Young couple kissing in the bed of their campervan with a view of the ocean behind them.

RVs: Where Your Sex Life Goes to Die

There are many things to consider when moving into an RV. Something often overlooked, however, is how your sex life might change. A healthy sex life is natural and vital to having an intimate relationship with another person. Living in a couple of hundred square feet can present some challenges. However, we can say with confidence that it’s not impossible.

Today, we’re looking at some things you should consider about living in an RV regarding sex. Your sex life doesn’t have to die just because you enjoy RVing.

Young couple kissing in the bed of their campervan with a view of the ocean behind them.

Is It Possible to Have a Sex Life in an RV?

It’s absolutely possible to have a very healthy sex life in an RV, even for those of you with kids. You may need to be intentional and make more effort, but it’s most definitely possible.

Having a larger RV will make it easier and more convenient. Larger RVs often have designated bedrooms, which will typically suffice for most couples.

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You’ll also want to consider where you’re parking your RV while you’re trying to get romantic. RVs often have minimal soundproofing, meaning neighbors may hear what’s happening inside your camper. 

RV parks often cram RVs on top of one another to maximize their revenue. State parks and other campgrounds typically provide much more space between RVs. However, that’s not always the case. If you’re mindful of those around you, you won’t have to worry about others hearing your activities.

How Can You Be Intimate When RVing With Kids?

Hitting the road with kids can be an exciting adventure for parents and families. Living in a tiny space with kids can make being intimate challenging for parents, though. However, there are some things parents can do to make it easier for them to be intimate when RVing with kids.

First of all, you need to choose the right rig. A designated bedroom for the kids and parents can make romantic activities substantially easier. Rigs with rear bunkhouses will often have the primary bedroom at the opposite end of the RV. This creates a generous amount of space between the kids and parents while sleeping.

A family of four piles in the RV bed for movie night.

Second, install locks on your doors. Most RV interior doors don’t have locks, which can limit the security and privacy of the bedrooms. Parents won’t have to worry about a sudden interruption if they install locks on their doors.

It will take some adjustments for parents to be intimate while RVing with kids. But don’t lost all hope — it’s possible. Find activities that will wear kids out so they fall asleep quickly at the end of the day.

Some RVers with washing machines will “do laundry” as the vibrations from the spin cycle of a washing machine can mask other movements in the RV. Even if there’s no laundry to do, it’s a convenient excuse.

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Why Can Your Sex Life Die in an RV? 

There are several reasons why many RVers experience a decline in their sex life while RVing. Here are some common reasons RVers experience a dry spell in their relationships.

Uncomfortable RV Bed

RV mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable and often seem lower quality than a bed at a 1-star hotel. Seriously, they’re terrible.

Most RVers upgrade their mattresses if they spend much time in their rigs. It’s almost a non-negotiable for many owners after they spend a night or two on the bed. Being romantic will be the last thing on anyone’s mind when they’re lying on an uncomfortable mattress. 

Tiny Space

While you may feel like you’re living on top of your spouse or travel partner in your RV, that’s not the same as being romantic. You may want to be close to your loved one while being romantic. However, the rest of the time, you may need some space. If either of you isn’t getting the space you need, it can cause stress in a relationship.

Even if you’re getting the space you need apart from each other, living in a tiny space can make the act of being romantic quite difficult. Shorter ceilings and low-hanging cabinets pose a risk, especially in the dark. So be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to get a nightlight to ensure you don’t end up busting your head on a cabinet during your romantic rendezvous. 

Two senior women laugh and smile at each other in the bed of their motorhome.

See-Through Shades

The window shades on many RVs are practically paper thin. While you may not be able to see out, your shadow may be visible outside of your rig if you have a light on inside your RV.

This can give your neighbors a shadow puppet show you may not want or intend them to see. If you want to avoid this, invest in a quality set of curtains, upgrade your paper-thin shades, or turn the lights off when being romantic.

Thin Walls and Close Neighbors

RVs have thin walls, and many campsites are closer together than most campers prefer. As a result, there’s a good chance that those around you could hear you if you’re making too much noise.

This could be a mood killer for some who are overly self-conscious or don’t want to bite their bottom lip. Having a campsite with plenty of space between you and your neighbors helps improve privacy and avoid disturbing your neighbors while being romantic.

A young lesbian couple snuggles in the bunk of their RV, looking out the open rear doors

Rocking Draws Attention

An RV will rock or move as people inside move around it. Depending on how much movement is going on, it could draw attention from anyone walking by your campsite or sitting around their campfire.

For some people, the idea of others knowing that they’re engaging in romantic activities will kill the mood. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the rocking.

How Do You Stop a Camper From Rocking During Sex?

RVs often have a handful of spots to stabilize the structure and minimize the movements. The more contact points between an RV and the ground, the more stable it will be.

RVs often have jacks for leveling and stabilizing. You want to minimize the amount of distance between these jacks and the ground. Many will use plastic or wood leveling blocks to stack on top of each other to reduce the distance.

Depending on how long you’re parking your RV, you can install additional supports that help absorb movement caused by a rocking RV during sex. The Valterra RV Stabilizer does a great job and is relatively inexpensive.

A young couple kisses in the front seat of their Class B camper van, wrapped together in a blanket

Are You Prepared for Sex in an RV?

Don’t think that just because you’re in an RV, your sex life is over. We hope you can see that it doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain a healthy sex life while RVing.

Many RVing couples even enjoy checking off new states during their adventures. When done right, RVing can bring couples closer together and improve their sex life.

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