MIA RV YouTubers Return to Their Channel

As more and more people dive into the world of RVing, other travelers step away. Fate Unbound full-timed for several years before changing out their RV keys for a set of house keys in Seattle. 

However, these popular YouTubers didn’t stay gone for long. Let’s look into their story and discover why they’ve sold it all again to hit the road!

Who Is Fate Unbound?

David and Roe are Fate Unbound. After selling everything they owned, they hit the road in 2017 to travel.

Since they hit social media, Fate Unbound has gathered over 131,000 YouTube subscribers, over 4,700 Facebook followers, and over 6,800 Instagram followers.

Fate Unbound started their full-time journey in a Keystone Springdale travel trailer and explored the country for about five years in this same camper.

However, stress and anxiety started mounting after so many years on the road.

When Did Fate Unbound Quit Full-Time RVing?

In mid-2022, Fate Unbound decided their full-time RV journey had ended. They posted their last YouTube video on May 25, 2022, about the all-new Lectric XPremium eBike and disappeared from their account for over a year.

But on September 24, 2023, David returned to the channel with a new video, sharing that he and Roe had decided to return to the full-time RV lifestyle.

Why Did Fate Unbound Stop Traveling Full-Time?

The main frustration was the stress of finding a cell signal for work. Because Fate Unbound enjoys boondocking and getting off-grid, finding campsites with a cell signal was problematic.

This meant they had to leave the campsites they wanted to stay at because there was no signal. If they arrived at a site on Saturday, they’d have to travel again on Sunday to find a new location. There was no day of rest.

They also experienced YouTube burn-out and needed a break. Having problems with finding a cell signal added to this frustration. Also, their primary camera broke in February/March 2022.

It’s a costly piece of equipment, and breaking it just deflated them and added to the overall stress and anxiety of full-time traveling. David shared with Roe that he was done with this lifestyle.

Why Did Fate Unbound Return to Full-Time RVing?

However, full-time RVing and traveling are their way of life. The stresses of full-time RVing were too much.

But then, after living the traditional life in a house and city job, they decided the nomadic life was better for them. They love traveling and don’t feel at peace in the noise of city life. Being in nature feeds their souls.

Fate Unbound now has flexibility in remote areas with Starlink, so they don’t have to worry much about having a cell signal. They just need open skies.

Returning to the flexibility of YouTube provided a welcome change because as they became bored with the rigid day-to-day routine of the traditional work life.

The burnout disappeared, especially now that they have more reliable internet.

A couple sitting in camping chairs outside their RV looking at the sunset.

When Did Fate Unbound Return to Full-Timing?

Roe hit the road in April 2023. David joined Roe in June. He stayed behind to sell household items and the fuel-efficient car they purchased after settling into the traditional lifestyle.

They didn’t post their video until September because they weren’t sure they wanted to return to YouTube.

However, David loves making videos, so he decided it was time to start the channel again.

When Roe set out in April, she had an Axis Class A motorhome. When David joined her, he brought along their travel trailer.

So why the two RVs?

David shares that they got used to having more stuff when renting a house in Seattle. They both had their own spaces and offices in the house and wanted to keep that on the road.

Having two rigs is an experiment that Fate Unbound is toying with. They’re learning the challenges and benefits of having two RVs on the road.

Will they keep them both? That is yet to be decided!

See what other RV YouTubers say about what RV life is really like!

Are Other Full-Time RVers Quitting This Lifestyle?

Other full-time RVers have left the RV lifestyle over the last two years. Crazy Family Adventure, Changing Lanes, and Family of Nomads are included in that list.

We can share from our personal experience that we wanted more stability. We needed a place to decompress and enjoy being out of the RV for a while.

Also, while we loved full-timing, we realized we needed to separate work from play. RV Miles echoed this sentiment about their recent decision to settle down.

We wanted to take vacations, enjoy the RV adventure, and not have to work while traveling. It got exhausting.

Finally, navigating the pandemic opened our eyes to how vulnerable we felt not to have a place to call home. Other full-time RVers have also seen the shift in the industry since the pandemic.

The full campgrounds and boondocking locations, the need to plan weeks and months in advance, and the busyness of RVing have all become too much for some full-timers. 

We’re Glad to See Fate Unbound on the Road Again

Fate Unbound has sold it all yet again and hit the road. We’re happy that David and Roe are excited about adventuring again.

They’re in their “happy place” in nature, and David is re-energized to start the YouTube videos again. 

Did they make the wrong decision? We wouldn’t say so. They needed a break to find their love for travel again, and they found it!

Have you ever become discontent with your travel lifestyle?

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