A woman hiking around a volcano and recording a video of herself on her phone.

5 RV TikTokers to Follow

Everyone loves a good TikTok, right? There’s something simple about watching a quick video to get the content you’re looking for.

We’ve been watching some of the top RV TikTokers, and we’d like to share their accounts with you to see all their helpful content. From budget-friendly travel ideas to RV, bus, and van renovations, these RV TikTokers have got it all.

Let’s get to it!

A woman hiking around a volcano and recording a video of herself on her phone.

What Is RV TikTok?

RV TikTok is RV-related content on TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform that’s free to use. It features only short-form video content. There aren’t any long posts to read through and no pictures you’ll need to click through.

You simply scroll and watch the video. You can search for content by account or video, and you can also search by hashtags.

A smartphone with the TikTok app pulled up showing a channel to follow.

5 Content Creators on TikTok You Have to Follow

There’s no shortage of RV influencers out there. Here are the top five we think you should follow.

1. Our Way To Roam

About The Channel:

Savannah and Drew have been van-lifers since 2016, with over 116,000 followers and 1.4 million likes. They’re also bus builders, musicians, and creators.

They use their channel to share the inside scoop on renovating various vans and their life in the process. They first renovated a 1987 Coachman camper van in 2016. 

Next, they converted a 2007 Ford e450 shuttle bus, which they call home. And most recently, they documented their build process of a 2017 Ford e350 Starcraft Starquest which they sold once complete.

Oh, and they also build custom shower pans for your future van or bus shower reno, too.

What Makes Them Relevant:

If you’ve wondered if van life is for you, this is the channel to check out. Watch and learn from their tips and DIY mishaps.

They offer downloadable resources like a plumbing diagram plan, couch build plans, and an invisible project screen mounting system. Or roam the continent living vicariously through them as they bring you along.

Watch This – Happy 2 Months of Living:

@ourwaytoroam Happy 2 months of bus living #fyp #foryoupage #skoolie #skoolieconversion #foryou #vanlife #rescuedog #skooliebuild #shuttlebus #buslife #camper ♬ Bad Habit – Your Smith

In this video, you’ll see them go from painstakingly customizing their shuttle bus to unveiling a stylish and comfy space. With earth tones and lots of natural textures, you’ll love this “home sweet bus.”

Seriously. There are heated floors, a propane fireplace to heat your space, and a full wet bathroom. Take a look at this bougie bus and fun footage of their daily travels. Then, watch their other TikTok videos as they document the process.

2. RV Miles

About The Channel:

Jason and Abby have been full-time RVers since 2016, with over 11,000 followers and 243,000 likes on their TikTok channel. They share things like must-haves for RVs, product reviews, and even campground finds across the country.

Plus, they have plenty of tips and tricks for RV life, like why you need to check your plastic wheel chocks yearly and the best toilet paper to use in your RV (spoiler alert – it’s not RV specific). They also share a must-have product to help you avoid low bridges and unsafe roads.

What Makes Them Relevant:

Not only do they have their TikTok channel, but they also have the number one RV podcast streaming on all podcast platforms. It features a short “Weekly News Brief” with the top industry news, plus they share more on the products and tips they recommend for RVing.

Watch This – Electric RV Reveal:

@rvmiles It was all about the electric RV at this years Supershow. @THOR Industries.#rvlife #rvtiktok #fyp #airstream ♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

RV Miles shows you Thor’s electric RV concept vehicle, the eStream. You use an app to operate the electric RV. You can even use it to back into its site and turn it around whenever you want a different view!

3. The Runaway Parents

About The Channel:

The Runaway Parents’ channel on Tiktok is all about how this family “ran away” from the traditional American life back in 2018 to travel in an RV full-time. Today, they’ve accumulated more than 125,000 followers on TikTok and over 770,000 likes.

They share content from their day-to-day life, including favorite recipes, keeping your sanity while living in an RV, homeschooling, and RV renovations. 

