A lineup of rusted and worn vintage buses parked in a field.

Who Is Bus Grease Monkey?

Tossing around names like “Bus Grease Monkey” is certainly a sign of the times. Learning about these handles is as simple as watching a few videos. If you have an old vintage bus of your own, you may already know about Bus Grease Monkey. 

If you have a bus and don’t know about him, you’re missing out on something special. This guy has a whole lot to offer vintage bus owners. Take a minute to jump into more about Bus Grease Monkey. You’ll be better for it.

A lineup of rusted and worn vintage buses parked in a field.

Who Is Bus Grease Monkey?

Bus Grease Monkey is actually a guy by the name of Scott Crosby. Scott has a love for Volkswagen vehicles that goes back to when he was still a kid.

In college, he worked part-time at a photography studio. That job was the opened door that led him to a very lucrative career as a photographer. 

While working as a photographer, he bought a few buses as photo props. One of them was a hippie bus with a bright retro paint job. He couldn’t find anyone to drive the bus back home after purchasing it at an auction, so he drove it himself. He enjoyed driving the hippie bus so much that he decided to keep it and fix it up. 

A man kneals down and holds a greasy motor part.

After doing light maintenance on the bus, it broke down on a trip one day. He took it to a mechanic to be fixed. They didn’t do the work they said they did, and (after about $2,000 in repairs) the bus remained broken. 

Out of frustration with the situation, Scott and his son Tyler decided to do the repairs themselves. Together, they rebuilt the bus engine. That led them to starting an online forum. That way, they could communicate with other bus owners facing the same frustrations and challenges. 

The forum led them to travel to various bus rallies. On the way to one particular rally, their buddy’s bus broke down, and he had to have it towed. His buddy had the same trouble with the work not being done like they said it was.

It quickly became clear what he and his son had to do. They came to their friend’s rescue and repaired his bus in less than eight hours. Their experience is what spawned the traveling Bus Grease Monkey adventure. 

What Is Bus Grease Monkey Known For? 

Bus Grease Monkey is known for traveling around North America in his vintage 1948 GM 3751 Silverside bus rescuing other bus owners from their broken down engines. He only works on Detroit Diesel 71 series engines, though. 

He specializes in the Detroit Diesel 71 series engines because he knows them well. There’s also something quite satisfying about working on older engines. They don’t have all the crazy electrical components and computers the new engines typically contain. 

For all the bus fanatics out their, Skooliepalooza is the place for you!

What Is Bus Grease Monkey’s Unique Business Model? 

Well, you already know part of it. A traveling vintage bus mechanic is pretty unique all on its own, but it gets better with Bus Grease Monkey’s business model. When he is doing repairs on a bus, the owner can cash in on a $15.00 per hour discount for working with him. 

Why Does Bus Grease Monkey Focus on Vintage Buses in Particular?

From watching him talk about his love of buses, it seems that he just enjoys the old engines. He enjoys the community formed due to his forum. The bus community seems to serve as a second family, and it certainly serves as a lucrative hobby. 

Top 3 YouTube Videos From Bus Grease Monkey

You know a little of the hard facts about Bus Grease Monkey. Now take a peek at some of his most popular YouTube videos. You’ll quickly see that the man can work magic with an old rusty engine. 

GMC Truck 471 Detroit diesel coming back to life after 25 yrs. 1st start

This is an unusually long video, but you won’t be sorry you watched it. The video provides start-to-finish documentation of Scott Crosby bringing an old GMC truck back to life. 

At first sight, you might think he’s just going to fiddle with some stuff throughout the video. However, when it ends, the truck is running quite nicely. After just a few hours of work, Bus Grease Monkey knocked the dust off that old clunker. 

Day 1 Silversides bus rescue Minnesota

In this video, Crosby works on an old bus just like his own. He tells the story of how the guy that just sold it loved it so much that he actually cried saying goodbye to the old rig.

It’s touching and shows just how much Scott understands the connection bus owners have with their buses. 

Teenage (18yr old) Mallie gets her 1st bus!

The third most popular video on Bus Grease Monkey’s YouTube channel is about one of his close friend’s daughters getting her very first bus. She seems pretty stoked about taking on the project, and it’s cool to see the next generation feel the spark. 

Is Bus Grease Monkey Worth Watching? 

Whether you’re into old or new buses, watching what Scott can do with an engine is entertaining. He’s not the best YouTube video producer, but you’ll enjoy following his thought process as he breathes life into these relics.

Give it a shot, and see for yourself!

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