A Day In The Life: 5 RV YouTubers Share What RV Life Is Really Like

There are two opposing views of what RV life is like. One side envisions constantly exploring majestic mountain views or photographing bison in an open field.

The other side imagines RV life as being homeless and living in a trailer held together by nothing more than duct tape and bungee cords. Like most things, the reality is found somewhere in the middle.

Today we want to share with you 5 RV YouTubers who share what RV life is really like.

What Is RV Life Really Like?

While there are some incredible benefits to RV life, there are still real-life tasks that every RVer must do. Optimal RV life is a constant balancing act of working and playing. As you’ll see from these 5 YouTubers, it is possible to work and play but toss in some adventure as well.

5 RV YouTubers Share The Realities of RV Life

A Typical Day in RV Life with Getaway Couple

Jason and Rae, from Getaway Couple, have been traveling in their Grand Design Solitude since July 2017. They packed up their RV and left jobs and housing behind to embark on this adventure. You’ll fall in love with their dog, Carmen, who makes appearances in many of their videos. They share their knowledge and experience in their videos and have grown to be a trusted name in the RVing community.

In this video, Jason and Rae take viewers along on an exciting day of chores they’ve been putting off. They share how they still shop for groceries, fuel up, do laundry, and live ordinary lives. It’s a peek behind the lens with an experienced RVing couple that reveals not every day is jam-packed with adventure and that things do go wrong. This video is an excellent example of how they work together to accomplish their tasks, and they are an incredible example for other RVers.

A Day In The Life with All Signs Point West

Summer and Ryan, also known as All Signs Point West, sold everything and moved from a 1500 square foot house to a 69 square foot Shasta. The couple travels with their adorable pug, Mitzi Mae. The couple upgraded from their 69 square foot Shasta to a 29 foot long Class C Shasta Motorhome. Summer and Ryan transform their cookie-cutter RVs into unique living spaces that look incredible but also functional. If you’re a fan of stunning RV renovations, this is the channel for you! 

In this video, Summer and Ryan show viewers how they still work from their rig and their Jeep. Viewers can see that traveling and changing time zones can make working and maintaining a regular schedule a bit difficult. Summer and Ryan also share how they also have to take care of a handful of chores to assist with boondocking. They set an example to viewers on making time for their health by choosing healthy foods and exercising. They end the video by making another healthy choice, going to bed early to get plenty of rest for the next day. 

A Day in the RV LIfe with Luke and Alysha

Luke and Alysha have been traveling Canada in their 23 foot Class C motorhome with their cat, Kitty. Luke and Alysha spend the warmer seasons traveling and exploring. They capture the beauty of lands that many U.S. YouTuber watchers have yet to experience. If you’re looking to check out boondocking locations and national parks north of the United States border, this channel is for you. 

Luke and Alysha share in this video what a typical day in their Class C motorhome. You gain an understanding of why RVers appreciate easy access to dump stations and fresh water for their tanks. Luke and Alysha reveal that full-time RVing means getting excited for simple things that make enjoying the journey a little easier. In this episode, the simple thing was a cell phone mount and charger. They also share a few of their secrets to finding great boondocking spots, which can come in handy for your next trip.

A Rainy Day in the RV Life with Fate Unbound

David and Roe travel with their five furry friends and share their adventures on their channel, Fate Unbound. They worked hard to eliminate debt in their lives but then left wondering what to do next. David had the idea to purchase an RV for the sake of traveling occasionally. Occasionally turned into a crazy idea of selling everything and hitting the road. David has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and it shows in their tips and informational videos. David and Roe know their stuff when it comes to boondocking, RV upgrades, and traveling with pets.

In this video, David and Roe show that there are days where the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you’re stuck inside all day. Fate Unbound uses their rainy day to catch up on chores, work, clean the RV and cuddle with their furry friends. Not every day in full-time RVing will be full of mind-blowing adventures, but a rainy day RVing is still a great day.

Expectations vs. Reality of Full-Time RV Living with Drivin’ and Vibin’

Kyle and Olivia are two musical Alabama natives that run the YouTube channel Drivin’ and Vibin’. They hit the road in September 2015 in their vintage airstream. This couple shares an incredible amount of knowledge with the RVing community through their YouTube channel, social media accounts, and website.

They cover such a broad range of RV informational topics that everyone interested in RVs will enjoy their videos.

In this video, Drivin’ and Vibin’ share the expectations vs. reality of living full-time in an RV. They quickly realized that free wifi means getting what you pay for – it’s not reliable. They share their experiences with finding wifi and staying connected from the road.

Another misconception they discuss is that of cooking or sitting around a campfire every night. In reality, it’s a rare occasion for them to have a fire because they’re not camping. They’re living life differently. Solar power is another topic they discuss, and the realities that their solar setup would not be enough.

Due to the lack of solar, they found themselves staying in campgrounds more than they had expected. Kyle and Olivia share the learning curves that many RVers experience, whether it’s solar, community, or adjusting to life on the road.


A common theme in these five RVing YouTuber videos is that what you see in the videos is not the whole picture. Behind each of these channels’ lenses are regular ordinary people with incredible talents to document and share their journeys. Maybe you’ll be lucky and score a campsite next to one of them at your next campground.

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