new Enjoy The Journey.Life phrase and T-shirt design.  

RV Crushes My Truck

This is the video Tom didn’t want to have published. It was embarrassing, but a great learning experience for the rest of us.

When hooking up his new Momentum toy hauler, the post that hooks into the back of the truck slipped out of the hitch and dropped the fifth wheel onto the bed of the truck, crushing the tailgate and sides of the truck.

RV Living Full Time (Money, Safety, Health, Mistakes) & 101 Q & A’s!

This Enjoy The Journey.Life video is for people who want to know more about the RV life. 101 questions answered in this almost 2-hour video. Working from the road, health and insurance, safety, kids and RV tips are all included.

Almost no topics are left out.

Where Else Can You Follow Enjoy The Journey.Life

Website – enjoythejourney.life

Facebook – @Enjoythejourney.life

YouTube – youtube.com/c/enjoythejourneylife

Instagram – enjoythejourney.life

Email – [email protected]

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