A woman living van life, lounging in the bed of her campervan with her dog

9 Best Van Life Instagrammers

Instagram is an excellent place for inspiration about all things van life. But there are millions of posts out there to sift through. So, we’ve put together a list for you to connect and find great content. 

This article provides you with how to find van life Instagrammers and follow them. In addition, we include why you may want to follow them and highlight what they focus on in their posts. 

Let’s take a look! 

A woman living van life, lounging in the bed of her campervan with her dog

#VanLife Has Taken Over Instagram

Log on to Instagram, and you’ll see that #vanlife has taken over the social media platform. More people than ever are van lifers or dreaming about buying a camper van. It’s all the rage, and you can spend hours looking through van build photos and the owner’s travels. 

Perhaps you’re an RVer and aren’t sure if van life pertains to you. We guarantee you’ll be able to find some parallels with these Instagrammers. The motivation to get out into the world and experience new things is the driving force behind most of us who travel frequently. So take a look and see what you might learn from a van lifer.

A woman poses for #vanlife in a swimsuit and hanging out the window of a bright teal VW camper van

Hot Tip: If you’re new to #vanlife, get to the know the roots of the movement by checking out these OG vanlife influencers.

9 Van Life Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

While you can search hashtag van life to find an overwhelming amount of content, nine van lifers are raising the bar and putting out regular content we think you’ll love. We’re about to introduce you to them and hope you give them a follow.

1. vanlifecamper

About: The vanlifecamper profile is by Project Van Life. It’s a lifestyle brand that creates camping, and van builds content. If you’re thinking about converting a van into a camper, this is a good Instagram account to follow. You can get a lot of ideas and tips from their posts. They have one of the most significant presence on Instagram for the van life community.

Follow them for: Inspiration and ideas for building out a camper van.

2. vanlifewarriors

About: Angelic and Jaxson are the faces of the vanlifewarriors profile. They traveled throughout Australia in their camper van, so you can learn all about their travels and the steller destinations around the island country through their posts. Australia is a top location for renting a camper van and traveling the coasts and desert landscapes. 

Follow them for: Australia van life travel tips.

3. saltyvanlife

About: Jados and Jake are saltyvanlife, and they also live the van life in Australia. The stunning imagery they post is inspiring, and they portray their camping experiences and coastline encounters. Also, you’re sure to take notes on their running tab of bucket list destinations in the South Pacific.

Follow them for: Amazing photography and quality drone footage.

4. ourhomeonwheels

About: The ourhomeonwheels profile is a family of three and a dog who lives in a van they converted into a home on wheels. They’ve traveled the western U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Their mission is to “not live in the van but to live out of the van – to take our passion for nature and the outdoors, and turn it into a daily happening.” 

Follow them for: Tips on traveling and camping as a family.

5. zachboth

About: Zach Both is a creative producer and director. He travels in a converted cargo van, and he lays out how he did the build at The Vanual. The conversion is unique and beautiful. As a result, his Instagram profile shows his artistic and travel-focused nature.  

Follow them for: Professional photography and creativity. 

6. wildlysonia

About: Sonia is wildlysonia. She’s a digital nomad and visual storyteller. For that reason, her Instagram posts display travel and van life in a unique and inspiring way through the lens of a thoughtful traveler’s perspective. 

Follow them for: Artistry and vulnerability of what van life is really like for her.

7. go_barefoot

About: The person behind go_barefoot (they/them) describes themself as a semi-nomadic, queer fisherwoman. Deenaalee takes you on an exploration of wonder and depth in Alaska. From fishing to tundra camping, you’ll be inspired by the rawness of it all.

Follow them for: Alaskan native storytelling and incredible photography.

8. thepeacebus

About: Kwabi is the mastermind behind thepeacebus, a humanitarian aid movement and van. He uses The Peace Bus to deliver cereal, books, and other goods to those in need, spreading kindness and love to others throughout his community. The Instagram profile helps tell the story.

Follow them for: Motivation, inspiration, and most importantly, opportunities to do your part in the world alongside Kwabi.

9. e.mcgrady

About: Erin McGrady is a writer, runner, biker, and hiker who travels in a van. She’s an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Erin shares her personal stories along the way and her outdoor adventures. 

Follow them for: Biking and hiking inspiration and location tips.

Will You Be a Part of the #VanLife Movement?

Have you followed these van life Instagrammers? We hope so! Whether or not you’re a van lifer, we think these Instagram profiles have a little bit of something for any type of camper or explorer.

Getting out there and living your dreams is a common thread among van lifers. Because we only have this one good life to live.

Will you follow these van lifers?

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