Who Is Getaway Couple?

One of the best YouTube channels for RV information and adventure is Getaway Couple. They’re seasoned travelers and a great source to learn more about full-time RV living.

Their relatable personalities and sense of humor will keep you watching video after video.

Let’s learn more about this inspiring couple.

The Backstory of Getaway Couple

Jason and Rae returned to work after a month-long honeymoon with the travel bug. They found themselves working long hours in positions where they were replaceable. Rae came to realize she was working in an unhealthy work environment.

They kept asking how to pursue their dream of traveling full-time. They contemplated traveling internationally, but the decision to adopt their dog, Carmen, caused them to rethink their plan.

After many discussions and YouTube videos, Getaway Couple ultimately decided that RV living was their plan.

Getaway Couple consists of Rae, Jason, and their dog Carmen

Why They RV

Whether it is international or domestic traveling, Getaway Couple has always loved traveling. Before hitting the road Jason and Rae used every hour of vacation time from their 9-5 employers.

Being able to travel and work from the road was an appealing adventure.

Kids, Family, Pets

Their dog Carmen is part Doberman, but 100% adorable. Rae’s mother rescued her from a shelter, but the couple instantly fell in love with her.

Once Carmen joined them, Rae and Jason had to process ways to travel with a dog. Full-time RV living became their answer.

How Long Has Getaway Couple Been RVing?

In July 2017 Getaway Couple downsized from their 3-bedroom house to 400 square feet in Los Angeles, California. They have crossed the country several times since they began their adventures.

What Type of RV Does Getaway Couple Travel With?

Since hitting the road, Getaway Couple has traveled in a 2018 Grand Design Solitude 375RES. They tow this massive fifth wheel with a 2012 RAM 3500 dually. It’s a perfect combination for Getaway Couple to travel and explore.

About the RV

The Grand Design Solitude 375RES comes with more storage (inside and out) than you’ll know what to do with. You’ll find everything you’d look for in a brick and mortar home, but in an RV. The living area has enough seating to throw a party.

The wrap around windows provide a view no matter where you sit. This rig was designed to use every inch of space and provide optimal comfort while on the road.

Getaway Couple RV Modifications

Comfort and usability are important to Getaway Couple. In their bedroom they took out the shelves next to the bed to fit their king-size mattress. In the bathroom they replaced the sink faucet, installed a MaxxAir fan and shade, and installed a bidet. All of these upgrades make their RV bathroom feel like a home.

The Getaway Couple works from the road and converted the dining room space into a convenient workspace environment. They can be comfortable and efficient while they get their work done.

Another major upgrade for Getaway Couple was their Victron inverter and Battleborn batteries. These upgrades combined with the solar panels (1200 watts) provide enough comfort and usability for them to camp off the grid.

The suspension and disk brakes were also upgrades they made to improve not only their comfort while towing, but also the stability of their rig. This upgrade helps protect your rig, but also its contents when you hit that pothole you didn’t see.

Getaway couple on truck tailgate

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Getaway Couple

Top 10 Beginner RV Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

After a year of full-time RV living, Getaway Couple share the lessons they’ve learned on the road. Fueling up the night before, having the proper equipment and knowing your rig’s height are just a few of the helpful tips they provide in this video.

Whether you’re an experienced full-time RV or a weekend warrior, you’ll learn something new from this video.

RV Life: A Typical Day (For Us) || Full Time Rv Living

Getaway Couple share how life on the road isn’t always as exciting as their videos might seem. They take viewers along as they show a typical day in the life of a couple that travels full-time in their RV.

Laundry, cleaning and groceries are all things that still must be done when you live on the road. 

Everything Went Wrong || Beginner RV Mistakes

After a few months on the road, Getaway Couple shares about their rough week. After wrong turns, cranky camp managers and a roll away RV,  the couple almost loses everything.

You can feel the raw emotion from these newbie RVers.

Where Else You Can Follow Getaway Couple

You can connect with Getaway Couple on their Facebook page, Instagram, and their YouTube channel.

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