RV Hacks Are Overrated, Just Use Your Common Sense

“RV hacks” has become a bit of a buzzword. It’s fun to find new tips and tricks and share them all over social media. However, this can also complicate otherwise simple tasks.

Let’s learn how sometimes the best “hack” is plain old common sense.

RV Maintenance Hacks? Use Common Sense Instead

No hack can take the place of regular preventative maintenance. Additionally, if a hack creates a shortcut that treats a symptom instead of a cause, you’ll find yourself with more extensive problems later. Common sense goes a long way in life, RV maintenance included. 

RV Appliances

The interior of your RV has a lot of built-in appliances. You might not love having to maintain them all, but keeping them in working order will make your life more convenient.

Using common sense and keeping your appliances clean should be your first step. Gas stoves can easily get clogged with gunk. No special equipment or unique hacks are needed to wipe down your stove components after use. 

RV refrigerators require a bit more maintenance and care than your typical residential refrigerator, but not much. Defrosting and removing any ice build-up will keep the refrigerator working properly. It’s also important not to overfill your refrigerator and allow the air to circulate. 

RV Systems

There are more components than you may realize on your RV. Simple items such as your holding tanks and leveling jacks all need attention from time to time. Performing routine maintenance on these components can save RVers from frustrating and costly repairs later. Using hacks to avoid maintenance on these items often leads to more work, which negates the purpose of the shortcuts.

Routinely lubricating your slide-outs and leveling system can keep them running smoothly and reduce the chance of them getting stuck. Use convenient, pre-portioned holding tank treatment packs to keep your tanks clear of clogs. Sanitizing freshwater tanks prevents bacterial growth.

Regular Engine and Tire Maintenance

If your RV has an engine, it’s essential not to put off routine maintenance or necessary repairs. It can be tempting to stretch out that oil change to save a few bucks, but that can come back to bite you. We all want to save money, but it’s vital not to skip essential maintenance in the name of saving a few dollars. 

All RVs have tires that need maintenance. Some hacks might suggest utilizing tires that aren’t rated for your RV or using your tires for longer than intended. Common sense tells us otherwise; listen to that voice of reason. Only use the proper tires for your specific situation, and be sure to inflate them properly. Visually check your tires before each trip. No one wants to experience a blowout.

Forget RV Storage Hacks; Optimize Your Tiny Space

You may be surprised at the number of tools you already own to help you organize. You likely have unused storage containers tucked away. Reusing items you already have saves you a trip to the store and some money. The best hack might be sitting in your closet already.  

Tips to Make Living in an RV Easier

Living in an RV can be a grand adventure. It can also be frustrating and challenging. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite tricks to help make life in an RV easier so you can enjoy your travels even more. 

Keep It Clean and Organized

It’s easy to think that because an RV is small, it requires minimal cleaning. There is indeed less surface space to clean, but clutter adds up quickly. Get in the habit of immediately dealing with messes instead of putting them off for later. 

Keeping your belongings organized can make all the difference in a small space. Ensure everything has a place and keep your storage spaces tidy.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Organizing your maintenance tasks can help ensure you aren’t missing something. Keep a log of all maintenance performed and a schedule for when items need care. Reference your records from time to time to ensure you aren’t letting something slip through the cracks. 

Use Checklists

Keeping a task list for travel days is especially helpful. In the excitement of breaking camp and preparing for a day on the road, it’s easy to skip a step. Bypassing a necessary task while hooking up and preparing for travel can be costly and potentially dangerous. Having a departure checklist can help avoid that situation. 

It’s just as essential to have a camp setup checklist. If you’re in a hurry, you can miss critical steps. Skipping over steps might mean something breaks or is overlooked.

Understand How Everything Works

When you first purchase your RV, be sure the dealer gives you a complete rundown of the systems, as well as how all appliances and features work. Afterward, book a trial trip not far from home. During this trip, test everything out and get a feel for your new RV. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

Knowing how your RV functions can make it easier to catch a problem before it gets worse. When issues inevitably do pop up, you’ll be more prepared to deal with them. Troubleshooting is more manageable when you know the basics. 

Owning an RV can be a lot of work. Thankfully, when you’re prepared and use common sense, you’ll be out exploring far more than those who have “hacked” their maintenance. What routine tasks do you perform on your RV that help keep your life more manageable?

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