A sailboat passes through a channel towards the Ocean

Who Is Expedition Drenched?

Have you ever dreamt of sailing and diving around the world? Expedition Drenched takes you on a magical journey through underwater worlds and jungle ecosystems. The videographers tug on one’s wanderlust across oceans and cultures. 

Keep reading to learn about Expedition Drenched. After introducing them, we share three of their YouTube videos that may make you want to subscribe and binge them all. 

Let’s explore. 

A sailboat passes through a channel towards the Ocean

Who Is Expedition Drenched?

Expedition Drenched is a sailboat with a crew all about diving and exploring the underwater world. Captain Nate is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and professional underwater videographer.

After his career began by making commercials for dive companies in Hawaii, he started to vlog about it. Then, he fell in love with sailing. 

In 2019, Nate purchased the sailing vessel Sylfia in New Zealand. The sailboat quickly became a host for artists from around the world. The crew dives, sails, and adventures, sharing their vlogs on their popular YouTube channel.

While Expedition Drenched is spearheaded by Captain Nate, it has also hosted dozens of crew members. Now on their third season of videos, you’ll get a glimpse into how a multicultural crew lives, works, and creates together.

Crewmates sit on the bow of a sailboat, basking in the sun and looking out over the water at other boats in port.

What Is Expedition Drenched Known For? 

Expedition Drenched is known for its sailing and diving videos. Their YouTube channel has over 131,000 subscribers and growing. It features top-notch and inspiring underwater videography.

And they do a great job at teaching their audience about the ocean, sea life, and how we can protect our oceans for future generations. 

A snorkeler with an underwater camera takes video of a school of fish under the water's surface.

Why Did Expedition Drenched Set Out?

Captain Nate purchased the sailing vessel Sylfia in 2019. After crewing on another sailboat for several months, he knew sailing was his future. He found Sylfia in New Zealand and flew to get a look in person.

As soon as Nate stepped on board, he fell in love and never looked back. Expedition Drenched has sailed around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and is currently in Australia.

Learn more about the adventurous sailing lifestyle from the crew of SV Delos.

Expedition Drenched’s Top Youtube Videos

You can catch up on all of Expedition Drenched’s YouTube videos on their channel. But we’re sharing their top three episodes here. Take a look.

Most Painful Experience of My Life – Samoan Traditional Tattoo

Watch this episode to see Nate get his traditional Samoan tattoo.

While sailing in Samoa, Captain Nate partakes in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He gets a traditional Samoan tattoo. And let’s just say it’s not for the faint of heart. Warning — there is blood. 

Sailors often wear tattoos as a badge of honor. Sea folk tended to be superstitious people in the past, and therefore their tattoos had a much deeper meaning.

In the Samoan culture, getting a tattoo is a mark that you’re ready to serve your people. Watch this episode to see Nate get his traditional Samoan tattoo. 

Why Buy a Sailboat and Wear Clothes?

When you live on a sailboat, clothing is optional.

Expedition Drenched hits some rough seas in this video. After a sleepless night, they get in some great diving and see dolphins off the boat’s bow. And when you own a sailboat, wearing clothes is optional. So crew member, Jordan, sits on the bow, topless, to watch the dolphins exclaiming that living life your way is what’s important.

Living on a sailboat isn’t easy, but what it offers can far outweigh the downsides. Freedom is one of its main benefits. The freedom of exploration on the open sea comes with the shedding of judgment, self-doubt, clothes, and more. Jordan demonstrates this through her fearlessness. 

Goodbye Blonde Squad!

Crew members, Megan and Kelly, leave Expedition Drenched in this video for their next adventure. Saying goodbye to crew members is always bittersweet. 

After their departure, the episode takes us on a paddle up a windy river where the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. First, they run into some lush green foliage and tropical birds. Then, they sail up the coast of Dominica to a dive in the Caribbean. You won’t want to miss the fantastic footage.

Where Else Can You Find Expedition Drenched? 

You can find Expedition Drenched on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and their website. They post videos on their YouTube channel weekly.

And on their website, you’ll find information about their project and how you can meet up with the crew. You’ll also find merchandise such as rashguards and swimwear. 

Sailing isn’t for everyone, but watching sailing and diving videos can transport you into another world. It’s also a great way to learn about the oceans and why we need to take care of them to survive. 

Expedition Drenched offers a balance between providing inspirational and fun content and education. You’ll get to learn about the ocean, sea life, and various cultures worldwide. We hope you’ll subscribe to their channel today.

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