What Makes Them Relevant:

With plenty of humorous commentary, this channel dishes up real life with plenty of laughs. They don’t sugar-coat their woes and aren’t all about the shiny, polished commentary. Instead, they get down and dirty and bring you right along in real life, often offering content based on their followers’ comments and questions.

Watch This – Toy Hauler Conversion:

@therunawayparents RV Renovation: Toy Hauler #rvrenovation #NightDoneRight #rvlife #rvliving #rvrenovations #rvlifefulltime #traveltok #rvtravel #rvdecor #rvlifestyle ♬ I Can Feel It v3 – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

The Runaway Parents document their toy hauler’s garage conversion into a kids’ room. The 18-foot garage gets split in half, creating a room for their kids while also keeping a living area that doubles as a guest room.

Say what? Yes, you read that right. This toy hauler gets converted into a three-room beast. Take a watch, will you, and follow their progress!

4. The Mom Trotter

About The Channel:

This family of three has a whopping 1.5 million followers and over 35 million likes on their TikTok channel. They currently travel full-time in their RV.

But even before they transitioned to this lifestyle, they were traveling internationally and still do today. Check out this channel to get tips on financial literacy, travel hacks, top places to visit, how to get medical and dental care on the road, and how to travel on a budget.

What Makes Them Relevant:

Queen of international travel, the Mom Trotter is big on helping everyone experience travel affordably. Along with her husband and son, Aiden, she founded Black Kids Do Travel, an organization that promotes travel for families of color.

Aiden’s also a child model and actor, and you can expect tips on how to navigate those industries as well. You can trust The Mom Trotter will let you in on all her secrets she’s learned along the way. She’s all about sharing her wealth of knowledge – just look at her follower count!

Watch This – Receiving Packages While In An RV:

@themomtrotter Why did Aiden order so many packages? or was it me? or my husband 😂 #fulltimervliving #fulltimervlife #rvlifewithkids ♬ Before I Knew It – Mason Ramsey

Being a nomad doesn’t mean you have to miss out on online shopping. The Mom Trotter takes you along to show you all the packages they get delivered in a week and how she gets them.

5. Fifth Wheel Living

About The Channel:

With over 187,000 followers and 2.8 million likes, Fifth Wheel Living promotes their lifestyle of living stationary in an RV to be financially free. For over four years, this couple’s lived in three different RVs to lessen their cost of living rather than paying out high rent or mortgage for a sticks-and-bricks home. 

They take you along and show you their RV renovations and their favorite RV products. They also provide plenty of affordable hacks to save you money along the way (like how they pay $0 monthly for RV lot rent and utilities!).

What Makes Them Relevant:

Fifth Wheel Living is all about living their best lives without sacrificing comfort or the things that matter to them. You can expect helpful videos where they don’t take themselves too seriously.

And, you can trust they’ll show you what RV life is really about – the good, bad, and the ugly. They also feature some awesome boho decor ideas, even renter-friendly ones that use just Command hooks.

Watch This – Ugly Truths About Living In An RV:

@fifth_wheel_living It’s not all rainbows and sunshine #rvlife #rvfulltime ♬ original sound – Alien

It’s true, living in an RV isn’t all sunshine and roses. Wonder what’s so bad about it? Check out this video!

Living minimal and traveling is all the rage these days. Many people choose to live in Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW), but there’s also a large following choosing to live out this lifestyle in an RV.

RVs are easily mobile, have plenty of storage, and are widely accepted as full-time residences in RV parks and campgrounds around the country. So whether you’re getting your feet wet on learning about RV life, or you’re an experienced camper, there’s plenty of RV life content on TikTok for you.

Are You on RV TikTok Yet?

So, are you on RV TikTok yet? You’ll get plenty of ideas in short video form on anything from places to see in your RV, RV renovations, travel hacks, how to live in an RV, and the best products to use.

Plus, it’s all video content, so there’s minimal reading. All you’ve got to do is sit back, enjoy the videos, and open your eyes to the RV TikTok world.

We think these five RV TikTokers are the ones you need to follow for their superb content and unique approach. Who are your favorite RV TikTokers?

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