A mature couple kayaking together and embracing.

Boomers Can’t Get Enough Of This RV Club (Escapees)

Camping in an RV can be a pastime or a full-time lifestyle. Both have some of the same concerns. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where you could share the highlights and struggles of RVing with others? There is!

The Escapees RV Club is a vast community of RVers that meet regularly, forming groups of campers with shared interests while providing needed services on the road. They even present how-to classes and offer discounts on RV parts. 

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting club!

A mature couple kayaking together and embracing.

What Is the Escapees RV Club? 

Anyone who loves RVing will find the Escapees RV Club an essential support network. The largest membership of its type, Escapees has been providing services, classes, ‘convergences’ and community for recreational vehicle owners worldwide for more than forty years.

Whether you are a full-time traveler or enjoy weekend trips in your motorhome or trailer, Escapees will give you the support you need. They provide necessary services like mail forwarding and roadside assistance.

The club also has a very active social side, with groups under the heading “Birds of a Feather.” Members will find courses in RV maintenance and many other topics, as well as planned get-togethers around the country. These meetups allow RVers to forge lifelong friendships.

How Many Members Does Escapees RV Club Have?

There are more than 60,000 Escapee members worldwide. It all started with one couple, Joe and Kay Peterson. They put together a five-page newsletter for other full-time RVers to share services that were hard to find.

The group has grown in number, products, services, and properties since 1978. Today the Escapees have eleven cooperative RV parks around the United States, where members can purchase a lot when they become available.

All of this was just a pipe dream when the Petersons first envisioned an RV club, but the group continues to meet the needs of current members.

How Do You Join Escapees RV Club?

The Escapees RV Club doesn’t require a considerable membership fee or monthly dues. You can purchase a membership online or join by phone at 936-327-8873.

There is even an option to purchase gift memberships for your RV-loving friends and family. The membership gives you access to all Escapees and Escapers (full-time working-age RVers group) events, services, and courses.

What Are the Benefits Of Escapees RV Club?

The Escapees offers various benefits for its members, including online community access, mail forwarding services, roadside assistance, member discounts on products like tires, batteries, and warranties.

They also have a bi-monthly magazine, webinars, classes, discounts at SKP co-op parks, and a social network based on common interests. 

Escapees sponsors community events like Escapades, Convergences, and Hangouts. Members can socialize, participate in educational opportunities, and share experiences with other RVers.

They have dozens of subgroups under their “Birds of a Feather” banner. All have specialized interests and activities.

What Does SKP Stand for in Escapees?

Say this fast, and you will understand what the letters SKP have to do with the Escapees. It’s the quick way to spell the group’s name. The term for it is a “grammagram.”

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Escapees RV Club?

An annual membership for the Escapees RV Club costs $49.95 for US citizens and $59.95 for Canadians. That’s a lot of bang for the buck, considering the tremendous benefits of membership.

You will find that participation in any of the sponsored events is high. That’s a sure sign that the Escapees club is a popular and valuable club for anyone who enjoys RVing.

What Is the Average Age Of Escapees RV Club Members?

As of 2019, about 57% of Escapees members are over 65, with 47% under 65 years old. This number continues to increase as many full-time travelers enter the RV lifestyle early because they can work remotely.

It is also interesting that 16% of the membership travels solo, and 57% travel with pets.

What Is Xscapers?

Xscapers are a subgroup of the Escapees RV Club that includes working-age full-time travelers. Because remote workers share several challenges, the Xscapers group assists them in sharing struggles and solutions.

The mission of the Xscapers is the original reason the Petersons started Escapees. As full-time travelers trying to work on the road, they found it challenging to handle specific tasks like getting their mail or staying connected when land-line phones were the only option. They created the Escapees RV Club to provide these needed services to others.

The group has grown profoundly and covers RVers of every type under its umbrella. The Xscapers subgroup has stepped up to give the full-time workers a collection of like-minded travelers.

This subgroup has taken off as the number of remote full-time workers has grown, with the advent of better internet connections, making it easier to ‘commute’ to their jobs.

Learn more about why people are obsessed with the Xscapers club.

Is Escapees RV Club Worth It?

The Escapees RV Club may be one of the most active membership groups in the industry. They offer many services, discounts, and classes that assist RVers of every type, and their social groups are highly engaged.

If you need special services or want to meet other campers who share your interests, the Escapees RV Club should be at the top of your list.

Are you a part of an RV club? Let us know in the comments!

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