Exteriori sign for Iowa 80, the World's largest truck stop

The World’s Largest Truck Stop Is in Iowa

Generally, truck stops aren’t worth mentioning. Pulling into a typical truck stop simply isn’t notable. You pull in, fuel up, and get back on the road. None of that rings true about the Iowa 80 truck stop.

Today, we’ll look at the world’s largest truck stop and why you might pop in if it’s on your route. 

Living a whole day at the World’s largest truck stop!

Where Can You Find the World’s Largest Truck Stop?

The World’s largest truck stop is in far east-central Iowa. The truck stop is along I-80, about 20 minutes west of Davenport.

I-80 is a major interstate that runs from east to west from New Jersey to San Francisco, including Iowa. The I-80 truck stop sits in a central location, making it an ideal place to stretch your legs. 

Exteriori sign for Iowa 80, the World's largest truck stop
photo by Beatrice Murch, modified by Xiaphias, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just How Big Is This Truckstop?

When we say that this truck stop is large, we mean it. This isn’t the standard truck stop that you find everywhere else in the country.

The I-80 truck stop is 225 acres, 75 of which are developed. There’s a retail building that stretches almost 100,000 square feet; that’s a lot of space! There are also 900 truck parking spots.  

What You’ll Find at Iowa 80

While the truck stop’s size is remarkable, it isn’t the only reason to visit. Various services and experiences make the Iowa 80 truck stop a must-see. Check out a few of the great things you can expect to find when you take a break here. 

Signs from the highway of the Iowa 80 truck stop during the day.
formulanone from Huntsville, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Health Services

Those looking to take care of their body while visiting the Iowa 80 truck stop will have plenty of options. If your back seems misaligned from your long road trip, a chiropractor is available for appointments or walk-in patients.

There’s a gym where you can work on cardio and weight training. There’s even a dental office.


Being on the road can get boring, especially when driving long stretches in the midwest, such as Iowa. If you need some form of entertainment to break up your drive, the Iowa 80 truck stop has you covered.

There’s a movie theater with a large screen and comfortable seating. You can request movies at the front desk. Check out the small library if you’d prefer to get some reading done.

Visitors who find themselves intrigued by the trucking world will enjoy the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. Some great exhibits include vintage vehicles, including vintage toy trucks and a 1979 Jeep. View the museum for free.

Additionally, there’s a community room available to truckers. This room features seating and a TV. The area is intended to give those who work on the open road the opportunity to socialize with other truckers while having a comfortable place to take a break. 

Inside the Iowa 80 Truck Stop is a museum with trucks on display.
Marshall Astor modified by Xiaphias, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hygiene Services

There are several hygiene services available at this massive truck stop. There are private showers, which both professional drivers and those passing through can use. Or do a quick load of wash at the laundry facility.

There’s even a barbershop on-site for those who need it. This is especially useful for those on long trips and who haven’t been able to find a barber as a part of their travels. If you’re traveling with a pet, visit the dog wash, open 24 hours a day. 

Truck Maintenance

Unfortunately, sometimes your vehicle needs some assistance while on a trip. Thankfully, the Iowa 80 truck stop has you covered there too! There’s a full-service center for trucks that has certified mechanics. Trucks can a good scrub thanks to the truckomat. 

The truck stop has a fuel center that makes fueling up easy for trucks, passenger vehicles, and RVs. Both diesel and gasoline are available as well as E-charging stations. A Cat Scale is available for those needing to weigh their vehicle or trailer. 

A trucker drivers down a busy road.

What Are the Dining Options at the World’s Largest Truck Stop?

If you find yourself passing the Iowa 80 truck stop and happen to be hungry, you’re in luck. There are plenty of food options to fit any appetite. While here, your food options include Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Orange Julius, and Caribou. There is also a 300-seat restaurant named Iowa 80 Kitchen. The Wendy’s and Iowa 80 Kitchen are both open 24 hours. 

A trucker walks from her parked vehicle at a rest stop.

How Much Does It Cost for the Services at Iowa 80?

You might be surprised to discover that many Iowa 80 truck stop experiences come at no cost. You can attend the annual Jamboree event for no charge. Visit the onsite museum and the super truck showroom for free as well. 

If you’d like to experience some of the more personalized services, such as the on-site chiropractor, dentist, or barber, there will be a cost. Prices for these services aren’t posted, so if you’re interested, you can either speak to someone in person while there or make a quick phone call to get pricing information.  

Should You Stop at the World’s Largest Truck Stop?

If you find yourself traveling along I-80, it’s certainly worth stopping in and experiencing what this truck stop has to offer. You have to pause to refuel your vehicle and body anyway; it might as well be here. You’ll quickly understand why many can’t pass through the area without stopping. 

Inside the store at Iowa 80, the World's largest truck stop, are a plethora of items you might need on the road.
Grendelkhan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fuel, Snacks, and Rest

Truck stops are essential to both travelers and truckers. Having a safe and clean place to get fuel, snacks, and rest can help get you back on the road safely. You’ll be ready to tackle the rest of your drive.

Do you find yourself choosing truck stops as a place to refuel? Have you had the chance to experience the Iowa 80 truck stop?

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