A sailboat anchored in a bay off the coast of a port city as the sun sets.

Who Is Odd Life Crafting?

If you’re interested in the idea of refitting a sailboat and curious about what it takes to get the project done, start following Odd Life Crafting. They take YouTube viewers through the process of refitting their 44’ steel sailboat.

With ups, downs, and surprises along the way, you’ll gain a first-hand look into taking a sailboat from chaos to a tiny house on the open water.

Keep reading to learn more about Odd Life Crafting and their sailboat. We will also show you three of their top refit videos!

A sailboat anchored in a bay off the coast of a port city as the sun sets.

Who Is Odd Life Crafting?

Odd Life Crafting is a YouTube channel run by Duca and Roberta. They’re a Brazilian couple who bought a 44’ steel sailboat someone left on the beach for 22 years.

They worked on the Dinieper Tropic 1200 for two years. Then they refitted the sailboat to live in and explore the world. Their YouTube channel documents their journey.

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Where Is Odd Life Crafting From? 

Duca and Roberta were both born and raised in Brazil. They also found their sailboat in Brazil, making it a perfect match.

They’re about to leave the country’s waters to explore with their sailing vessel. Their work on their boat is indeed a labor of love.

A popular beach destination in the country of Brazil, Ponta Negra has beautiful developed coast with shops, hotels, and restaurants.

What Is Odd Life Crafting Known for?

Viewers know Odd Life Crafting for documenting the building of their container home and refitting their sailboat on YouTube. At the beginning of their channel, they built a container home as a base before purchasing a sailboat. However, they found their sailboat earlier than anticipated and started the refit project. 

With over 238k subscribers and counting, their project is interesting to many sailors and non-sailors alike. The hard-working couple holds nothing back as they go through the ups and downs of renovation and boat life maintenance. 

What Kind Of Boat Is Odd Life Crafting? 

Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt of France designed Duca and Roberta’s boat, a Dinieper Tropic 1200. Dinieper Boat Yard built it in Brazil in 1991.

Joubert and Nivelt are famous naval architects. They also designed Beneteau’s Swift Trawler. They raced sailboats for many years, which led to their design work together. Their boats are practical and luxurious.

Odd Life Crafting Sailboat Refit Top Videos

You’ll find many binge-worthy refitting videos on Odd Life Crafting’s YouTube channel. To help you get started, we’ve pulled out the top three.

These give you a glimpse into Duca and Roberta’s work on the sailboat and how they planned it out. In addition, they reveal how much it costs. 

Tour of our Abandoned Sailboat (on the hard for 20 years)

Duca and Roberta called the abandoned sailboat they found their “dream project.”

Duca and Roberta tour their sailboat, which someone abandoned for 20 years. While the outside looks very rough, you might be surprised at what they find inside.

They show every inch of the boat to give you an idea of what they need to do to get it liveable in the water. They also find some fun items. For example, they find a bottle of hair conditioner in the bathroom that was sitting there for 20 years!

Sailboat on the hard for 22 years. How much did it cost?

Take a guess at how much you think the abandoned sailboat cost Odd Life Crafting.

Duca had a dream to build a boat from scratch, but Roberta talked some sense into him, and they bought an abandoned sailboat instead. In this video, they discuss how much their galvanized steel 22-year-old sailboat cost, as well as the refit.

They explain that in Brazil, you’re only allowed to purchase a boat in the country, and therefore, it’s more expensive. We think you’ll have sticker shock when you hear how much they paid in U.S. dollars.

REFIT of our ABANDONED Sailboat (the plan) 

Duca and Roberta discuss the plan for bringing their sailboat to life.

In this episode, Odd Life Crafting reveals their plan for refitting their sailboat. They organize their priorities on sticky notes in the video, according to their timeline for the work.

It’s an ambitious plan, from redoing all the seals to painting the boat, engine work, etc. Duca and Roberta take on a massive project, and this video may exhaust you! 

Where Else Can You Find Odd Life Crafting? 

You can find Odd Life Crafting on YouTube and Instagram. The couple is fun and inspiring, and they take beautiful photos.

You’ll see the fantastic landscapes of Brazil and the ocean that surrounds it. Watching Duca and Roberta during their first days living aboard their refitted sailing vessel makes you want to cheer them on for years to come. 

Would you refit a sailboat? What is a project that you dream of embarking on in the future? Drop a line in the comments below about your goals.

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