Woman with pink hair and a sweater recording a podcast at a desk.

RV Lifestyle Is the Best RV Podcast Out There

Listening to a podcast is a great way to pass the time during a long travel day. Not only can podcasts help you avoid boredom, but they can also help you gain knowledge and resources on various topics.

RV Lifestyle is one of the best podcasts out there for RVers. If you’re looking to stay entertained and learn from a couple of RVers with decades of travel experience, look no further than RV Lifestyle.

Let’s get started!

Woman with pink hair and a sweater recording a podcast at a desk.

What Is the RV Lifestyle Podcast?

The RV Lifestyle podcast is a media platform of the travel blog RV Lifestyle. The channel documents their adventures across the country as they live the RV lifestyle 24/7 and travel most of the year.

As a former journalist, Mike knows how to get to the bottom of the story and report it accurately. They’ve traveled well over 250,000 miles since their journey began in 2012 and have shared a wealth of knowledge.

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Who Is Behind the RV Lifestyle Podcast?

The voices of the RV Lifestyle podcast are Mike and Jennifer Wendland.

You may recognize them from their massive Facebook and YouTube channel pages and presence on various social media channels.

Their wealth of knowledge and sense of humor bring together a large community of like-minded people from all age groups and walks of life.

What Topics Does RV Lifestyle Cover?

One of the great things about the RV Lifestyle podcast is that they cover just about every topic imaginable regarding RVing.

It’s an excellent podcast for those who are traveling full-time. It may also be helpful to part-timers looking to gain knowledge and resources for enhancing future adventures.

They share their experiences and interview other travelers to show the diversity of the RV community. You’ll find everything from tips for RV maintenance, repair horror stories, and even some of the mistakes they and others have made that you’ll want to avoid. 

What Sets RV Lifestyle Apart From Other RV Blogs?

Mike uses the skills he acquired from his career in journalism to provide all the essential details without the fluff. They offer an honest look at the realities of living the RV lifestyle and not just the parts that make it look glamorous.

They’ve formed connections across the RV community that help them provide a behind-the-scenes look into all things related to RVs. 

Episodes Worth Listening to: 

Want to help pass the miles on your next road trip? You can jump right into some of their best content.

Here are a few of their best episodes that we think are worth downloading.

10 Unwritten Rules for Campers

While campgrounds may hand you a long list of rules at a campsite, there are some unwritten rules that you should follow too.

Mike and Jennifer share how they can be better campers when in campgrounds and while boondocking. Being a good camper can help you avoid a tense situation with an angry neighbor. This is a great episode no matter how long you’ve been RVing.

Mom, Dad, 6 Kids, and a Double Decker RV Bus Conversion

Are you a family preparing to hit the road full-time? If so, you’ll want to check out this episode.

Mike and Jennifer chat with a mom and dad preparing to hit the road with their six kids for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After hearing this family share their story, you’ll be ready to tackle practically any adventure with your family!

RVers Share Their Secret Best Camping Spots

Mike and Jennifer use their vast audience to gather some of the best camping spots that are somewhat secretive. While many RVers like to keep their favorite places to themselves, they’ve found five fantastic sites to share.

If you’re tired of camping in crowded campsites with noisy neighbors, this is the episode for you! You may find the next place to call home during your adventures! 

Where to Listen

Listening to the RV Lifestyle podcast is incredibly easy. It’s available on their website and YouTube channel.

You can also find it on all major podcast networks like Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

If that’s not easy enough, you can also subscribe via email and be notified anytime there’s a new episode.

A Great Podcast to Inspire You

Whether you currently enjoy the RV lifestyle or dream of the day you can hitch up and head out, RV Lifestyle is a great podcast. Listening to Mike and Jennifer share the details of their adventures can inspire you to be a bit more adventurous.

By tuning in to each episode, you’ll feel like you’re traveling the country and experiencing everything with them.

What do you listen to on long travel days?

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