A bearded man makes a concerned phone call in front of his travel trailer.

YouTubers’ Campsite Stolen

One of the many nightmares RVers fear most is a stolen campsite. That’s exactly what happened to Shion and Matthew of Broken Dreams Reborn. The couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they pulled up to what they thought to be their campsite. With no other sites available, the couple found themselves between a rock and a hard place at the campground.

So were they left to fend for themselves, or did the campground come to the rescue? Let’s look and see how it all went down for this couple of adventurers! 

A bearded man makes a concerned phone call in front of his travel trailer.

Who Is Broken Dreams Reborn?

Broken Dreams Reborn is the YouTube channel and adventure brand by Shion and Matthew. They travel full-time in their Grand Design Reflection 337RLS after they sold their house and most of their belongings.

They bought their RV in March 2021 and revealed it to their community in April. The couple lives, works, travels and shares the good times and bad with the BDR community.

We’re excited to watch their adventures and learn more about this couple as they continue to develop their brand and share more information about themselves.

What Types of YouTube Videos Do Broken Dreams Reborn Produce? 

The couple creates a variety of content on their channel. You’ll find everything from educational shorts to full-length videos documenting their adventures.

The couple wants to share the day-to-day, big experiences and the amazing things they see and do while on the road. They understand that they may not be experts like others on YouTube, but want to share what they learn from the mistakes they make along the way. 

How Did Broken Dreams Reborn Get Their Campsite Stolen?

When Shion and Matthew of Broken Dreams Reborn arrived at their campsite, they had to double-check the campsite number. They share in a recent video (below) that someone had already set up another camper in their reserved spot.

Shion and Matthew have to deal with a stolen campsite.

When they checked with the campground staff, they confirmed that they assigned the neighboring site to the RVer. They had accidentally set up camp at the wrong location.

Unfortunately, the site was supposedly the last 50-amp site available in the campground. However, once the campground staff realized the situation, another site that would do the trick became available.

So while the couple did have their initial site stolen from them, the excellent customer service at the campground was able to shuffle some things around and accommodate everyone.

Are Sites Always Assigned at Campgrounds?

Campgrounds use a variety of different procedures for filling their campsites. If you stay at state park campgrounds, you typically reserve a specific campsite.

However, many private campgrounds and RV parks will often assign campsites to campers as they arrive. There are even some campgrounds where RVers can drive through and find an open site to camp. As a result, if you show up later in the day during prime camping season, you could get the worst spot.

A metal sign nailed to a tree indicating what campsite numbers are to the left.

If you’re new to making campground reservations, you’ll want to check the policy for each campground. Doing so will help you avoid surprises at check-in or when you set up camp at your campsite.

Autumn is approaching, do you know when campgrounds close in the fall?

If you enjoyed watching this video from Broken Dreams Reborn, there are a few other videos you should check out. Let’s look at what other experiences the couple has had during their time on the road. 

RV Damaged On Travel Day, State Park, Lippert

In this video, Broken Dreams Reborn damaged their RV. Matthew noticed other vehicles were getting out of the lane but couldn’t change lanes quick enough to avoid an object on the road.

They pulled over at the next rest stop to inspect the damage. Luckily, there was no damage to their vehicle and only minor damage to their RV.

They lost a SnapPad and bent the handle assembly on their front landing gear. Not ideal, but it could have been much worse.

We Jackknifed the RV With a Short Bed Truck

In this video, Matthew and Shion purposefully jackknifed their vehicle to showcase their PullRite Superglide Hitch for short bed trucks. They wanted to put their hitch to the test in a controlled environment just in case they ever will need to go this extreme in the future.

They go through the entire process of installing the hitch and using it. If you’re considering a sliding hitch for your short bed truck, it’s worth watching.

Can you tow a 5th Wheel RV with a small truck?

We Were Blacklisted, Easy RV Hack, Hail Storm

Broken Dreams Reborn experienced a hail storm in this video. They share some tips for surviving severe weather in an RV and their struggles with getting internet.

AT&T shut down their previous service provider. Once shut down, AT&T went on to blacklist their router, which made it impossible to carry over to their new plan.

They had to work with their new internet provider to find a solution. Check out their video if you’re worried about experiencing storms in your RV. 

Where Else Can You Find Broken Dreams Reborn? 

If you enjoy following RV adventures, Broken Dreams Reborn has a few ways you can follow their journey. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel, follow them on Instagram, or connect with them on TikTok.

They do a great job of keeping their followers up to date with their adventures and letting them know when they release new content. You never know — you may just find out you’re camping next to them at your next campsite!

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