RV YouTubers arguing with each other at a campground.

Are RV YouTubers Turning Against Each Other?

The internet can all too often feel like the wild west. Every now and then, like a couple of angry cowboys, we’ll see RV YouTubers taking shots at each other on their channels.

We understand that everyone has different personalities and may not be best friends with each other.

However, what we’re seeing feels a lot more like middle school all over again.

Today, we’ll look at the drama in the RV community unfolding on social media platforms.

Let’s get the drama started!

Two RV YouTubers Share Frustrations With Each Other  

Recently, Endless RVing released their video “Why RV YouTubers Are DESTROYING The Community With Trash Talk!”

In the video, they shared their frustrations on how negative some in the community are online and the toxicity that’s spreading. They share some theories behind the negativity and state they’re taking a stand against the behavior.

However, three days later, Life Redesigned must have taken offense to the video and released “We Are RV YouTubers DESTROYING The Community WITH THE TRUTH.”

In the video, Bob comes in hot and takes a shot at Izzy for wearing sunglasses and hats regularly. He also mentions a post the couple has pinned in the comments of their videos.

While not mentioning each other’s names, it’s evident that a beef has developed between the two channels.

We hope the two can work things out, but unfortunately, it’s not looking good.

Are RV YouTubers Bullying Each Other?

Unfortunately, bullying between RV YouTubers isn’t uncommon. Rivalries can occur for several reasons.

Sadly, many lose focus and make emotional decisions that can impact their channels and the community.

Content creators often forget that the individuals running other channels are like them. They’re normal humans with feelings, emotions, and many of the same insecurities.

The bullying that often goes back and forth is typically a defensive mechanism to protect themselves from being hurt.

Why Are RV YouTubers Turning on Each Other?

Typically, there are several reasons why RV YouTubers turn on each other. Let’s look at a few of the most common reasons why they turn on each other.


One of the biggest reasons RV Youtubers turn on each other is because they see each other as competition. They’re fighting for the attention and favor of viewers.

The longer they can keep your attention and get you to engage, the better their channel performs. They need to do anything possible to appease the algorithm gods.

While there are infinite possibilities for creating content, many of these creators touch on the same topics. Seeing a similar video from another channel outperform your video can be frustrating. While a healthy dose of competition can be good, it can also go south quickly.

Differing Content Styles

Creating content for YouTube is an art form, meaning everyone will go about it differently. If you gave Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh the same colors to paint a picture, they’d create two different masterpieces.

Neither one is the “right” style, and both are unique. Those who enjoy art could appreciate both.

Unfortunately, many YouTubers forget this. They buy into the idea that there’s only one way to make videos or grow a brand.

This often leads to them thinking that anything different from them is wrong or idiotic. However, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

An RV influencer couple recording a video on their phone.

Personality Conflicts

Most of us learned long ago that we won’t be besties with everybody. Some people are loud and full of energy, and others are quiet and calmer. Neither personality is the “right” one.

However, sometimes personalities conflict, and if creators don’t keep themselves in check, it can cause problems.

If one person enjoys wearing sunglasses or hats in their video, even if they are a 50-year-old man, then they’re free to do so. 

Monetization and Sponsorships

Despite what most people think, most of these content creators aren’t raking in the dough off YouTube ads. The real money comes in the form of sponsorships with big brands.

Some brands pay very handsomely for influencers to promote their products. Additionally, they’ll offer incentives through commissions for sales they generate.

With only so many brands and opportunities, these deals can encourage competition amongst YouTubers. Instead of supporting and lifting each other up, they see one another as enemies.

So, how much does Keep Your Daydream make on YouTube? Let’s find out.

An RV at the beach with a camera and tripod set up for a YouTube video,

Personal and Professional Jealousy

As kids, many of us were jealous of the kids with the cool toys, clothes, and other gadgets we didn’t have.

For the most part, people grow out of this and settle with the fact that everyone’s situation is different. Unfortunately, not every kid learns this lesson.

Instead, they become adults jealous of others for personal or professional success.

In the RV community, it could be their fancy RV or the memories they create in it. Envy can be a powerful emotion and cause intense feelings.


Throughout history, miscommunications have had some severe consequences. Everything from plane crashes to countries going to war. Unfortunately, something as small as a miscommunication or misinterpretation amongst RV YouTubers can cause them to turn against each other.

It can be as small as something they said or how they said it that creates the tension. If the miscommunication isn’t addressed, the pressure will grow and become a bigger problem.

Another reason RV YouTubers are turning against each other is the pressure their audience creates.

As mentioned earlier, creators do whatever they can to capture the attention of their subscribers and viewers. Once they have it, they need to keep it.

This can lead to the “tail wagging the dog,” and the audience significantly influences the creator. They’ll end up saying and doing things they wouldn’t have otherwise done to appease their audience.

Unfortunately, their audience may not know what they’re talking about, or they may form an opinion based on inaccurate information.

As a result, the YouTuber could unnecessarily make enemies with other creators.

Can’t RV YouTubers Just Get Along?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a perfect world where everyone got along? Unfortunately, we don’t.

Hopefully, someday, YouTubers will be able to get along and be one big happy family.

Have you ever seen drama playout between RV YouTubers?

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  1. I enjoy YouTube and anything about Rv catches my attention. I’ll watch with interest until the drama starts and then it’s time to move on.
    I have watched one of the two mentioned in this article and didn’t take long for me to avoid them as their style is not for me. Some of their information is good, but add the drama and I’m gone.
    I’ll give a plug to some of my favorites. Keep your daydream, she to me, vantreking lifestyle, our journey in miles, less junk more journey, the list goes on , but you get my drift here !

  2. Rivalry has existed since day one. The internet provides an avenue. The desire for sponsorship and viewership exacerbates rivalry. I don’t watch YouTube videos. On occasion I visit one or two RV forums and sometimes the information is useful, but I am not a disciple to any sect. Alas, I make my own decisions based on various resources applicable to my situation. If the RVers must fight, third parties should ideally remain impartial, but probably not. Thus, will this battle spread to the streets, camps, and boondocks?

  3. YouTubers were a tight-net community when we were looking for information five years ago when we went full-time. In the last couple of years, we first-hand noticed the lack of comradery when we went to rallies/events like the Tampa RV Show. Now, YouTubing is a big money business. As with all businesses, competition comes into play and drags in fierce competition with undercutting the completion in less than ethical ways…

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