A dark silhouette of an RV against a dark pink sunset.

Who Is RV Miles?

If you follow the RV industry influencers, you’ve probably heard of Keep Your Daydream, Less Junk, More Journey, or Changing Lanes. These families record their travels and produce videos on YouTube to help RV enthusiasts. 

However, if you prefer podcasts over YouTube videos, check out one more family for RV industry news, tips and tricks, and campground reviews: RV Miles. Let’s take a closer look at why you should add their podcasts to your playlist.

A dark silhouette of an RV against a dark pink sunset.

The Backstory of RV Miles

Jason and Abby Epperson set off on their full-time RV living adventure with their three boys in 2016. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, they still consider the midwest their home. 

In 2016, their landlord told them he would raise their rent. Jason worked two full-time jobs and rarely saw the boys, so they decided they needed a change. 

Since Jason and Abby both had backgrounds in theater, they had already started a website for the Chicago theater industry. They began to realize they could do that from anywhere and decided to build up that business so they could travel.

These popular podcasters produce three different podcasts weekly. The first is called The RV Miles Podcast and focuses on their travels and experiences. It includes campground reviews and tips and tricks for the RV lifestyle. 

Their second podcast, America’s National Parks Podcast, focuses on the history and stories of the National Parks System. Recently, they launched a third podcast called The See America Podcast. These episodes tell the stories behind popular destinations in the United States. One of their big sponsors is L.L. Bean.

A paved road winds through a rocky mountain range.

What Type of Vehicle Does RV Miles Travel With? 

RV Miles first drove a converted school bus that they purchased in 2016. They gutted the interior and renovated it to fit their needs. It took six months to finish what they called Wander Bus. Then they hit the road. 

The Eppersons lived in the bus for three years before saying goodbye and purchasing a truck and travel trailer. They recently upgraded to a fifth wheel manufactured by Forest River: Sabre 37FLL. 

Take the 30 second tour of RV Miles’ rig.

Forest River actually put the Eppersons into the model to receive feedback about the unit and publicity as Jason and Abby share their experiences living in it.

The Sabre 37FLL works well for their family because of the space it provides their growing boys. The loft spaces create separate sleeping and living spaces for them. The front living area is also much larger than their previous travel trailer. 

As their family grew, Jason and Abby needed to find a rig to make this RV lifestyle work. They love the space that the Sabre 37FLL provides for their family.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from RV Miles

RV Miles approaches their podcasts a little differently than other influencers. They record some of their podcasts live on YouTube before posting them on podcast apps. 

You may find some videos entertaining as you laugh at the interactions between husband and wife. But others remain very informative as you learn more about changes to the RV industry or camping gear reviews. Here are their top three videos from YouTube.

#1. New Plans for National Park Campgrounds

With almost 346,000 views, this video from October 2020 is about the National Park Service strategy for the future. Jason gives a history of campgrounds at national parks from when they began in the 1920s and 1930s until the 1960s when they introduced visitor centers.

As RVing and tent camping become more popular, the campgrounds at national parks need to change. With the introduction of the Great American Outdoors Act, the national parks have received billions of dollars to address the backlog of maintenance issues. Decades-old structures need serious repairs. 

The National Park Service developed a plan that the public can comment on. It mentions that campgrounds should be at least 45 ft long to accommodate larger rigs and have 50 amp hook-ups. 

Jason believed some of the best ideas in the plan included how to make campground spaces available to everyone, including campers with disabilities. The money will also help upgrade facilities to provide more modern services.

#2. Is This a Terrible Time to Buy an RV?

With almost 244,000 views, this video from October 2020 is about buying new RVs. Many people believe that this is a terrible time to buy an RV. Instead, people should wait until 2022, when these new owners want to get rid of their RVs. 

Jason doesn’t think we’ll see a huge influx of gently used RVs to the market. He believes people will keep their RV and continue road trips for several years to come. Additionally, these new owners will be underwater on the loan if they sell it too soon.

If you want an RV, do you want to wait? This is the question Jason asks in this video. He says you may have more limited options and pay a higher price than you would have two years ago, but do you want to put off traveling for another year?

#3. Kicked Out of Montrose San Juan RV Resort for Receiving a Package

With almost 208,000 views, this video from July 2020 is a live video showing the Eppersons packing up and leaving Montrose San Juan RV Resort after being kicked out by police. This campground didn’t allow campers to receive packages, but Jason missed this rule in the information packet. 

He ordered a FedEx package, and the campground rejected it upon delivery. The FedEx delivery driver called Jason to come outside the campground gate to receive it. Later that day, the campground staff emailed Jason telling him they had to leave the premises. 

After Jason went to the office to confront the manager about what happened, the manager called the police. Apparently, this had happened before. A nearby campground manager welcomed the Eppersons and told them the manager at San Juan was crazy.

Since the recording of this video, new managers have taken over San Juan. They then reached out to the Eppersons to welcome them back in 2021.

Jason and Abby asked their viewers who left poor reviews on their behalf to go back and delete them or replace them with positive reviews. They didn’t want the new managers to suffer the consequences of the previous owner’s actions.

Where Else Can You Follow RV Miles?

Besides their RV Miles podcast, you can follow the Epperson family several other ways. They have a personal Instagram account and two other podcasts already mentioned. 

You can follow their YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Facebook group, all called RV Miles, to keep up with the latest industry news and reviews.

Our Wandering Family

Jason and Abby’s personal Instagram account is called Our Wandering Family. It’s where they share their experiences living in their RV. 

They focus less on informing other RVers about news, reviews, and tips. You’ll see more photos of their boys here and keep up with where they’ve traveled around the country.

See America

You can also follow @seeamerica.travel on Instagram and listen to the See America podcast. This account and podcast, launched in August 2019, shares US travel news and destinations. 

They’ve shared their visits to the 45th Parallel of Latitude, the National Naval Aviation Museum, the Red Rock Amphitheater, and many other popular travel destinations in America.

America’s National Parks Podcast

One recurring topic that the Epperson family has shared is their love for the National Park System. They have an Instagram account called @natlparkpodcast and a podcast dedicated to discussing the history and stories behind these iconic locations. 

If you’re interested in traveling to the different places within the National Park System, you can check out this podcast.

A Great Place to Go for RV Advice

RV Miles has established a loyal following over the years. Their Instagram account has 14.8 thousand followers, and their Facebook group has over 11 thousand members. 

Jason and Abby do a great job informing other travelers of important news in the RV industry and sharing honest feedback about the lifestyle.

If you own an RV, check out RV Miles on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or podcast apps. You can start on their Facebook group, where you can ask questions.

With years of traveling experience, they’ve seen it all. And they genuinely want to help other RVers on their journeys. 

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