A Airstream travel trailer and truck parked in the dessert with solar panels.

The Airstream Electric Trailer Coming Soon

Times have certainly changed from the Volkswagen camper van and the Boler travel trailer of the 1970s. RVers 50 years ago would probably balk at the advancements in the industry today.

Who needs Alexa to dim the lights? Who needs an app to back up a travel trailer?

It’s comical to think about the campfire conversations between an RVer in the 1970s and an RVer today. But campers today are looking to be connected. Airstream has answered the call. Let’s meet the eStream!

A Airstream travel trailer and truck parked in the dessert with solar panels.

Meet the eStream

Want the freedom to go virtually anywhere? The eStream may make your adventure dreams come true. Unveiled at the Florida SuperShow in Tampa in January 2022, the eStream is a battery-powered travel trailer designed for an emissions-free future.

It remains true to its Airstream heritage and still has the space-like tube and iconic look that make Airstream popular. But now, it unites the future of technology with the past of retro design.

NEW ELECTRIC AIRSTREAM RV | Exclusive eStream Tour + Thor Electric Van

Tech to Look Forward To

Airstream has been an iconic American company for decades. Without reinventing the wheel or changing the silver bullet look, the company has still drastically changed the RV industry.

The wait is almost over for travelers waiting for the industry to catch up to modern technology. Let’s look at all of the advancements in technology that Airstream has managed to include in its new eStream travel trailer.

Maneuver With a Remote Control

Remove the fear of backing into a campsite by operating your eStream with remote control using an app. You can also effortlessly unhitch and hitch to your tow vehicle.

While standing outside the eStream, you have the perfect vantage point to maneuver around the campsite for the best possible views. If a large tree is in the way, simply use the remote control to easily drive the eStream around the tree to set up camp.

Watch how to park the eStream remotely using an app.

Solar Panel Roof

You don’t have to install solar panels on the eStream. They’re already covering the roof.

When boondocking, the eStream can provide up to two weeks of power. And the solar panel roof generates power as you’re hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, or enjoying whatever other adventures you have planned for the day.

Electric Drivetrain

Most travel trailers need a weight-distribution hitch to maintain control of the RV. It’s a safety feature when towing. However, there is no need for a weight-distribution hitch on the eStream.

The advanced sensors improve stability on their own, making towing simpler and more comfortable. The roofline is also clean and sleek, which improves aerodynamics and efficiency. So, whether your eStream is connected to another EV or a standing vehicle, you’ll experience a smoother ride.

Self Propelling

Built-in motors propel the trailer, which results in the ability to travel farther. By moving itself forward, the eStream assists the tow vehicle and reduces drag. This is a huge advancement for RVers who hope to tow with electric vehicles.

The smart, all-electric chassis and lithium batteries also improve towing range and gas mileage. This means fewer stops on travel days and more time for adventure. According to Thor, the eStream has a projected range of approximately 300 miles.

Intuitive User Interface 

The high-capacity lithium-ion batteries mean you can go anywhere on your journey. The digital interface tells you how many miles you have left before your next charge.

It also informs you how much energy you’re generating, how much energy you’ve used, and how much energy you still have stored. For travelers looking to boondock for long periods, the eStream is here to make your dreams a reality.

The intelligent voice control also allows you to simply speak commands to Alexa. Dim the lights or find out how much power you have remaining just by speaking. The eStream is truly the first of its kind and what travelers in the 21st Century have been wanting.

Are RVs becoming too technologically advanced? Some RVers say the answer is yes.

When Is the eStream Coming Out?

There has been no release date. Technically, the eStream is just a prototype. However, the RV industry expects to see Airstream producing these electric travel trailers soon.

In addition, Thor also introduced the Vision Vehicle, a concept van that features touchscreen displays and a power management system. The Florida Super Show was buzzing with excitement over these two concepts and Winnebago’s partnership with Lightning eMotors to showcase its e-RV concept.

We don’t know when any of these EV RV models will be mass-produced, but it’s clear that the RV industry is moving into an emissions-free future.

Concept of EV charing, electric vehicle.

How Much Will the eStream Cost?

Airstreams are on the higher-end of the travel trailer spectrum. They’re expensive but rightly so.

The quality and craftsmanship of an Airstream are top-of-the-line. The company has a loyal following of Airstreamists and has situated itself as an icon in the RV industry and American culture.

Although we don’t know how much the eStream will cost, we can guess based on the current prices of Airstream travel trailers. A 2023 Airstream Classic 30RB is listed on RV Trader for over $180,000. A 2023 Airstream International 27FB is listed for around $110,000.

Knowing the quality and innovation of the eStream, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be spending over $200,000 to enjoy this electric RV.

The Future of Battery Electric Camping Is Here

The future of camping is exciting! From Winnebago to Thor, the RV industry is moving forward with new technologies to make traveling easier and more convenient. Purists may not appreciate the changes, while environmentalists will embrace the concepts.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, change is happening. Electric RVs will become mainstream soon.

Will you be jumping in and joining the craze?

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