A couple lives and travels in a converted bus, known as a skoolie.

Who Is Off Grid Skoolie (Chris Penn)?

If you ever rode a school bus as a kid, you may have imagined yourself driving the bus. However, you probably didn’t imagine that you were living on the bus as well.

Chris Penn can show you how to convert an old school bus into an off-grid Skoolie. Let’s look at how Chris is not just transforming school buses, but the conversion community as well!

A couple lives and travels in a converted bus, known as a skoolie.

What Is a Skoolie? 

A Skoolie is a renovated school bus, which people typically use as a residence. It’s like a homemade motorhome.

You don’t need a towing vehicle, but some travelers will tow a car behind their Skoolie so they can adventure in places that might not be safe or possible with their Skoolie.

Many RV parks and some private campgrounds prohibit Skoolies. Having an off-grid Skoolie can allow adventurers to travel to fantastic places and avoid these parks and campgrounds.

A custom build can provide practically unlimited possibilities. Whether you need a Skoolie with multiple bunk beds or a large kitchen, your only limit is your budget and imagination.

This family of 5 lives in their gorgeous school bus conversion.

What Is It Like Living in a Skoolie?

Living in a Skoolie can be an adventurous lifestyle. Like many RVs, things tend to shift or break as they travel down the road.

Living in a Skoolie requires the owners to be flexible and understand that they likely have an endless to-do list regarding repairs and maintenance. Some tasks will be larger than others, but they ultimately make your experience of living in a Skoolie more comfortable.

Living in a Skoolie can be a fantastic way to live. They’re relatively spacious and have the power to take you to some pretty epic places.

If you enjoy traveling the open roads and don’t mind the slower pace, living in a Skoolie can be a great way to see and experience new and exciting adventures around the country.

You’ve likely heard of Lollapalooza, but have you heard of Skooliepalooza?

Who Is the Off Grid Skoolie – Chris Penn? 

Chris Penn is a digital nomad and entrepreneur. He’s traveled the country for over a decade. He’s passionate about converting buses for others after renovating his 2002 Bluebird school bus into the perfect home on wheels for him and his dog Kobe.

When Chris isn’t renovating school buses into off-grid Skoolies, he’s creating content for his YouTube channel, “Zeppelin Travels.”

A woman stands beside an old bus that has been converted into a Skoolie out in the desert.

What Services Does Chris Penn Provide? 

Chris Penn does video production, social media content creation/management, and inside sales lead prospecting/real estate media production. He uses his production and managing skills to make incredible videos and content for his clients.

His 95+ million YouTube views, 2.5+ million monthly views, $4.1+ million commissionable real estate prospects are the results of his hard work. As a freelancer, Chris strives to ensure all his clients are satisfied. Interested clients can reach out to Chris through his website to discuss any project ideas they might hire him to produce or manage.

What Is Tiny Home Tours? 

Tiny Home Tours is a YouTube channel initially started by Chris Penn. The channel shares tiny homes, school bus conversions, camper vans, ambulance, and box conversions. It also covers RVs, shipping containers, and practically any other type of vehicle you can imagine.

The channel enjoys sharing how adventurers make the lifestyle work for them. Whether that means modifications to their vehicles or how they afford it, you’ll find much information regarding tiny home living. You can learn a tremendous amount, whether you’re an experienced traveler or considering the lifestyle.

An off grid Skoolie parked at the bottom of a mountain range out in the wilderness.

What Is Chris Penn Doing Today?

Chris Penn spends his time renovating multiple school buses into Skoolies for people who dream about living in a tiny home. He shares seven videos every week of people living the lifestyle and hopes they inspire more people to join them.

He loves adding buses to his fleet of “Zeppelins” and helping others live in off-grid Skoolies. You can keep up with him on his blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

How Much Does a Skoolie Conversion Cost? 

The cost of a Skoolie conversion can vary greatly. However, you should expect to spend at least $20,000 to $30,000. The cost of a school bus can be $2,500 to $10,000, but you’ll likely need a considerable amount of money for the conversion.

Great ideas for budget-friendly tiny house living in a Skoolie.

You’ll need to have a plan for upgrading electrical, water lines and storage, and any mechanical items you’ll need to address. When you consider the cost of appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washer/dryers, it’s easy to see how these conversions can get pricey.

The more luxurious you want your Skoolie, the more it’s going to cost you. You also need to factor in paying for any projects or jobs out of your skill level.

Check out these 5 amazing video tours of Skoolie renovations.

Can You Get An Auto Loan for An Off Grid Skoolie?

A Skoolie is a mixture between a home and a vehicle; however, you can’t apply for a mortgage or an auto loan. You’ll need to apply for a personal loan or have a high amount of cash on hand to fund the process of converting a school bus into a Skoolie. 

Is An Off Grid Skoolie Worth It? 

A Skoolie can be an excellent way to grow your DIY skills and travel the country. You’ll often have plenty of room inside and the freedom to customize your home on wheels to fit your personality and preferences. You’ll want to watch how much you’re spending, however, because the finances can quickly add up.

Would you ever consider tackling a bus conversion?

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