How Much Does Keep Your Daydream Make on Youtube

Marc and Tricia Leach have created not just a YouTube channel but an RVing community. So many of the RVers we encounter list Keep Your Daydream as one of their favorite RV channels. 

Several years and almost 400,000 subscribers later, Keep Your Daydream is Marc and Tricia’s full-time job. Can you make a living from making YouTube videos?

Let’s find out!

How Much Does Keep Your Daydream Make on YouTube? 

The BBSTAR YouTube channel uses publicly available data to estimate the earnings of YouTube Channels. In July 2019, he produced a video where he estimated Keep Your Daydream’s revenue. The data available at the time stated their channel had 208,000 subscribers. That number has since risen to nearly 400,000.

Using a formula, BBSTAR estimated that Keep Your Daydream averaged just over $82,000 annually from YouTube. 

Since then, the channel has nearly doubled in size. Therefore, their income may have doubled as well. Keep Your Daydream could be making more than $150,000 from YouTube alone. However, they also have other income streams.

What Are KYD’s Other Income Streams?

Keep Your Daydream’s YouTube channel represents one piece of their total revenue. They also have nearly 2,000 Patreons offering varying levels of support. Their lowest Patreon level is $2 per video or $8 per month. 

For the sake of easy math, if every single patron subscribed at this level, Keep Your Daydream would make an additional $16,000 per month. Their lowest possible annual income from Patreon alone would therefore be about $192,000 before Patreon took out its fees.

Keep Your Daydream also has sponsors and affiliate links that generate income. Additionally, they’re co-founders of the E3 Camping Association, which aims to empower, educate, and entertain RVers. 

While revenue numbers are not available for these sources, it’s safe to say the channel is doing well. 

How Do Youtubers Make Money?

Many YouTubers start out hoping to get monetized so they can place ads on their videos. But it takes far more than ads. Views and other metrics impact just how much money someone can make on YouTube. Ad revenue makes up only a tiny part of many YouTubers’ income.

As YouTubers grow their audience and develop a following, Patreon becomes an option. Patreon allows viewers to support content creators at various price levels in exchange for different benefits. These could include access to private communities, more frequent updates, or more personal interactions.

YouTubers often also sell merchandise. Shirts, hats, or jewelry can be great ways for YouTubers to make money. Plus, merch turns viewers into walking billboards for the channel.

YouTubers can also make money from affiliate links. YouTubers might list these in video descriptions, social media posts, or blog posts. Anytime someone follows the link and makes a purchase, the YouTuber earns cash. Blogs can also run advertisements.

Finally, YouTubers can use sponsorships or partnerships. Companies may pay a YouTuber to document or highlight products, for example.

The pay from these sponsorships will vary based on the size of both the YouTuber and the sponsor. Payment can also come in the form of discounts.

Who Is Keep Your Daydream? 

Marc and Tricia Leach are seasoned RVers and travelers. They’ve documented their nearly 200,000 miles of RV travels to 47 states and four countries. Their YouTube channel currently has almost 400,000 subscribers. It’s one of the best-known RVing channels on YouTube. They pride themselves on educating viewers and bringing the RVing community together.

YouTube and other revenue streams seem to be going well for the Leach family. Do you follow Keep Your Daydream? Are you shocked to learn about their financial success?

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