Is Amazon the Best Place to Buy RV Supplies?

Your RV might be the biggest purchase you make for camping, but it won’t be your last. There are lists and lists of must-haves that you’ll be filtering through to prepare.

Where should you go for all those supplies? Today we’ll take a look at a few great options. 

Why Online Shopping Is Amazing for RVers 

Online shopping can often yield the best prices and help with researching products. Even if you decide not to finalize your purchase online, online browsing gives you a solid idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. This allows you to shop at the place that will provide you with the best deal. 

Is Amazon the Best Place to Buy RV Supplies? 

Amazon is a one-stop-shop for almost anything you can imagine. If you want it, you can likely find it on Amazon. You can find decor, RVing necessities, and even snacks. Not only can you find virtually anything, but you can do in-depth product research as well. 

Compare items and read their often very detailed descriptions. This is great for helping you choose the right product for your situation. You’ll also find a plethora of reviews from real people who purchased the product.

Where Can You Send Amazon Packages While on the Road? 

RVers are often moving targets. You might be staying weeks at a single campground or constantly live on the move. Your travel style dictates how you can receive packages. 

If you stay at campgrounds and know you’ll be there in the projected delivery timeframe, you can usually receive a package there. Ask the campground to ensure they’ll receive the package and let you claim it rather than sending it back. If you put your site number on the shipping label, they will sometimes deliver the parcel right to your site.

If you only know the general area you’ll be in or boondock often, general delivery is a great option. General delivery allows you to have your items shipped directly to the post office, where you can go pick them up.

Where Else Can You Buy RV Supplies? 

If Amazon isn’t an excellent option for you or you prefer to buy your supplies in person, there are still many choices. Let’s take a look at a few.

Camping World 

With more than 120 Camping Worlds to choose from, you’re bound to find one close by. You’ll find most RV supplies at Camping World. If you fail to find what you’re looking for in their store, they can order it for you. 


REI is an excellent resource for camping gear. You’ll have many options for supplies for everything from camping chairs to hiking gear to high-quality clothing. While REI isn’t RV-specific, you can load your cart up with plenty of great camping accessories. 

The Home Depot 

While Home Depot isn’t an RV- or even camping-specific store, you can still snag some great gear. Home Depot has you covered if you’re hoping to get a few renovations done on your RV. Virtually every tool and building supply are at your disposal here. You can often even find great decor at Home Depot. 


Those looking for a specific electronic at a great price should make TechnoRV their first stop. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a surge protector or an RV-specific GPS, you’re likely to find it here. They’re also an authorized Berkey dealer. The site’s free information guides are helpful for RVers, from newbies to veterans.  

RV Supply Warehouse 

RV Supply Warehouse is the perfect place to look if you’re in the market for curtains, awning replacements, and trailer covers. You can also find great lighting options and products to help you stay warm. Don’t forget to check out their great decor items. 


You’ll find everything from camping supplies to outdoor games to screened-in rooms here at Cabela’s. If you need something for the great outdoors, chances are you can find it at Cabela’s. As a bonus, you can often find sports equipment if you want to play a game of catch while at the campground. 

Why Knowing Where to Shop Can Save Your Vacation

It’s a great feeling to know you’re prepared for every situation your trip could throw at you. Unfortunately, sometimes things pop up that even the most prepared person wouldn’t expect. Instead of letting that ruin your vacation, know ahead of time what your options are. Have you ever needed to make a quick trip to the store for something unexpected while camping? What’s something you didn’t realize you needed until it was too late?

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