Who Is The Flipping Nomad?

If you know anything about traditional RV interior design, you know that most RVs leave a bit to be desired… or a LOT. From funky dingy floral upholstery patterns to 50 shades of beige, RVs haven’t always been the most aesthetically pleasing places to live in. 

That is until social media and RV renovations started to trend!  If you’re into RV renovations and makeovers, you definitely need to be following The Flipping Nomad. 

The Backstory of The Flipping Nomad

Cortni Armstrong, known as The Flipping Nomad, got her start in RV life differently then many RVers.  For Cortni, RVing wasn’t something she’d ever thought about or even really knew anything about.

Instead, RVing was the answer, when on the verge of homelessness, she found an opportunity to buy an RV on payments and workamp in an RV park.  Cortni explains that while she was embarrassed about her new lifestyle at first, she quickly grew to love it! 

The Flipping Nomad business got started when she set out to purchase her second fifth wheel, only to find that there weren’t any that suited her tastes or style.

So, what else is a girl to do but take matters into her own hands? That’s exactly what she did, and she renovated an RV to be her tiny dream home on wheels. 

Cortni’s renovation took off on Instagram, and thus The Flipping Nomad was born. 

The Flipping Nomad is partly an educational brand, and part RV renovation company spearheaded by Cortni herself, and Keystone Montana. 

What Type of RV Does The Flipping Nomad Travel With? 

Cortni of The Flipping Nomad currently lives in the concept RV that was created out of her partnership with Keystone Montana. The concept RV, appropriately named “Ultimate”, might just be the most insane fifth wheel you’ve ever seen in your life! 

This rig has 3 ultra-sonic fireplaces, a custom kegerator, a margarita machine, pizza oven, Traeger smoker, all gold accents, custom furniture, a custom suburban stove, a gold sink, a residential bathtub with 3 showerheads, 10 Battle Born Lithium Batteries, a secret shoe closet, and much more. 

Flipping Nomad Content You Need to See

The Ultimate Montana – An RV Unlike Any Other

This video is the walkthrough of Ultimate Montana. This rig is truly unlike any RV you’ve ever seen or will ever see again!  Ultimate Montana is so over-the-top. The Flipping Nomad really wanted to push the limits of what was possible with a 5th wheel RV. 

With 10 lithium Battle Born Batteries and soft-start air conditioners, this RV can run both air-conditioning units just off the battery bank. A truly off-grid luxury rig! 

Just take a look at the walkthrough here, and try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. 

The Ultimate Montana Fireplace

This Ultimate Montana concept RV has not just ONE, but 3 ultrasonic water vapor fireplaces. There’s one in the living area, one in the bathroom, and one in the bedroom recessed into the closet door. The fireplace in the living room is open on 3 sides, and it even passes RVIA codes! 

This Instagram post highlights the beautiful ultrasonic fireplace in the living area of the RV, giving the Ultimate beautiful ambiance with a truly luxurious feel. 

IMAGE SOURCE: @theflippingnomad Instagram

The Ultimate Montana Bedroom and Battery Bank

Ultimate Montana is truly Ultimate… right down to the battery bank. With 10 Battle Born Lithium Batteries, this baby is ready for anything! 

Not only does this rig have 10 lithium batteries, but they’re also connected underneath the bed with a window and LED lighting to showcase the setup. 

IMAGE SOURCE: @theflippingnomad Instagram

Where Else Can You Find The Flipping Nomad?

The best place to follow Cortni and The Flipping Nomad is over on her Instagram account. There’s also a website for The Flipping Nomad, and Keystone RV has a playlist on YouTube as well!

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