A woman plays on her phone while sitting in the doorway of her campervan.

This Is the Best RV YouTube Channel Right Now

For those who dream of living in their RV, traveling the country, and exploring new destinations, HappilyEverHanks is here to guide you. This YouTube channel aims to inspire others to follow in their footsteps on the road to freedom and adventure.

Kyle and Renee Hanks do this with more than a dose of self-deprecation and instruction on the dos and don’ts of the RV lifestyle. This millennial duo has learned from their mistakes and reveled in their successes. They want to help others enjoy the highlights of living in an RV while avoiding any pitfalls.

A woman plays on her phone while sitting in the doorway of her campervan.

Who Is HappilyEverHanks?

This twenty-something couple has grabbed hold of the sweet life and is making a splash on YouTube with tips on living full-time in an RV. Kyle and Renee Hanks are travel nurses who decided to pump up the ‘travel’ aspect of their jobs by living in a recreational vehicle while working. 

Hitting the road in 2019 with their cat Dexter, the couple found the lifestyle a terrific way to go from job to job while saving money on rent or mortgage payments. They eventually began documenting what they learned on a YouTube channel called HappilyEverHanks and discovered that their enthusiasm was infectious. 

The channel grew quickly, and now the Hanks have put their careers on hold to put more content out there for other full-time RV wannabes.

The History of the Channel

HappilyEverHanks was in the planning stages for three years before Kyle and Renee actually released entertaining instructional videos. They both admit to being homebodies who had to push themselves out of their comfort zones to create enthusiastic content. 

But once they published that first video, the couple threw themselves into getting as much information on the screen as possible. In no time, these medical professionals found themselves pressed for time, and retirement from their profession was inevitable.

The Hanks produced 99 videos in one year and gained over 67,000 subscribers on their channel, with no end to the growth in sight.

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What Kind of Content Do They Produce?

From tips on selecting your first RV and sanitizing your water system to the best ways to travel on a budget, the Hanks handle all kinds of questions about living in an RV. 

They also cover travel spots, campgrounds, and attractions to see at dozens of locations, along with secrets to make full-time RVing more enjoyable and less frustrating. Even Dexter, the cat, makes cameo visits in HappilyEverHanks videos.

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With 99 videos currently running on YouTube, most have more than 30,000 likes. So it is difficult to pick just three popular HappilyEverHanks productions, but here they are:

#1. Mistakes Every RV Owner Should Avoid

Every RVer can relate to being a newbie. Judgment from neighboring campers over your backup skills, understanding the finer points of black tank dumping, and interpreting your rig’s manual make us cringe. 

The Hanks take it to a new level by recreating a few of their early mistakes by walking us through the steps of backing into, plugging in, and settling into their campsite. They also suggest equipment to add that will aid you in a safe set-up.

#2. Crushed Our RV & Truck TWICE

No one wants to think about putting a wrinkle in their shiny new RV or truck. But inevitably we all make mistakes when making turns or backing up in a monstrous rig. It may come from a misjudgment on the driver’s part, lack of communication between driver or passenger, or through no fault of your own. 

But our RVs will eventually get a scratch, ding, or worse. Kyle and Renee show that you can still enjoy life even after a small mishap, and they do with laughter, grace, and a little sadness at losing that shiny luster on their new RV.

#3. 5 Things to Know About Full-Time RV Living

Jumping in an RV and hitting the road full-time sounds like a dream to most. But realistically, you have to consider so many things before taking that step. The Hanks thoroughly discuss the many topics that sometimes go unaddressed until travelers have been traveling for some time. 

Some topics they cover include leaving family and friends, downsizing your life to fit into an RV, and preparing for the lack of amenities you once had. Additionally, they encourage others to plan for the extra costs incurred such as campsites, extra fuel, maintenance, and fees before embracing the full-time lifestyle.

What Makes HappilyEverHanks Worth Subscribing To?

If RV living might be in your future, consider hitting that subscribe button on the HappilyEverHanks YouTube channel. The Hanks family, including photogenic Dexter the cat, take a tongue-in-cheek approach to teach about RV equipment, habits, and mistakes. Their intent is to help others who wish to give the RV lifestyle a try. 

These two make full-time living look easy (and humorous) while subtly teaching the ins and outs of handling a big rig in easy and difficult situations. Think of Kyle and Renee as the Desi and Lucy of the RV Millenial Generation. You’ll find lots of laughs in their videos but always a truth to discover.

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