Why Are YouTubers Buying Campsites?

Why Are YouTubers Buying Campsites?

If you had a good amount of money burning a hole in your pocket, what would you buy? A gigantic house? A fancy car? An outdated campground? Two popular YouTube influencers are doing just that. They’re signing on the dotted line and committing to running a campground of their own. If this sounds too crazy to be true, just keep reading.

Which YouTubers Are Actually Buying Campsites?

Two popular YouTube channels, RV Odd Couple and Heath and Alyssa, have recently begun the process of owning their own campgrounds. Both couples have established themselves in the RVing community and grown quite the followings. RV Odd Couple has amassed about 147,000 subscribers on their channel, and Heath and Alyssa have about 12,400. Who knows? Maybe the next campsite you set up in could be owned by your favorite YouTubers!

Are They Relying on Their Subscribers for Funding?

Heath and Alyssa have been entrepreneurs for several years. As a result of their skills and dedication to their work, they’ve done well for themselves. The couple recently sold one of their companies and used the money to help make their dream of owning a campground come true. They’re not enlisting the help of subscribers when it comes to funding.

However, John and Mercedes of RV Odd Couple have provided opportunities for their subscribers to invest in funding their campground. There were no set levels of participation, but when they released the video announcing their decision, they also provided an opportunity for anyone watching to invest in their campground.

Why Is There a Need for More RV Campsites?

While it may seem odd that these YouTubers are investing their money into building more RV campsites, it’s not. There are a few reasons that make it much easier to understand.

More RVers on the Road

If you think you’re passing more RVs on the highway or seeing them more often at fuel stations, you are. A recent report says more than 11% of US households own an RV. With so many RVs on the road, it’s natural that we’ll need more campsites as well.

Fully Booked Campsites

While we see more RVs on the road, campgrounds can’t produce new campsites as quickly. Upgrading the necessary infrastructure and securing permits takes much longer than building an RV. This issue is causing frustration among RVers as campsites get booked out. This overcrowding prevents some from using their new RVs in a campground.

These YouTubers recognize this and see it as an opportunity to serve in an incredibly underserved space. These couples are building campgrounds near popular destinations where local campsites get fully booked throughout the year, especially during peak camping season. With so many people looking for campsites, this is a smart investment.

The Industry Is Booming

Despite a two-month shutdown in 2020, shipments of new RVs were up 6% compared to 2019. The industry doesn’t look to be slowing down either. In 2021, experts predict shipments will exceed 2019 by 33.8%. This massive increase would beat the record by 14.1%.

Manufacturers are doing all they can to continue to crank out RVs despite supply shortages for many parts. During the peak of the supply shortage, Grand Design informed customers they were switching the color of the metal used on specific areas during the manufacturing process to avoid massive delays.

Is Buying a Campsite a Good Move for an RV YouTuber?

RV Odd Couple and Heath and Alyssa see owning campgrounds as an investment. They have developed large followings in the RVing community, so there’s sure to be excitement among RVers to stay in one of their campsites. These campsites could yield massive returns for the couples later. With RVs flying off dealership lots at record speeds, these campsites could turn major profits.

Owning a campground sounds like an incredible adventure, but there’s a lot of work to do. However, it’s not only the financial benefits that drive these couples. Both couples want an opportunity to help other RVers as well. Would you ever buy a campground of your own?

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