A woman leans out the window of the passenger seat in the cab of a Class B RV.

What You Need to Know About the Show ‘RVing in the USA’

RVing has become incredibly popular recently, and the entertainment industry is taking notice. We’re excited to see more programs and content created around the RV industry. One popular show, ‘RVing in the USA,’ recently celebrated the start of its second season, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

If you haven’t caught an episode yet, keep reading! You’ll want to tune in and enjoy this family-friendly content about RVing.

Today, we’re sharing what you need to know about the show ‘RVing in the USA.’ Let’s dive in!

A woman leans out the window of the passenger seat in the cab of a Class B RV.

What Is RVing in the USA?

RVing in the USA is a weekly television series on Motor Trend TV. It airs at 9 AM on Saturday mornings. The premier one-hour episode (included below) launched live on September 18, 2021, on their YouTube channel. It featured a collaboration with popular RV content creators Phil and Stacy from You, Me, and the RV and Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes.

Watch the premiere episode from ‘RVing in the USA.’

Each episode promises to take viewers on a trip through various aspects of the RV community and industry. The show’s producer, Howard Lipkint, said, “The series will cover events, campgrounds, and locations that make up the world of RVing. Each episode will get up close and personal with the people and families that make up the RV community, including special guests eager to show their luxury motorhomes and tell stories of life on the road.” 

The show’s official description states, “People and families vacation in recreational vehicles; exploring RV events, campgrounds and locations; guests talk about life on the road and show their luxury motorhomes; RV maintenance tips and essential gear for living on the road.”

The show often spotlights the diversity that makes up the RVing community. While it’s easy to find cookie-cutter RVs, their owners and how they use their RVs are incredibly unique and individualistic. The show reflects that individualism.

Where Can You Watch RVing in the USA?

While the initial premiere for the show was on YouTube, that’s currently the only full episode on the show’s Youtube channel. Various content on the show’s social media pages states viewers can tune in on Motor Trend or Discovery to watch the program; there are no links or mention of the show on either of these websites.

A modern adult man sits in the captain chair of his camper van and watches TV on his laptop with a cup of tea.

The only spot we’ve been able to locate where you can view the show is on Fubo.TV. If you’re already a member of Fubo.TV, you can start watching the second season of RVing in the USA. However, if you’re not a member, you can subscribe to a trial and check out the programming to see if it’s worth considering a subscription.

We hope to see Motor Trend and Discovery make the show available for streaming online. You can also check your local viewing options to see if it’s available through your satellite or cable provider.

Looking for more RVing content? Check out the unscripted TV series called ‘The RVers.’

Who Is on RVing the USA?

The hosts for RVing in the USA are Bill Stephens and Maria Prekeges. Most people know Bill for his work as an NBCSN host. He also had roles in the Mecum Collector Car Auctions show ”What’s My Car Worth” and appearances on Motor Trend TV and Corvette Nation TV. Maria was an ESPN Host for the National Finals Rodeo, USA Rugby, and Silver Collector Car Auctions. 

A woman drives a truck camper down a dirt road towards a mountain.

The show frequently spotlights Chad and Tara, well-established RV influencers with their brand Changing Lanes. The channel also featured Phil and Stacy of You, Me, and the RV in the initial episode. They’re two of the most popular RV YouTube channels, and they appeal to a wide variety of people in the RV community.

It’s easy to see why the show selected these two personalities to appear on their show.

Where Can You Connect with RVing the USA?

If you want to connect with RVing the USA, you’ll want to follow them on their social media pages. They have accounts on Instagram and Facebook and post updates regarding the show’s progress.

It’s also a good idea to subscribe to their YouTube page so you can easily find the content they make available on the video platform. You don’t want to miss out on exciting videos from this channel!

Is RVing in the USA Worth Watching?

From what we’ve seen, RVing in the USA is a show worth watching. However, enjoying the show is only possible if you can find it. Hopefully the networks will make the content more readily available and easily accessible.

We enjoyed seeing new adventures and hearing insights from the show regarding RV events, locations, and campgrounds that RVers frequently attend. There’s no denying that we see more RVs on the road lately. With interest in the RVing lifestyle on the rise, we hope to see more content like this soon.

What are your favorite channels and shows for RV content? Let us know in the comments! 

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