Two unidentified sailors on a sailboat at sea.

Who is Sailing Uma?

Get ready for your wanderlust to kick into high gear with Sailing Uma. From the high seas to glaciers, you’re in for a treat when you follow along on this couple’s life journey aboard a sailboat. 

Keep reading to learn about Sailing Uma and where they’ve sailed. We also look at three of their most popular YouTube videos that draw you into their life on the sea.

Let’s set sail!

Two unidentified sailors on a sailboat at sea.

Who Is Sailing Uma?

Dan and Kika are Sailing Uma. The couple sails the world while living aboard their monohull.

Dan grew up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where he dreamed of traveling. Kika was born in Haiti and met Dan at an architecture college in the northeastern United States. She had hopes of traveling and making a difference in the world. And together, that’s what they do.

They seek to enjoy the journey instead of fixating on destinations. And with their YouTube channel, they take others along for a glimpse into their adventures.

What Size Boat Is Uma? 

Uma is a 1972 Pearson 36 (Pearson is a blue water cruiser). Its overall length is 36.5 ft with an 11-foot beam. Uma means number one in Portuguese and represents Dan and Kika’s desire to put one foot in front of the other to go after their dreams.

One of the unique things about Uma is that they use no diesel. Instead, they have an electric motor that helps them navigate marinas and short distances. In addition, this keeps their costs and carbon footprint down significantly.

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Where Has Sailing Uma Been? 

Sailing Uma has traveled more than 25,000 nautical miles, and they’ve visited 27 countries so far. First, they did a three-year circumnavigation of the Caribbean, including the Bahamas.

Then, they sailed along the east coast of North America and crossed the North Atlantic to the UK. Next, they explored the Norwegian coastline and went to the Arctic Circle.

After that, they went to Svalbard, which is as close to the North Pole as you can get on a sailboat. And you’ll currently find them starting to head south for a while.

If you become one of their followers on Patreon, you can get the most updated access to where Dan and Kika are in the world.

Sailing Uma’s Top Three YouTube Videos

We’ve pulled out three of Sailing Uma’s top YouTube videos to give you a glimpse into their life on the sea. Be prepared; you’ll likely want to subscribe to their channel after watching these and binge a lot more! 

BOAT TOUR: The Modern Interior of our 50 yr old DREAM YACHT

Uma may have been built in the 1970’s, but you’d never guess that from the look of interior.

They give a comprehensive tour of their 1972 yacht in this video. When they purchased it for USD 3,000, everything on it was original.

Then, the work started. They started gutting it and built it into their dream home. It has a modern and beautiful interior.

You’ll get to see the entire inside and how they accomplished what it looks like today. They did an excellent job of making it cozy, efficient, and liveable for years to come.

Biggest Waves We’ve Ever Seen — DAY 10 / North Atlantic Crossing

Sailboat life requires constant monitoring of the weather and knowing how to navigate rough seas.

Sail with Dan and Kika in this video during their North Atlantic crossing. Cold and wavy is the theme. They took on a couple of huge waves that splashed over the boat’s deck.

As you can imagine, doing any crossing is tiring, but when the seas are rough, it can be the most exhausting experience. They watch the weather constantly, navigating through the high winds on day 10 of their crossing like pros.


Sailing Uma documents how they protect their boat during a hurricane.

Sailing Uma discusses their hurricane survival plan in this video. Uma was at anchor in Haiti when Category 4 hurricane, Matthew, came through in 2017.

To protect your boat, you want to make sure you’re as secure as possible from wind, waves, and other boats. And, be anchored well. Dan documents the experience while many other boats get too close to Uma in the anchorage.

Where Else Can You Follow Sailing Uma?

You can follow Sailing Uma on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Patreon, and their website. Whether you’re a sailor, a soon-to-be sailor, or a dreamer, Sailing Uma is an inspiring couple to follow.

And if you’re looking to design or redesign your boat, Dan and Kika’s architectural eye makes for a lot of interesting sailboat design ideas. We highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel for exciting and very well-done content. 

Have you considered living on a sailboat? There are ways to get a taste of the life without buying your own boat right away. You can crew on sailboats or yachts, or you can rent a sailboat in places like the Caribbean or Mediterranean to discover if sailing is for you. 

Have you checked them out yet? What do you think?

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