Who Is Fate Unbound?

David and Roe Hiser of Fate Unbound are full-time RVers, travel enthusiasts, and animal lovers who are on a mission to inspire others to catch their dreams.

If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with your 9 to 5 job,  or the have-fun-later life scenario, the Hiser’s story will resonate with you. 

The Backstory of Fate Unbound

The Hiser’s started their full-time journey back in 2017 when they quit their jobs, sold their house and possessions, and bought a Keystone Springdale Travel Trailer. What prompted this major life change? Simply put, David and Roe felt trapped by their “normal life.” 

Their 9-5 jobs left them feeling disheartened and lost. Was this really all there was to life, sitting in a cubicle until they were 65? David and Roe weren’t going to let that be their fate. So they cooked up an idea: full-time RV living.

They could live unbound and free,  travel 100% of the time, and never wonder “what if” again.

Now, they crisscross North America in their travel trailer, mostly boondocking, living a life they truly love and sharing their journey on YouTube. 


As animal lovers, David and Roe’s RV life wouldn’t be complete without their pets. They travel with their two cats, Butters and Alice, their German Rottweiler, Sweetie, and their two bonded rabbits, Min and Tat, who seem to love the RV life, too.

What Type of RV Does Fate Unbound Use?

Fate Unbound travel in a 2017 Keystone Springdale 2020QB travel trailer. The trailer is 24.8 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10.5 feet tall with a GVWR of 6,500 pounds. There are no slide-outs on this trailer. 

Despite its relatively small size, the Springdale has plenty of tank capacity. The freshwater tank is 52 gallons, the grey water tank is 42 gallons, and the black tank is 34 gallons. Plus, David and Roe are able to carry 2 20-pound propane tanks for running things like their furnace and fridge when needed.

The Springdale also has ample bulk storage space, including pass-through storage on the exterior and storage under the bed. 

Their travel trailer has a queen-size bed with closets on each side. And it has a dry bath with a composting toilet. The composting toilet was one of the aftermarket upgrades David installed on the RV.

Fate Unbound RV Upgrades

The composting toilet eliminated the need for a black tank. So, David was able to combine the grey and black tanks, giving them a whopping 76 gallons of greywater capacity for boondocking!

The kitchen is equipped with a regular microwave and a 3-burner stove and oven. It also has an 8 cu ft refrigerator/freezer that can run off propane or electricity. Originally, the Springdale 2020QB came with a large u-shaped dinette.

However, Roe and David tore out the dinette and replaced it with a more functional desk for working on the road. Now, they use a fold-down table tucked in next to the desk for eating meals. 

Another one of the major modifications Fate Unbound has made to their RV is the solar system. David installed 670 watts worth of Go Power! Overlander-E solar panels on the roof of the travel trailer. Additionally, he added a Go Power! GP-PSK-130 130 Watt portable folding solar panel for boosting their solar output from the ground. The solar system uses Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, a Go Power! GP-IC3000-12 inverter/charger, and an OutBack Power FM60-150VDC FLEXMax 60 charge controller.

Some of the other smaller modifications to the Springdale include an Oxygenics shower head to increase water pressure, day/night roller shades to replace the original mini-blinds and a MaxxAir fan above the shower. 

Top 3 YouTube Videos from Fate Unbound

From RV upgrades to RV travel, the Fate Unbound YouTube channel covers all things RV living. These are their most-watched videos:

Harassed at a Free Campsite

While boondocking on National Forest land, David and Roe were harassed by someone who lived in the area. This person insisted they needed to leave.

The Hiser’s share how they handled this situation and give some general advice on what you can do if it ever happens to you.

Was It WORTH IT?? – All Our RV Upgrades Review

Roe and David have made over 10 upgrades to their RV and, they cover them all in this video. 

They share their reasons for the upgrades, the products used as well as the cost of each one. 

Honda EU2200i Propane Conversion Kit

In this video, the Hiser’s explain why and how to convert a Honda EU2200i gasoline generator to propane.

Specifically, they show you how to use a Hutch Mountain Tri-Fuel conversion kit to get the job done!

Where Else Can You Follow Fate Unbound

If living an Unbound life interests you, David and Roe share a wealth of information about their RV life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

They also have a Patreon for anyone who wants to support their travels and “say thanks” for the amazing YouTube videos they produce.

If You Love RVing, You Need to Stay Informed

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