A video camera hides the face of the blonde woman shooting the video.

Who Is RV Travel?

With so many YouTube influencers, travel bloggers, and social media accounts focused on producing RV material, it’s hard to know who to trust, who to follow, and who’s giving the best advice and information.

RV Travel is one of the leading producers of RV content. If you haven’t subscribed to their weekly newsletter or YouTube channel and want to stay up-to-date on RV news, tips and tricks, head over to their website today.

We’re looking at all that RV Travel has to offer and get a quick peek at their top three YouTube videos — let’s dive in!

A video camera hides the face of the blonde woman shooting the video.

The Backstory of RV Travel

Chuck Woodbury was exploring the American West in the ‘90s in his motorhome. He wrote about his travels in a newspaper called Out West: The Newspaper That Roams. At that time, his writings were unique and earned him media attention from newspapers and broadcasts all over the country.

In 1999, Woodbury started the website RV Travel. He thought the internet would be big one day, and he wanted to be part of it.

Today, RV Travel publishes a weekly newsletter. As the publisher, Woodbury is still part of the staff at RV Travel. But now, he has editors, directors, writers, contributors, and moderators to keep the website current and to produce content daily about the RV lifestyle.

What Type of Articles Does RV Travel Write?

Although the newsletter publishes weekly, the site posts new articles every day. The team of writers produces all kinds of articles about RV travel, the RV lifestyle, and more.

They include “Ask Dave” (questions and answers about RV maintenance and repair), RV reviews, and tips on recalls. The team is updating older articles, too. Once they finish that, the site will have about 10,000 articles with information and opinions about every subject relating to RVing.

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The Top 3 YouTube Videos from RV Travel

RV Travel also ventured onto YouTube in 2007. Contributors produce videos for beginners as well as seasoned veterans covering all types of RV topics.

More than 67,000 people have subscribed to the channel to learn more about RV safety, watch interviews with popular RVers and RV industry leaders, and listen to the RV Travel podcast. Let’s check out their three most popular videos.

#1. Tour an Amazing Two-Story Trailer

See Chuck Woodbury get a tour of an amazing two-story trailer.

With almost 1.5 million views, this video is the number one video RV Travel has produced. Chuck Woodbury interviews the owner, Shirley Wallace, who lived in this two-story trailer for 16 years during her childhood.

The 1953 40-ft Spartan Manor wasn’t a two-story trailer when Shirley’s father bought it. In 1957, he added a second story to accommodate his growing daughters. Its maximum height is 13’5”, so it travels under overpasses safely.

But to keep it at that height, Shirley’s father had to drop the second-story hallway into the living space of the first floor. He cleaned out the master closet to build the stairway to the second floor. He even built a custom slide-out to fit his wife’s organ.

#2. An RV Refrigerator Feature You May Not Know About

Rene proves how the more you know about your RV refrigerator the better.

This video has garnered more than 886,000 views. It features Rene Agredano from LiveWorkDream.com sharing a tip about storing your RV.

She points out the small built-in pegs in the doors of an RV refrigerator and freezer. When you’re storing your RV, it’s important to prop open these doors so that no mildew or odors accumulate. These handy pegs do just that!

#3. How to Camp in an RV at Walmart for Free

Chuck Woodbury talks overnight parking at Walmart.

With more than 576,000 views, this video features Chuck Woodbury explaining the dos and don’ts of staying overnight in a Walmart parking lot. First, no pop-up trailers or tents can stay overnight. Only self-contained units are allowed.

It’s free to stay in a Walmart parking lot, which makes it cheap and convenient since you’ll find stores all over the country. Most RVers will say it’s safe to stay here. Go inside and ask for permission to stay one night. This is just common courtesy. 

He also goes into the unwritten rules of staying overnight at a Walmart. It’s not a campground, so you don’t put out your awning, set up your grill, or sit outside at night. If too many RVers abuse this opportunity, all RVers will lose out because Walmart will stop allowing overnight parking.

Where Else Can You Follow RV Travel Content?

It’s easy to follow RV Travel. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter through their website and subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts instead of watching them, visit PodBean and follow the RV Travel podcast, where new content is produced every two to five days. You can also follow RV Travel on Facebook and Twitter.

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Decades of Quality Content

If you’re looking for high-quality, current RV articles, you’ve found one of the best libraries possible at RV Travel. For more than 20 years, the team has produced articles on every imaginable topic related to the RV lifestyle.

It’s also a great resource to learn more about RVing if you’re just starting out, including the best campgrounds, ideas for organization, and safety tips. Who knows? Maybe one day, your RV travels will lead you to contribute to RV Travel.

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