These YouTubers Swapped RVs. Watch What Happened

It’s easy to sit in your campsite and watch your neighbor maneuver their Class A or fifth wheel and think, “I could do that.” But could you? Famous RV YouTube channels Changing Lanes and You, Me & the RV tested this by swapping RVs. Let’s see how they did! 

These YouTubers Swapped RVs. Watch What Happened

Chad finally gets his chance to drive a Class A when he tries Phil and Stacy’s 2016 Tiffin Allegro. Chad soon gets the hang of driving a Class A. He compares it to driving a car or bus. 

Chad navigates the parking lot and backs it into a makeshift parking spot with ease. While he loves the ride, ultimately, the couple opts to keep their beloved fifth wheel. 

Phil and Stacy selected their Class A because of Phil’s fear of driving a fifth wheel. In this video, Phil gets a chance to try a massive toy hauler owned by Chad and Tara.

Phil quickly realizes there are major differences between driving a Class A and a fifth wheel. Chad coaches Phil through making wide turns, backing into a parking spot, and navigating 90-degree turns. 

Despite some nerves, Phil nails it his first time. However, it doesn’t look like Phil and Stacy will be trading their Class A in for a fifth wheel anytime soon.

Who Is Changing Lanes?

Chad and Tara sought out new adventures when they made the switch to full-time RVing. Chad, who worked remotely, could continue doing so from the road as long as he had internet access. 

Tara had been battling chronic Lyme Disease for years at the time. While she was excited to travel, she felt nervous about turning this dream into a reality.

The couple spent months touring some of the largest RV dealerships in the country. They wavered on which RV would serve as their home on wheels. 

As their self-imposed deadline approached, the couple chose a 2018 Grand Design Momentum 397TH. They haul their Indian Roadmaster motorcycle in the garage of their toy hauler and use it to explore during their adventures. 

Visit their website to learn more, or follow their YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram.

Who Is You, Me & The RV? 

Phil and Stacy have been traveling the country since 2018. Phil worked remotely as a Navy contractor when the couple decided to give RV life a shot. Stacy left her nursing career behind to start a new life on the road. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out their “Our Story” video.

They travel in a 2016 Tiffin Allegro that they purchased a year old and with 10,000 miles on it. They’ve nicknamed their rig Ruby due to its red color. 

The couple’s willingness to share the good and bad of RVing, and their upbeat attitude, has helped them amass 114,000 subscribers on YouTube as of today. Tune in to their YouTube channel, or interact with them on Facebook and Instagram

Why Did These RVers Switch RVs?

Phil shared that he and Stacy specifically chose a Class A RV because of his fear of towing a fifth wheel. Getting to experience a fifth wheel was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Chad and Tara had initially wanted a Class A. However, it would’ve delayed their dream due to the price difference between Class A RVs and fifth wheels. The challenge allowed them to experience a Class A at last.

The Differences Between Driving and Living in a Class A vs. a Fifth Wheel

From the start, Phil noticed that towing a fifth wheel was very different from a Class A. Because of the way fifth wheels attach to the truck, he sometimes couldn’t see the sides of the trailer. In a Class A, the entire vehicle moves together.

Chad loved the ease of driving the Class A compared to the fifth wheel. He said it felt similar to driving a very long car. He also enjoyed the freedom of movement within the cabin. Both men enjoyed that their spouses could prepare food while they drove a Class A.

Living in a Class A or fifth wheel is very similar. Many of the features and amenities available in a Class A also exist in fifth wheels. However, fifth wheels provide a more residential feel with separate living spaces that offer more privacy. Still, both styles let you enjoy the open road in comfort.

This challenge not only let these YouTubers experience new RVs. It also resulted in significant comparisons between the RVs. These channels provided an insightful analysis of the differences between Class As and fifth wheels. 

Would you be interested in swapping RVs with another camper and helping each other grow your skills? 

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