5 RVing YouTubers Share Their Best RVing Tips

RV sales have skyrocketed in recent years. Many first-time RVers are purchasing RVs and looking for tips and tricks from experienced RVers. Luckily for them, YouTube hosts a slew of full-time RVers documenting their travels.

Let’s look at five RVing YouTubers sharing their best RVing tips!

New to RVing? YouTube Is a Treasure Trove of Tips and Inspiration

YouTube’s vast library can provide great RVing info, especially for newbies. Find videos on towing, maintenance, RV gear, and so much more. Perhaps you can spend your next rainy day studying up this way. 

Major RV companies, seasoned veterans, and other RVers all post on YouTube. You might even discover exciting destinations while picking up knowledge. Be sure to subscribe and comment to let the creators know you value their content.

RV Lifestyle Shares Hacks, Mods, and RV Life Tips

About the video: In this video, Mike and Jen share a dozen of their best tips and tricks, gathered over the past eight years of traveling. These tips and tricks can help you keep your RV safe and running efficiently. They share products like surge protectors for dirty power at campground pedestals, as well as lubes and seal conditioners to keep mechanics working. The products they list could make your next RV trip a bit smoother. 

About RV Lifestyle

Mike and Jen are long-time journalists who now run a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast about RVing. They offer a wealth of information invaluable to RVers of all sorts. They regularly do live chats to build relationships with their subscribers and provide a great balance of education and humor. 

Keep Your Daydream Shares RV Newbie Tips

About the video: This video by Keep Your Daydream has racked up nearly 2 million views! In it, Marc and Tricia share that they’ve received many emails from newbie RVers seeking help getting started. Their simple tips can inform without overwhelming new RVers. Their top 10 list can start you off on your RVing adventure.

About Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream is one of the most popular RVing channels on YouTube. They’ve traveled all around the U.S. and beyond in various RVs. Marc and Tricia have built an RVing empire through YouTube and E3 camping, which they co-own. They share wisdom, travel experiences, and community via their videos. Their popular Summer to Remember initiative challenges families to make the most of each summer of travel. 

Creativity RV Shares RV Living Self Defense Tips

About the video: At the time of recording, Robin traveled alone. Because she often camped off-grid and in remote places, she prepared to protect herself from both animals and humans. Robin shares how she built up an arsenal of self-defense gear over her time on the road. These finds could aid couples and families as well as solo adventurers. 

About Creativity RV 

Robin of Creativity RV breaks the mold when it comes to RVing YouTube channels. For four years, Robin traveled the country alone while her boyfriend, Doug, stayed home. It wasn’t until Doug began working from home due to COVID that he joined Robin on the road full-time. 

Robin fills her videos with tips and tricks. She creates content on safety, products, and completing everyday tasks in an RV.

Boondocking Tips and Tricks for Newbies by Love Your RV

About the video: In this video, Ray shares some tips and tricks for boondocking. He covers some of the upgrades and modifications they’ve made to allow them to camp more remotely for longer. He gives detailed information on power, water, waste, heating, and cooling. If you’re planning to boondock, this is a must-watch. 

About Love Your RV

Ray and his wife Anne travel full-time in their RV. He creates videos about tips, modifications, reviews, and so much more. They’ve logged more than 80,000 miles in their nine years of traveling. 

Ray offers honest reviews of products, documentation of repairs and modifications, and travelogues from the road. His most popular video, “My 10 Must-Have RV Gadgets,” has racked up more than one million views!

RV Travel Day Tips from Less Junk, More Journey

About the video: Travel days can be challenging, especially while traveling as a family. Nathan and Marissa share their best tips for RV travel days as a family of four. For example, while having a plan is great, you should have some flexibility. 

Nathan shares how their extra fuel tank in the bed of their truck has allowed them to travel farther. They encourage families to learn what travel style works for them and prepare for things to change over time.

About Less Junk, More Journey

Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk, More Journey travel full-time with their two children. They value traveling with each other but also meeting other families on the road. They travel for a good portion of the year and spend the rest of the time at their home base in Tennessee.

As you can see, there’s an incredible wealth of information on YouTube for RVers by RVers. You’ll never run out of great content to enjoy to grow your knowledge and skills. What are some of your favorite RVing YouTube channels? 

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