10 Hot RVing Boomers

RVing millennials may be on the rise, but the boomer generation is still making waves. Baby boomers have been a key demographic in the RV industry for the last several years. Many are retired and are without ties to responsibilities at home. 

In this article, we look at boomers who are engaging the RV community in creative ways. 

What Is a Boomer? 

A baby boomer refers to people born in the years following World War II–specifically, those born between 1946 and 1964 when soldiers returned home from the war. 

In general, the boomer generation is economically influential. However, some suffered significant losses during the 2008-09 financial crisis. For this reason, some face challenges funding their retirements. 

Perhaps that’s why so many have turned to RVing in their retirement. It’s an economical and fun way to cut costs and live a fuller life! 

10 Hot RVing Boomers

While many boomers traveling in RVs like to stay out of the limelight, others seek to help others in their travels. Let’s take a look at ten boomers making a splash in the RV community.

1. Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living

Bob Wells loves the mobile lifestyle of RVing. He became a guru for van dwellers and then founded Cheap RV Living, a blog, forum, and information source for RVers. In addition, Bob leads seminars and gatherings to help other nomads. He teaches on all aspects of the lifestyle, including finances, personal well-being, and more. 

Cheap RV Living has a popular YouTube channel with over 520K subscribers. Bob’s videos include interviews, tutorials, van tours, and other tidbits. They’ve garnered so much attention that Bob and his movement are featured in the Oscar-winning film, Nomadland.

2. Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle

Mike and Jennifer Wendland started their RV Lifestyle blog as a hobby in 2012. The blog was a natural progression of Mike’s career as a travel journalist. RV Lifestyle has since grown into a popular podcast and a YouTube channel with over 140K subscribers. 

Mike and Jennifer appeal to baby boomers adventuring around the U.S. They provide travel tips for RVers, which has created a faithful community around their brand. Their books and travel guides give you insight into RVing several regions around the country, including Florida, Michigan’s Great Lakes, and the southwest. 

3. Bob and Pearl of Next Exit

Bob and Pearl are the couple behind the YouTube channel, Next Exit. They’re full-time RVers living in a class A motorhome, and their content features anything from RV park and product reviews to day-in-the-life type content.

Bob and Pearl’s growing audience gets a look into their lives on the road. They’re also candid about the reality of what it costs to RV. They regularly list their monthly expenses for their viewers—helpful information for any age RVer to know. 

4. Jim and Corrine of RV Into Retirement

Jim and Corrine are new to full-time RVing and retirement. These two baby boomers went on their learning curve as they figured out what RV living is all about. Now, they’re lending their findings and advice to others interested in RVing.

RV Into Retirement has a YouTube channel and website. They hit the ground running by publishing one video each week, starting in early 2021. With reviews and RV maintenance tips, they walk through all aspects of what it takes to full-time RV.

5. Liz and Paul of Liz Amazing

Liz and Paul of Liz Amazing are seasoned full-time RVers. They started as solo RVers, met, and now share a wonderful life of travel in one RV. Their YouTube channel provides product and campground reviews as well as real talk about RV life. In addition, they share what to do when your rig is in an accident and how to make decisions when things get stressful. 

Liz and Paul are Thousand Trails members. They often provide helpful tips for different Thousand Trails campgrounds. Paul is also an avid biker and reviews the ever-growing electrical bike trend.

6. Tom and Stacie of RV Texas Y’All

Tom and Stacie of RV Texas Y’All are–you guessed it–from Texas! The couple RVs full-time throughout the state with their dog and cat. 

Their website is full of tips and gear recommendations. And the RV Texas Y’All YouTube channel has over 25K subscribers. Other RVers often join them in their videos to share their stories. They also like to learn and share about the history of places where they stay. In addition, they recently started a podcast. 

7. Dan and Lisa Brown of Always on Liberty

Dan and Lisa Brown spent a combined 40 years in military service. In 2014, they sold their house and bought an RV to live in and adventure full-time. Along with their two cats, they’re Always on Liberty

Their growing YouTube channel follows their journey and documents the realities of RVing. From first-hand experiences with things like campground hosting and RV upgrades, they provide helpful tips for all things RV. Plus, their blog offers practical guidance on gear and more. 

8. Norm and Kim of Mountain Beaches

Norm and Kim of Mountain Beaches call themselves part-time RVers and full-time adventurers. They travel the U.S. in a Grand Design Reflection.  

Mountain Beaches documents their travels on a YouTube channel with over 14K subscribers, talking about the ins and outs of campgrounds, boondocking, and fifth wheels. And they share reviews on gear and more.

9. Sue and Mark of Our Journey in Myles

Sue and Mark are baby boomers who have been full-time RVing in their class A motorhome named Myles since 2017. Our Journey in Myles shares about their journey, including stories and tips and tricks from the road. 

Sue and Mark’s YouTube channel has grown to more than 32K subscribers. Their videos cover RV costs and what it’s like living on the road full-time in your retirement years. They also have a great collection of videos from their time in national parks.

10. Marc of Grand Adventure

Marc of Grand Adventure’s YouTube channel documents RV destinations, gear, and tips for traveling across the western U.S. The author talks about camping, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and more. He’s a baby boomer with a lot of energy and a zest for adventure. 

With over 59K subscribers on his channel, Marc gives a helpful look at navigating places like Capitol Reef National Park and much more. If you’re planning a road trip out west, Grand Adventure is a go-to resource.

Learn and Share! 

If you’re a baby boomer wanting to travel in an RV for your retirement, check out these ten RVers. Each has different insights and perspectives, and one of the best parts about the RV community is learning from each other. 

Maybe you’re a baby boomer looking to increase your retirement fund while RVing. These fellow RVers are ones to follow and observe how they’re setting their content apart from the rest. If you want to go down this road, consider what unique niche you can offer. Then, dream big and get out there!

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