Woman vlogger recording herself next to a wooded mountainside, road, and stream.

10 Up-and-Coming RV YouTubers

YouTube continues to drive the world of streaming services. It’s where you can learn almost anything about RVing or any other topic. There are a growing number of RV YouTubers who share everything from how-tos to travel reviews. If you’re looking for some up-and-coming RV YouTubers to watch, check out this list of our 10 favorites.

Woman vlogger recording herself next to a wooded mountainside, road, and stream.

What Is an RV YouTuber?

An RV YouTuber is someone who makes regular videos about RVing and posts them to their YouTube channel. You can find out how to fix almost anything on your RV via content on YouTube. In addition, RVers are posting informative videos on travel tips, campgrounds, gear, RVs, and more. Search for something about RVing on YouTube, and you’re likely to find an answer.

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10 Up-and-Coming RV YouTubers

We enjoy scouring YouTube to find the latest channels making waves. Here are 10 of the best up-and-coming RV YouTubers and their channels. 

#1 I’m Not Lost I’m RVing

When They Got Started: June 2017

About: Stacy and Thomas are the faces behind I’m Not Lost I’m RVing. The couple retired after careers in law enforcement and now RV full-time. Their YouTube channel includes educational content and travel vlogs. 

They have more than 69,000 subscribers and post a new video each week. Some of their latest videos include topics like the best restaurants in West Yellowstone, workamping near Yellowstone, and RV dual pane window repair. We like their informative approach. 

#2 Wandering Weekends

When They Got Started: February 2018

About: Wandering Weekends is a family of four who RV primarily on the weekends and capture it all on video. The channel has a lot of tips, tricks, and product reviews for RV life. Their videos are mostly informative. 

They have more than 41,000 subscribers and post videos once a week or more. The latest videos on their channel include tours of some of the newest RVs on the market today. You can also find a video about the Equal-i-zer hitch and one that discusses why they chose to add truck boxes to their tow vehicle.

#3 Newstate Nomads

When They Got Started: March 2019

About: Newstate Nomads are Howard and Katelyn. The couple has had careers as a cinematographer and news reporter, so a YouTube channel seemed like a natural progression for them. They’re now full-time RVers who travel in a Winnebago Navion 24D with their dogs. Destination tips and fun, helpful RV tips are what you’ll find on their channel. 

They have more than 26,000 subscribers and post videos once a week. We love their recent posts about their adventures RVing in Alaska. In addition, you can find vlogs from them in several cities in the state, including Homer, Valdez, Seward, and Whittier. 

#4 Eat See RV

When They Got Started: May 2017

About: Liz and Dennis are the couple behind Eat See RV. They share the realities, good and bad, of full-time RV living. The videos you’ll find on their channel include travel vlogs and good eats.

They have more than 52,000 subscribers and post videos weekly. Their videos capture their journey through the States, Mexico, and more. For example, on a recent trip through the midwest, they show their time in northern Michigan and give an in-depth look at some of the main attractions.

#5 Brazen Brits

When They Got Started: May 2019

About: Brazen Brits is Natalie and Laurence, a British couple RVing in the U.S. Their videos are informative with how-tos and adventures. Plus, some of their experiences in a different culture make for a good laugh.

They have more than 3,000 subscribers and post a new episode every Saturday. Their recent adventures have taken them through Nashville and Atlanta. They’ve also started implementing some live videos, which is always a good time.

#6 Irene Iron Travels

When They Got Started: July 2018

About: Chris and Aaron are Irene Iron Travels. The couple runs a fitness and nutrition coaching business while they RV full-time. Their YouTube channel is all about RV gear, cooking, travel tips, and life on the road. 

They have more than 25,000 subscribers and put out a new episode every week. They recently transitioned to a new RV and documented all the ins and outs of purchasing it and doing some modifications. You can also find recent videos from them on boondocking and e-bikes.

#7 Embracing Detours

When They Got Started: December 2017

About: Embracing Detours is the YouTube Channel of a full-time RV couple who travels in a custom 4×4 van and pulls an Airstream travel trailer. They vlog about their travels and the ups and downs of a location-independent lifestyle. Their videos are inspiring and are likely to give you wanderlust. 

They have more than 30,000 subscribers. You’ll find a lot of footage of various cities across the midwest and the eastern U.S. in their recent posts. In addition, they like to point out unique attractions and activities in the places they visit. 

#8 You, Me & the RV

When They Got Started: August 2017

About: Phil and Stacy run You, Me & the RV. They share their RV life with a bit of humor along the way. They’re both Navy veterans and have made it their mission to raise awareness and funds for veterans through their community.

They have more than 130,000 subscribers and post new videos every Saturday. Their channel is informative and keeps you updated on all the latest in the RV world. Recently, you’ll find posts on RVing in Vegas, the best RV trip planner, what it costs to RV full-time, and more.

#9 All About RVs

When They Got Started: June 2017

About: All About RVs is just what the title implies. This YouTube channel includes all kinds of RV information, including tips, how-tos, RV tours, and new product reviews. Wondering what the cheapest folding solar panel is? All About RVs has answers. 

They have more than 175,000 subscribers and post weekly. In recent videos, you’ll learn about RV hacks, get a tour of the Oliver travel trailer, learn leveling tips, and much more. Jared is the face of All About RVs. He’s a great host and very articulate.

#10 The Glamping Guys

When They Got Started: April 2017

About: Jason and Tod are the Glamping Guys, along with their dog Ziggy. Their YouTube channel is fun and informative. And their motto is, “We don’t camp, we glamp.” The couple vlogs about RV living and LGBTQ life and travel.

They post about RV tips, food and drinks, campground reviews, and travel destinations. In their recent videos, you’ll find posts that include cooking in a small RV kitchen and hiking in Florida. You’ll also get a walk-through tour of their new Grand Design 390RK. 

We hope you subscribe to the channels of these RV YouTubers. It’s a great way to support others in the RV community and learn from experienced RVers. Seeing what other RVers go through is a great motivator and a helpful way to navigate your own travels with greater ease. Which of these channels piques your interest?

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